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Dialogue between Hamshahri Diplomatic Monthly and Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran


Experiencing decade autonomy, Kurdistan Region of Iraq stands on important position in its relations with others. On the one side, a change that occur in Turkish high officials toward this region, despite of week relations at the earlier years of autonomy, this country are widely investing in the region and developing its relations with Erbil. On the other side there is a rivalry between Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Turkey on Syrian Crisis with read to a wide rang of Kurds displace in this Crisis. Of Course Turkey tried to follow KRG from Ankara in Syrian Crisis. In this topic proponents should consider role of America as a friend dedicating autonomy to Iraqi Kurds that consequently spread relations with other western countries. Traveled of Mr. Masoub Barzani to Russia and signed an oil agreement evaluated as a strategy for making balance between west and east. With regard to establish of regional government, it  was the outcome of mutual consent of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq, differences between two mentioned parties on political matters affect on this government diplomatic relations with other countries, especially Iran. Relations and friendships that exist between Iran and Patriotic Union party is not the view to east policy of that party, but it roots the interactions and friendship that Iran, during the Saddam authority, established with Kurds in Iraq. Mr. Talabani is able to remember those interactions. This different views disavowed by high official of (KRG) is perceivable in interactions and relations with Erbil (capital of KRG) that is base of Barzanis. Barzanis have close relations with Turkey, United States and west. But Talebanis that dominate on Soleymania has tightened its relations with Iran. Like other high official of KRG, Nazem Dabbagh that was the representation of Patriotic Union Kurdistan Party in Iran before and now is the representative of KRG in Iran; disavow differences between two parties’ views. But he accepts that Turkey has bigger role in Kurdistan regional economy than Iran and in regional problems, Like Syria crisis, has had some councilling with regional Government. Dialogue with him is following.



Hamshahri Diplomatic (HD): with regard to Syrian Crisis and regional alignment against that, it seems that several new factors are created in relations between Iran and KRG. Turkish trying to Kurdistan Regional Government persuades its position is one of these factors. In your view, how much had these issues’ affected on relations between Iran and Kudistan Region?


At first, it is necessary Kurdistan Regional Government and Iran and also Iraq and Iran get much closer day by day. Relations between Iran and KRG are to be reviewed in two separate aspects. One is economic aspect, in which, unfortunately, it is not in desired level, because activities of Iranian’s companies coming to KR have not been in good quality as much as expected. Also, international atmosphere, especially sanctions against Iran made barriers toward spread of Iranian Companies activities in KR. Another, levels of relations in political, security and strategic arena is to develop between KRG, Iraq and Iran, in frame of Iraq’s rules. But problems around the Middle East caused crisis. Middle East is engaged by crisis and instability. In these crises each country and group has tried to achieve its mentioned interest. In this situation two camps are established. In one side, there are Saudi Arabia and Qatar that completely protect Sunnis. In other side, camp of Iran and Syria and Shi’it governments defining interests for themselves. Having both Shia and Sunni, Iraq has interest in two camps. Therefore, each group in Iraq goes to mentioned side that has more interests. In my point of view, relations between Iran and KRG are strategic and necessary and should endure. In my view some happening have no effective role in their relations.


It seems Turkey has tried to establish new independent camp by itself and accompany KRG by him. Does not it?


Iraqi Kurds attend in regional issues and their attending is too obligatory. Further more, we have common problems with Syria. KR has common border with Syria. Now many Syrian refugees entered to KR. Of course, the problems are connected together, but it is not easy to say Kurdistan enter to either Iran’s camp or Turkey’s camp. Immunizing of Iraq unity is many important to us. More we believe that Middle East should far from Al-Qaeda, Wahhabists and Salafists that are Sunnis extremists. Hence, we have to play our role in the region and avoid the problems that are not our concern. It is not true that we accept Turkey’s position completely. If, according to whatever Ankara proclaimed that, because of oppositions Bashshar asad should resign power, high official of turkey, in this analytical frame, should resign power because of demonstrations in turkey. So, it is necessary to analyze relations and conditions. Moreover, in critical times, some players enter in crisis for abusing. We exist in this situation and we don’t want to some players enter to game and enter us to the especially games that has no benefit for us.   


HD: to solve the problems between Iraq and KRG, has Iran much more tryed or Turkey?


In my view, it is unfair to say Turkey was. Indeed, Iran has had more role. Before, after collapse of Saddam regime, Iran had helped much to Iraq and Kurdistan. But at present, we should consider that each player has attempted to its benefits and go in its way. About the problems between KRG and Central government of Iraq, we should say that Iran is closer to central government and so Tehran is able to play more effective role in solve the disputes. During resistance and combat against Ba’asist regime, Iran has greatly helping to Iraqi people and opposition. Of course I am in Iran and just look at Iranian attempts, not in Turkey. But whatever I have heard about Turkey is that Ankara protect the Taregh al-Hashemi that a court in Iraq was condemned him. This topic has made disputes among them several times.


HD: There is another factor that affect on relations between Iran and KRG. That is difference in view of two great party of Kurdistan, especially toward Iran, So that we should consider Soleymania and Erbil as two varied scopes?


No, I do not think so. Views are not different. Perhaps this deduction comes from the activities of Iranian company that generally has presented Soleymania more and have not been success as of a yet, but Turkish companies have activated on Erbil up to now. In my point of view, reasons of increasing of Turkish companies and, at the same time, decreasing of Iranian companies refer to Iran and Turkey’s approach on Economic efforts in Kurdistan.


HD: Definitely, I means in political relations?


In my view there is a united political discourse and united management. Because of this I do not think there is difference between Soleymania and Erbil.


HD: At present, democratic party authorizes on Soleymania and Patriotic nion authorizes on Erbil. In term barzanis dominates on Erbil and Talebanis dominates on Soleymania. So does Davoud Oghlu traveled to Erbil to consulate about Syria?


You told Davoud-Oghlu. Turkish department of state considers the conditions and spheres for proceeding of itself Foreign policy. So that Ourdoughan traveled to Kurdistan. Of course KRG seeks to its policy based on its goals and interests. Now I have a question. You told that Soleymania has more strong relations with Soleymania, so why have not traveled any Inranian ministers to Kurdistan hitherward?


HD: during last years there were several travels by Iranian high-officials to Kurdistan Region; Noticing to travel of Manoocher Mottaki, former Iranian ministry of foreign affaires, to Iraq and attending in Soleymania. Moreover Iran has thought regional problems by consulting with federal government of Iraq.


Traveling to Kurdiostan by Iranian high-rank official were too less. During last years, Mr. Saeed-lu, vice president of Iranian president, traveled to Kurdistan and agreed upon several issues that had been sought. On the other side, this is true that almost all of the politics have been consulate with federal government, but is not the president of Iraq a Kurd? Is not the role and weight of Kurdistan important in regional problems? There are rules in politics that help to programs and general objects. By now, I should tell that turkey develop in economic and political aspects on Kurdistan region of Iraq because of its ambitious politics chosen. I expect that Kurdistan relations with Iran in economic and commercial affairs will develop in following years.


HD: Media old stated that Davoud-Oghlu traveled to Kurdistan to KRG to persuade its policy toward Syria, not for bilateral relations.  


This travel, however, done for especial goals, but it showed that relations with Kurdistan is too important for Turkey. Iran is, also, able to consulate with Kurdistan for seeking its position toward Syria and or every mentioned topic.


HD: But at this time you criticize level of relations between Iran and Kurdistan, so you can not tell the relations between two sides is good?

We satisfy with levels of relations for Iran. I mean Iran has had great cooperation with us and paid much political and security expenses for these relations, but it was not able to economically enjoy for these relations.


HD: most of the analyzers and proponents in Kurdistan believe that Talebanis are satisfied with relations of Iran, much more than Barzanis. Why?



It is not true. Every person in Kurdistan has itself idea. Every person maybe claims that is analyzer or proponents, but at last high-ranking officials determine the levels of relations. Because of regional conditions, relations with Iran should be strengthened. Also we should consider that among Kurds, Shias and Sunnis, Shias and Sunnis were much closer to Iran and tend to relate with Iran. I witnessed that when Ayad Alavi was prime minister of Iraq was invited to Tehran by Iranian officials several times, but he had not come. But Mr. Talebani, Mr. Maleki and Mr. Barzani have traveled to Iran several times.









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