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President Barzani: Kurdistan Supports Single Electoral District for Iraq Vote

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( - In a meeting with a number of Iraqi and Arab journalists in Salahaddin today, President Barzani reaffirmed Kurdistan Region’s position towards the current debate about new legislation for the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections by stating that the Region believes a single electoral district for the whole country would better serve the principles of democracy and fairness in Iraq.


Iraq’s parliamentary elections are scheduled for April 2014, but new legislation must be enacted by the current parliament to regulate those elections. In the last parliamentary elections in 2010, the three provinces of the Kurdistan Region were allocated too few seats, compared to other Iraqi provinces. 

“The Kurdistan Region would reject the existing electoral law as it is. If a multiple electoral district system is chosen, the Kurdistan Region must be compensated for its loss in the number of parliamentary seats,” said the President. 





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