Sunday, 25 January 2015 03:30

Tehran- IRNA News Agency- Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG said: as long as we are supported by Iran, we will not need America’s help. He added: the emergence of terrorist groups is the result of America policies in the region.

 He explained: if we take a look to dictator regimes, we will found most of them are brought by America. Stating the emergence of the current extremist groups in Iraq is the new policy of America he added: the aim of forming these groups in those countries is that they always need them.






Sunday, 25 January 2015 10:30

Concerning the changes in Kubani, Nazem Dabbagh had an interview with analysis-oriented news weekly of Seda whose important points follow:

In Dabbagh’s views defeating of ISIS in attacking Kurdistan Region and Shingal mount caused it think of Kubani. He knew it probable that attacking Kubani was to strengthen ISIS position to attack Baghdad. He added that all Kurdish Pishmega support to release Kubani has a special role. He acclaimed that to support Kubani many groups entered the battlefield. He also added Kubani was served by some help of which was military and medical from America. In addition one of America’s aids to Kubani was bombing ISIS positions by American fighters which were accompanied with much loss. He also said that I.R. of Iran from early days rushed to help people and offered his humanity and friendly military aids to Kurdistan Region of Iraq. But he claimed he had not been given any news ascertaining Iran’s help to Kubani, although he was not sure about. In a part of his phrases he deemed the phenomena of ISIS and terrorism as axis for endangered countries like Kurdistan region of Iraq, Iraq and Iran to get unified and it leads both sides relations warm.

Dabbagh claimed that international and regional support from Iraqi Kurds than Syrians was somewhat more whereas most countries of the world and region did not already have negative view toward ISIS. If ISIS dominated the Region, regarding the potentials of oil and energy in the Region, it would probably get greatly powerful. Thus Dabbagh believes that the importance of Kubani is not less than Kurdistan Region. He said ISIS thinks that to dominate Kubani is not such difficult.

About America’s announcement according to the priority of oil and refinery resources to Kubani, Nazem Dabbagh said that basically the USA’s policy is his benefits, so they pay more attention to the resources of the region. Furthermore if ISIS dominates oil resources it will be so powerful, thus America’s concern is aimed at oil wells and refineries.

As continuing his talking he criticized Turkey’s policy toward ISIS, however he appreciated Turkeys for changing his positions about the permission according to which Kurdish forces can go through his land. At last Dabbagh mentioned that the presence of ISIS in Iraq has indicated that if we are not allied and do not solve the domestic problems, it will lead nothing but ISIS presence; and he hopped the new government of Iraq with the participation of all political groups in Iraq would be formed.

Sunday, 01 February 2015 03:30

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan region of Iraq in Tehran pointing out that Kurds believe to halt ISIS to grow in the region said: we prefer our friends (Iran) to be the forerunner of this.

Nazem Dabbagh the representative KRG in Iran talking with foreign policy and international reporter of Fars News Agency concerning the formation of a real coalition against ISIS said: to attack ISIS as a terrorist group is a general benefit. If these happens any point in the world, it will be good. In my opinion the difference between powers causes ISIS to penetrate deeper in the region. It is no different which the leader of the fighting against ISIS is America, Iran, Kurd or Arab. Their complete destruction is only important. He reminded: Kurds have tribal and geographical considerations in common and is close to this country and it is unchangeable. According to the close relationship with I.R of Iran we welcome this that I.R. of Iran takes more actions against ISIS. In current situations we support to attach ISIS and this is not different, and we have always emphasized that there is a good relation between Iran and Kurdistan Region and we witnessed this in Mr. Zarif news meeting when he was in Erbil concerning how to have bilateral cooperation.

He stated: what I am asking is that not to let these differences on concerns in the region causes ISIS grow. I prefer our friends (Iran) to be forerunner of this. There are Ba’ath and other group grown by Takfiri and it was they who created the Syrian and Iraqi government. Nazem Dabbagh also pointed out at the end: maybe now we witness them weakening but we get carless this weakness causes them to grow. I.R. of Iran, Europe and America have to do something till ISIS get destructed but weakened.  


Monday, 05 January 2015 07:00

To analyze the current situations of Kubani and the regional countries’ positions toward this crisis, JARAS went to Nazem Dabbagh the official representative KRG of Iraq in Iran. The main says as followed:

In the response to the first question he answered: the concern of Kubani is sensitive and the governments wanting ISIS to win should consider that if it happens so, it will cause insecurity in their countries. It is already experienced that when the security and intelligence agencies look for to create a crisis the outcome of it does aim themselves, since after the coalition formed the attacks of ISIS have got more. He alerted that the fall of Kubani will follow critical results. Thus the regional countries have to become alert and know that the terrorists just work for their benefit and cannot meet the countries’ needs supporting them.

Concerning the helps from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Kubanian people, Dabbagh said: there are two concerns about this. One is the geography of Kubani which the only way to reach it is through Turkey borders but Turkey has shut the Kubani entrances, whereas, in letter the president of the KRG of Iraq has asked Turkey to give the permission to help Kubanian people.

Dabbagh considers Turkey policy to close the borders and to prevent P.K.K Kurds from entering Kubani as binary policy. On the one hand Ahmad Davoud Ughlu the prime minister of Turkey said they will not allow Kubani to be occupied by ISIS. On the other hand the president of the country states that Kubani has fallen and ISIS has occupied it. In addition Dabbagh know it illogical and unfair of Erdugan to consider P.K.K and ISIS the same, since Dabbagh belies that they are naturally different.

As continuing Dabbagh said: the airstrike simply cannot cause ISIS to be defeated so land attack is needed. These attacks don’t have to be just superficial and to weaken ISIS but it must be strictly and aim to completely destroy it. At last Dabbagh Said: As I.R.Iran has not failed to help Syrian and Iraqi people, it should also interfere in Kubani concern.



Monday, 05 January 2015 03:30

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Tehran in a talk with Fars Press concerning the arrest of Russian airplane in Soleimanieh airport said: Soleimanieh Airport and Office did not have any information about the Russian airplane and for this, they were not given permitted to land, and now in Baghdad the research is still being conducted.

About this I have no information but in general when such incident happen relating to weapons, some suspected as accused will be investigated to uncover the facts.



Monday, 05 January 2015 07:00

Concerning the relations between Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iran, Shargh Press had an interview with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran whose outlines follow:
About Mr. Larijani’s travel to the Region he said: Iran has proved that in tough situations it has been supporter and enthusiast of Iraq and the Region’s people and will still be. Mr. Larijani also in this travel insisted in strengthening the relations between Iran and the Region. That was why he came to Baghdad and then Soleimaniya and Erbil to express the development of relationship and alliance. He added after Saeidlu’s travel the former vice-president, Mr. Larijani’s travel to Erbil was the second important of an Iranian authority. Mr. Larijani is the senior authority of Iran visiting the Parliament of Kurdistan Region. All express the resistance, cooperation and support of Iran beside Kurdistan Region and Iraq as well as their high importance for Iran.
About Iran’s aids to the Region to confront ISIS he said that Iran has always delivered its contributions to the Region in a proper conditions. He also said: if we need any helps in the field of logistic and consultative they give us and as of a yet they have.
About the positions of the Region authorities about the separation of Iraq he said; the authorities have not announce yet that the region is to separate, instead we are obedient to the constitutton of Iraq. However the emergence of ISIS has caused Iraq automatically get separated, namely; the geographical region of ISIS is located between Iraq and Kurdistan Region. That was why ISIS itself got generated as a result of Iraq mismanagement. We said if you desire a unified Iraq you have to follow the constitution of Iraq. We always say this that if we want to dissolve the concerns we need to be obedient to the constitution. However when the central do not accept this what can we do?
Indeed Dabbagh specified that the root of how ISIS to emerge should be sought in the central government and the wrong policy of Maliki in political management.





Tuesday, 06 January 2015 03:30

About the concern of oil of Kurdistan Region and its policies concerning the oil Asia Press had an interview of which main points follow:

Relating how to commence the oil works Dabbagh said at the time of Saddam Hussein there was only one active oil center in Kurdistan and for some reasons he blocked all oil wells of Kurdistan Region by concrete. After his withdraw Kurdish activists reopened them by exploding the concrete and tried oil economy enjoyed good advances.

In a response to a question about being obedient of Kurdistan Region to Iraq codes while stating the ups and downs of the relations between KRG and central government. Dabbagh Said: we considered the constitution of Iraq according which we could provide the budget of the Region. When the Iraq government cut the budget of the Region, before that we have come to conclusion to export the oil through the present oil pipes stretching from Kurdistan to Turkey and this way the production of oil will reach 550 thousand barrels a day. Today the oil map of the world has laid on Kurdistan Region and Kurdistan of Iraq will draw this map. In addition dealing with the potentials of Iran to import oil from Kurdistan specially to export oil to Kermanshah and its being delivered in another place Dabbagh said they to export oil they are joined to Jeyhan port in Turkey and we export 200 thousand oil barrels through this way. He added; in my opinion the policy come from the oil pipelines and now if we could not export oil to the world we would not have this place. Presently we are observing the descendant of the oil price from $100 to $60 we witness that policy has entered it. There is no world war not export oil.

After explicitly stating that in oil policy we are obedient to the Region interests Dabbagh said: according to the constitution of Iraq we work, those cases I primarily mentioned relate to the Iraq government. According to this we decide and never interfere, therefore if we have an independent government we will talk then what policy should we take to Russia, USA or even Iran.  

About the outcome of Erbil-Baghdad in recent days he said: we have come to an agreement to continue this bilateral negotiation. At the beginning we will export 250 thousand oil barrels from the Region as well as 350 thousand from Kirkuk. In addition $1 billion dollars from oil income has been assigned to Pishmerga forces to defend till devote one of its actions to preserve oil fields. 

Thursday, 01 January 2015 03:30

Tehran- IRNA- Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran on the side of 20th of publications exhibition in Tehran deemed tribalism as generated by the west and said: Muslims must reform their religious thoughts to prevent from separation try not to be affected by unconstructive propaganda of the west. Insisting on changing the attitudes by Muslims and put aside minor differences he said: Shia, Sunni and Kurds all must defend the border of Iraq.

Appreciating I.R. of Iran’s helps and his good cooperation with Iraq in all fields including information transmission Dabbagh added: the representative of Iranian Medias in Erbil in the north of Iraq has close collaboration with Kurdistan Region.

He added: in Kurdistan of Iraq 21 newspapers are being published which all cover the invasion and the recent defeats of ISIS very well. He described the level of relations between Kurdsitan Region of Iraq and Iran as high and hopped this would go on in the future.


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