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Fararu: the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran mentioning the Mosul having taken up by ISIS forces said: the situation occurring in Mosul raise a question. That is to say, the question is that how telecommunication and intelligence organizations of Iraq have been caught by surprise so that ISIS has managed to control a city such big within 24 hours.

The terrorism group of ISIS some hours after overcoming Mosul, the airport and governor capitol building and all security posts, they are advancing to Sallaheddin province and has occupied the areas of Al-Sahel Al-Aysar in the north of Tikrit.

Security sources of Iraq added: the areas of Ghanitreh, Al-Khamsiat, Sheikh Hamad in 120km from the north of Tekrit have completely come under the control of ISIS.

Accordance with an aware source, ISIS’ troops, with a black flag, are prancing in the areas and ask people to join them.

After overcoming of the quasi-military related to Al-Qaeda on parts of Neynava province and keeping available heavy weapons under their control in that province, Iraq government ordered general mobilization and ask parliament to announce the emergency state.

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran in talk with Fararu said: the regions presently occupied by ISIS have a high geostrategic importance. He, pointing that after Baghdad and Basra Mosul is the third biggest city. He also added: the eastern parts of the city are most settled by Kurds while the west most settled by Arabs and Sunnites as well as former Baths.

Dabbagh added: so the situation has now occurred in Mosul, raise a question. That is to say how transmission and intelligence organization of Iraq have been caught by surprise so that ISIS forces could manage to keep the city such a big under their control within 24 hours.

In response to a question concerning the eastern parts settled by Kurds, what measures Kurdistan government would take to this event, he answered: since yesterday which this happened Kurdistan government has put the Pishmargh forces on alert so that they can support this region. He added: on the other phrase Pishmargh forces cannot enter other areas without the president’s order of KRG and the prime minister of Iraq.

In response to a question about what actions they would take if ISIS forces advance to Kurdistan region, he answered: if so, it is Pishmargh forces’ responsibilities to support and defend the areas of the region. About the consequences of the crisis and whether Iraq army would manage to defeat ISIS, the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran said: I am not so pessimistic but hope the problems get to be dissolved and security return to Iraq.

He continued: in my view the happened event results from the absence of the army forces in the field of battle, or else it should not have occurred.

He added: absolutely to defend the regions is easier than to attack and to counterattack in order to discharge ISIS group from the regions. Thus, the occurrence of the event raises a question to me and I do not have any idea of whether these situations will change as soon.     







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