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Breaking fast feast in the deputy office of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Tehran





The breaking fast feast was celebrated in the deputy office of KRG with Iraqi characters, some Iranian High-rank officials and Kurdish political and cultural characters.



Reported by Kurd press, On Monday night (29 July) breaking fast is celebrated in the deputy of KRG in Tehran with attend of Mohammad Majid Al-Sheykh, ambassador of Iraq in Iran, some high-rank officials of Iran, Dr Ja’fari, head of advisor office of Islamic Parliament of Iran, Dr Seyfollahi vice chancellor of Expediency Discernment Council of the System (Majma’e Tashkhise Maslehate Nezam), Hasan Kazemi Qomi secretary of development headquarter of Iran and Iraq, some Tehran University teachers, and also representation of parties and political group of KRG.


Some political and cultural characters were attended in that celebration. For instance, Dr Jalal Jalali-Zade former member of Iranians parliament from Sanadaj, Divandarre and kamyaran area, Salar moradi current member of those districts in parliament, Dr As’ad Ardalan university professor and head of board of director the Kurds residing on center, Bahram Valadbeygi boss of Kurdistan Cultural institution in Tehran, Ata Ghaderi former president of Sahar Word Television, Ehsan Hooshmand writer and researcher, Mohammad Ra’ouf Moridi writer and researcher and some others.


In the breaking fast feast of the deputy of KRG attend some employment of Jahad-e- Daneshgahi that are Dr Hamid-Reza Tayyebi head of Jahad-e-daneshgahi- Sience and Technology branch, Mr Kia director of education planning office at of Education assistance of Jahad-e-Daneshgahi, Hosein Nouri Nia charge of Iran and KRG Cultural and Scientific Cooperation.


At the beginning of celebration, Nazem Dabbagh, the deputy of KRG in Tehran, told: well come gentlemans And I hope that such meeting being together positively affects on strengthening of relations between two sides.

He added: these relations are resulted the trying of some character of two sides that somebody attends here tonight and also this is correctly alliance between Iran and KR.

Moreover, Mr. Masjedi one Iranian official, as the deputy of all quests, stated: I am great happy for being here. Undoubtedly with by Iranian government’s efforts and protections, both Iran and Iraq nations live in the same nighberhod in peace, security, safety and friendship. If god willing, I hope boundaries of Iran and Iraq will be boundary of peace, brotherhood and kindness, creativeness and cooperation all the time.

He added: with attempts of Mr Talebani and Mr Barezani, KRG, Kurd officials and all official in political office and respected Pishmarg, today we have seen that the best relationship between I.R.Iran and KR is established. I hope this relation always be friendly and getting better in all aspects. He continued: I should, intimately, thank and appreciate for Mr Nazed Dabbagh and Mr. Jegar Khovin and all friends woke in the deputy office of KR that truly causes development of relations and friendship. I also want to Mohammad Majid Sheykh that is honored ambassador of Iraq and if God willing we would witness the spreading and development of two darling nations.

At last he told: in this holy night I humbly and intimately ask and invite my God that Mr Talebani is cured and remedy and come back to his position. Because, the role of Mr Talebani and Mr Barezani and other high-rank officials is important in our relations. I hope that we see growth and greatness of Islam and Muslims and especially two darling and zealous both Iran and Iraq nations.

In breaking fast celebration of the deputy of KRG, all quests were welcomed by Nazem Omar Dabbagh, Dr Jegar Khovin assistant director of the deputy of KRG and other KRG member of staff.  








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