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Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahman Mahmood clarifies some aspects of current parliamentary election in Kurdistan Regional Government

Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad Mahmood is the PhD candidate of Tehran University in International Relations Major and assistant director of the representative Kurdistan Region in Iran. He is interested in develop the relations between Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government. Iran Newspaper currently interviewing him about parliament election of Kurdistan Region presented in September 30. Some parts of that interview is following. 


 In Dr. Ahmad mahmood point of view parliament election has two specialties. The first is to present separate list by parties that occurred for the first time since election in the Kurdistan region started (1992). The second is to present to open-list by the parties fulfilled according to agreements between parties and high independent commission of election. He added that about 74 percent of people took part in election that indicates they witnessed their responsibilities about the fate of the country, the participation in political process and preserving of civil-political rights.

‘Kurds have had amicable relations with Iraqi Shia and Sunni groups” Dr. Ahmad Mahmood stated. He added that Kurds always try to play the moderate role in political sphere of Iraq. In his view the role of Mr. Masoud Barzani and Mr. Jalal Talebani were strong to settle political disputes. One of the important cases was parliament election in 2010. With regard to lack of agreement between parties and political groups for establish the cabinet, ultimately, Erbil Agreement proposed by Mr. Barzani was signed and so cabinet was establishing. Kurds trying to calm political sphere have continued. He told that relations between Kurds and Shias have had long precedent. That indication was friendship between Mollah Mostafa Barzani with Shia raking authority in Iraq. He told that the relation between Iraqi Kurds and Shias is strategic.

Dr. Ahmad Mahmood in a response to a question told that however new parliament election was presented but the relation between Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad would not be changed. Because, there is not different view over this topic among Kurds parties and political groups. He told that there was good and desired relation between Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government. He added that with regard to good base and numberless sameness, two parts are able to widen their relations in all aspects.

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