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Message of Mr. Nazam Dabbagh, the deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran for honoring and commemorating famous Kurd Poet in Vahdat Auditorium




Today one of the zenith of Kurdish poem bid fare well with us, but the message of their Kurdish poems does not leave us. To day one of the Kurds star perseverance and active turns off, but the horizon of this nation’s attempts is everlasting. Today one of the women rights defender, always being in the field with his poets and demonstration, leaves, but partisan host of the equality and likeness is increasing. Today one of the great creators of this nation put down his glass and pen and turns his cigarette off, but every thing could not obstruct endless way of creativity. Today butterflies fly freely from prison and greet Shirkoo Freedom Park.


Shirkoo had a message to fairies of Halabchah, why their grandchildren hang the love necklace on Shirkoo’s neck? Brother Shirkoo, why did you leave so? For one who does not die does not deserve death and remain everlasting. You go so that turn the torches on you pledge this land to love.

Shirkoo Biks left a valuable message to Kurdistan Regional Government; the message of defense for freedom and maintenance of creativity and initiation; message of growth, sustaining development and humanity. This government, also, enter into a covenant with Shikoo that compassionately struggle to fulfill and operate this message.

Whatever done for dear Shirkoo is a great glory. Attending of this host notifies us that there are heartily like beauty, freedom, humanity and equality of their popular and well-known persons. We obliged to every body that offered success and sympathized in loses once upon a time. Shikoo had, always, sought to fulfill our nation rights and pride of fighting and resistance confront of enemies, as well promise the rewards of defense and resistance to us. He was severely annoyed when his nation’s grief’s had being increased. His poets were true history of his nation, while with magnificence, breaking, and scene of wounded and bloody running and anticipation of his perspective and future. So that he himself told: I am a poet the map that if you look at it by efficient lens, you can not see any safe place on its body. Shirkoo recklessly defended critique and protected to compatriot injured, freedom of speech and equality and moreover waste of trying and wealth of the poor had been crime in his view.

In may point of view, the careful explication for Shirkoo death is National Shock, because his death was changed to great national shock and attract the attention of almost all of the our fellow-citizens, wings, as well as several media in Kurdistan Region and , moreover it was changed to great shock in most of  classes in this country. By the time many have not believed Shirkoo’s Death and thought that the poet of “Prison of butterfly”, “Chair”, “ twilight”, “ Torches Cemetery”, “Deer”, “ Color Container” and other tens of  masterpieces that are immortal. Shirkoo had respectfully lived, respectfully written, respectfully died. It is necessary to constructive interact with death of Shirkoo and after his obit, every action that is to pay respect to him and any action that related to his commemoration should be great as great as his greatness and splendor.


Shirkoo always opposed to silence; he whenever saw operation he presented there. Therefore Skirkoo will be immortal till Kurdish poem is alive. We bow to this live spirit and enter into a covenant to fulfill his dreams as much as we can to his spirit happily. 




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