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In interview with Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran, told to Kurdpress:





Unsatisfying of Kurds for dominated ruling parties functions and opposition activities were the causes of changing in parliament arrangement in current election


 Mr. Nazem Dabbagh in an interview with Kurdpress highlighted some aspects of that elections and the way ahead of Kurdistan region. He believes that it should inspect on the election and parties operations in order to prevent from cheating in the election, For example making use of importance of deads people. This case was one of the objections of opposition parties (like Changing Movement, Islamic Unity and Islamic community. In spite of this fact, he thinks that continuation of coalition between two great Kurd Parties (Patriotic Union and Democratic Party of Kurdistan) is important to change political interactions and establish shaping new coalition.


Mr. Nazem Dabbagh told that election is one of the main indicators of democracy and in response to a question about delay of provincial election stated that this case refers to political situations such as civil war that had direct effects on this process.

In Mr. Dabbagh point of view, both more rivalries between parties and more excitement were two differences of fifth parliamentary election in comparison to previous elections that comes from opposition parties’ activities and presenting separate list by parties. In Mr. Dabbagh view parties did so because they wanted to affect more on political process like establish hidden state (state in shadow). He also thought that dedication 11 seats of parliament to minorities are sufficient. He also told about Fili Kurds that because hey are Kurds and settle in upon Kurdistan borders they have not seat in parliament.

Mr. Dabbagh believed that we could prevent from cheating by initiatives. Such as people’ attending and participation and inspect the election process after it presented. In an answer to a question, he told that inspectors have important role in the election and we aught to refer to their reports.

Mr. Dabbagh told that Patriotic Union and Democratic Party of Iraqi Kurdistan can continue to cooperate with other parties. They are able to cooperate with each other in frame of mutual respect and appointing the level of authority in base of political weight and vote that each achieved in the election. In his view, in current political situation, the best way is to continue of their cooperation.








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