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Nazem Dabbagh: business relations between Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government has clear horizon forward





Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Region Government in Iran, told that: new agreement subscribed between I.R.Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government remove some parts of boundary difficulties for progress and development of business affair between two sides and takes the ground for receiving new goals.



Noticing four article-agreements between Kurdistan Regional Government and I.R.Iran, Nazaem Dabbagh stated that Kamran Ahmed, the Minister Housing and Reconstruction of Kurdistan Regional Government to Iran to signature the business agreement between two sides that was signatured between Mr. Saeedlu and Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil last year so that according to that agreement two sides accepted to advance and develop the business affaires.

The representative of Kurdisan Regional Government in Iran told that the Housing and Reconstruction Minister, simultaneously, is the head of the common commission of business relations of Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government. Because of this he signed the agreement by Mr. Kazemi Ghomi, Economic Development Secretary of Iran and Iraq under attendance of Dr Saeedlu, the president of Iran’s Assistant.

Then Mr. Nazem Dabbagh emphasized that this agreement will drive the problems and dilemma away in front of international and business in common boundaries of Iran and Kurdistan Region. For example, custom centers between two sides are developing to facilitate business operations.

Of decrease the bureaucratic states for Iranians he told: this agreement is not only to remove the current manner of resident of Iranians in Kurdistan, but also to facilitate the bureaucratic and business operations between two sides. About the project you keep in mind two sides should make agree until done. In ding so, one side is not merely in charge.

Nazem Dabbagh, also, about more than four billion dollars extent of commercial and business relations between two sides, told that this is section of our goals and I don’t hesitate that if there was not the embargo, undoubtedly, extent of commercial and business relations of two sides would grow up more that it is.







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