Saturday, 27 December 2014 07:00

As the groundwork for common and interactive cooperation of Iran and regional Arabian countries laid Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran believes that the key role of Iran in the Middle East has been uncovered to all more than ever.

Nazem Dabbagh in the talk with Name News reporter concerning the recent phrases of the secretary-general of Persian Gulf Cooperative Council of about the necessity to Iran’s attention by regional Arabian countries with aim of Iran’s taking part in drawing a regional strategies Said: the current conditions of the region as compared to the conditions of the Middle East in recent years have been highly different.

Now Tehran by itself has been able to change to a key and central actor in the region by playing a constructive and positive role in Syria and Iraq. Relating to this he added: the current conditions of the region demands that countries are allied to repel the common enemies. By standing against ISIS in initial days of this group’s strike to Iraq and before by supporting Bashar Assad Iran could prove that he has an undeniable presence in the region and that is why now Arabian countries specially after positive nuclear negotiations between Iran and the west are in a way looking for common cooperative work ground with Iran. 

The representative KRG of Iraq in Iran said as well: when the authorities of regional Arabian countries say Iran has to catch regional countries’ trust, they have to regard this that this matter is a bilateral case and means that has the regional countries has to do so.             


Friday, 26 December 2014 07:00

When Saddam ruling Iraq Ba’athists were on power. There were thoughts of Ba’ath party growing and in Syria also Salafist and Takfirist got united as a special organization; those thoughts of Ba’ath dominated this unity and caused a singularity between terrorists and Syria and called themselves Iraq and Syria Islamic Government, namely, ISIS.

The representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, describing the reasons and roots of the formation of ISIS terrorists group, considered the coalition against terrorists as a pretext to reenter Iraq. He believes that the USA has experienced three strategies to enter Iraq: the first experience was Persian Gulf War against Saddam, the second was getting out the Nuri Al-Maliki from Iraq and the third was to attack ISIS.

Nazem Omar Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran in talk with ILNA News Agency reporter about the hidden goals of ISIS to appear said: ISIS is not something to emerge suddenly but there were factors to support ISIS and there was an atmosphere in which it could grow. In Syria and Iraq this appropriate atmosphere was prepared. Emphasizing that in the history such concerns are obviously mentioned he added as Justice and Development party coming to power in Turkey, it has formed especial closeness between this country with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Relating bombing ISIS positions by America he said ILNA: it is benefit to America to use air raid rather than disembarking his forces to reduce expenditures since in his view. America public reflections cannot accept their soldiers to be killed in Iraq.

Dabbagh shortened Turkey’s policy change in two cases. The first is to take advantage by letting medicines and altruism aids pass from his country and the second was that through being a member of NATO and accepting some commitments and being asked by the members to make his role against ISIS clear he had to change his policy.

In addition he believes that some countries allied with America in fight against ISIS also support this group have vague role. Stating that the coalition and allying to uproot ISIS in the region have to be serious Dabbagh said: to vanish ISIS in the region this group must be destroyed to the core like to cut the financial and human resources and stop supporting it.   

Thursday, 25 December 2014 07:00

Mr. Al-Ebadi’s journey as the new PM of Iraq to Iran made aiming to strengthen the relations between the I.R. of Iran and R. of Iraq. That the president of Iraq government chose Iran as the first destination of his foreign journeys carries this message that Baghdad grants Iran special importance, while past commuting between Iranian and Iraqi authorities often resulted in concrete political and economic accomplishments.

So it is expected that this trip includes positive results, especially in current conditions Iran has enacted his role in fighting against ISIS and in establishing security well in Iraq. This is not a phrase which the writer as the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran wants to jot it down. But many political and social personifications of Iraq have emphasized this within their talks. They have deemed Iran’s political role and his military cooperation with Iraqi Army and fighters as an effective and positive event.

Another standard for evaluating the results of Al-Ebadi’s journey to Tehran is the arrangement of ministers of his delegation. The presence of several ministers of key ministries of Iraq firstly indicates that the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq in the fields finance, oil, security and economic tend to grow and the scope of cooperation of both will go beyond the level of common political agreements and ceremonies. In spite of the atmosphere of Tehran and Baghdad exposed to horrible political events these days while signing political and security contracts the authorities have taken important measures in economic and financial exchanges.

That is why the P.M are accompanied with the ministers whose economic responsibilities records are more outstanding to their other works. The ministers of oil, electricity, finance and water sources of Iraq along with a member of the Parliament of the country accompany Haydar Al-Ebadi.

Since the general policy of Iraq government in the field of economic is based on improving the share of private part and increasing the absorption of foreign capital. Whereas the newest economic contract between two countries, relating to assigning $300-milion credit to improve exporting goods and service from Iran to Iraq, has been signed according to this.

Aside from this, two important points to estimating Iraq and Iran statesmen have to be considered. First for the ministers accompanying Al-Ebadi each is the representative of political and social parties and organizations of Iraq and their presence in Tehran represent this fact that different sides of Iraq they have positive attitudes toward improving cooperation with Iran, in addition the new government’s decision concerning this is accepted by them.

Other aspect of the P.M’s journey to Iran is the analysis of this trip along with others of regional and international authorities who came to Iran this week and consulted on the region concerns especially ISIS terrorists and other Takfirists’ moves. These trips indicates Iran’s undeniable and active role in today concern of the Middle East. It is true that for theoretical and legal reasons Iran is absent on international alliance to fight against ISIS, but in fact it is Iran that has an active presence. The scope of Iran’s regional policy-making and his role in the region is a fact that cannot be neglected.      

Saturday, 20 December 2014 03:30

Mizan News Agency: the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq in Tehran deemed Iran’s aid to Iraqi nation and state so effective and on time and said: the majority of this aids were logistical and military consultation held by Sepah. Nazem Dabbagh in the talk with political reporter of Mizan News Agency about the role of new government of Iraq in fight with ISIS stated: new government of Iraq regarding the useful and on time actions in recent weeks has expressed his ability to find a solution for problems and difficulties ahead specially fighting ISIS. Dabbagh added: obviously to form a comprehensive and cooperative is a benefit to political and minor groups of Iraq and this can help all engaged groups in the fight against ISIS.


Concerning Turkey policy for ISIS, Dabbagh said Turkish state and authorities have never offered any definite and clear definition for ISIS and also they has not taken any stable and true position for this. Meanwhile he added: although the recent action of Turkey allowing supportive forces to help Kubani region can be considered effective.


The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran considered continuing field changes in the Kurdish region of Kubani as developing and said: in recent days up to 100 villages around Kubani are emptied from ISIS terrorists indicating their weakness and withdraw in Kubani. Eventually he deemed a coalition against ISIS nonsense without Iraq government.





Saturday, 20 December 2014 07:00

Concerning Iraq changes as ISIS attacking Mosul and the relations between Kurdistan Region of Iraq and central government, Jahan San-at Press have had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran of which details follow:


In a response to a question relating to the results of ISIS’s attack on oil affairs of Kurdsitan Region Dabbagh said: these attacks have not impressed such affairs but oil exportation market of the Region that has caused oil selling to be descended. Nevertheless he said that oil transferring pipes of the Region to Turkey are under the control of our forces.


Relating the discarding paying the budget from central government he said the policy was adopted by Mr. Maliki. Thus with Kurds’ tolerance we have been able to export oil and paid stuff’s salaries. However with the formation of new government good measures have been taken and the concern of the budget of the Region will be solved.

About oil exports by ISIS to Turkey he added that Turkey not only does not play any role to suppress but it also on the basis of some media it has had cooperation with ISIS. The oil wells presently taken under control by ISIS, in fact belong to Iraq not the Region. Concerning how to export oil by ISIS I have no information, nevertheless it is the border between ISIS and Turkey, namely, the border through which ISIS can export oil belongs to Turkey. Relating to Turkey’s policy to the current crisis of Iraq he continued that Turkeys activities are accompanied both with security respect and religious as well as economy. He added that Turkey indeed is hatching a plot which has been designed just the same as to recover the Osmania’s emperor I already mentioned. Therefore in my view both actions by Turkey are negative and mistake, one is to destroy the negotiation and peace with Kurds of Turkey and another is to cooperate with ISIS. ISIS is just a phenomenon which is the symbol of terrorism. He said European countries for such concerns as human rights cannot prevent their citizens from joining ISIS.





Friday, 07 November 2014 07:00

In a response to question about the position ISIS leader concerning not tending attack Kurdish regions he said we should not trust in enemy, and the reason for such positions is that ISIS leaders know the preparedness of the Pishmerga forces to defend the regions under their control.


About Nuri Al-Maliki remarking concerning an occurrence of a big conspiracy in Iraq, the Kurd Press agent asked Dabbagh and he said that it is not undeniable.


Therefore he mentioned this important concern that the reason for this situation is the way of governing in Iraq. The question of “who is the governor” was originated from Iraq people and politicians. According to this he criticized Nuri Al-Maliki’s attitude that we should not merely care others’ actions but ours in this crisis.


Mentioning domestic authorities’ role in Neinava Province to form the crisis he said: they did well perform their jobs and tended in the direction to ISIS.


Kurd Press reporter asked him about the formation of the Attackers and he said the members forming the attackers are ISIS, Baath, Al-Qaeda, Sophia and Naghshbandia, Jond Al-Islam, Katab Ashrin, Harzaei Group and a group called Crusaders. These groups form forces who took the control of Mosul. He added the agreements among these groups are superficial.


The representative of KRG of Iraq said about collaboration between federal government authorities and KRG to confront ISIS no remarks made. Therefore the policy of KRG is that still without an agreement he consider this his duty to defend his regions and rejects any offence and infiltration from ISIS. Nazem Dabbagh concerning the results of political differences to appearance of Fallujah and Mosul crises said the happened situation in these regions originated from such political differences and struggles.


Authoritarianists are not respecting the rights of religious and tribal groups of Iraq accordance with the constitution, not being obedient to Erbil agreements and part of the constitution of Iraq, being dissatisfied of different political groups from each other are the reasons for such situations and this concern also occurs among Shia, Sunni and Kurd. 

Thursday, 06 November 2014 03:30

Avineh News / Sulaymaniyah- the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran said: Iran can play Gandhi’s role in Iraq.

 Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran in talk with Avineh Newspaper No. 434 announced he is not optimistic to the solution of the crisis getting Iraq into troubles and to transit this crisis Iran can play a useful role in Iraq.

About Iran’s act in Iraq Dabbagh said: Iraq needs a new Gandhi, since it bring all political groups and parties closer. Indeed Iraq needs such a person and Iran could be that one to from the unity in this country.

He believes ISIS is deemed as a threat to the region as a whole and continued to state: the countries of the region are not unified against ISIS, it is Iran who completely seriously opposites it.

 Study this conversation and other matters in No. 434 of Avineh Weekly, it is a political, sociological and cultural weekly that is published every Thursdays by Avineh institution in Kurdistan region of Iraq.              







Wednesday, 05 November 2014 10:30

Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, answered to question by Iranian Diplomacy about recent changes of Iraq as follows.


Mr. Nechrivan Barezani, on his way back from Iran during the talk with medias said phrases about Kurdistan region of Iraq in order to final solution for as an exit to Iraq crisis. Is Kurdistan independence the solution? Or the region wants to keep distance from the created challenges?

I have not heard such an opinion; therefore the present condition of Iraq is in a way that probably it can return those days before Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) entrance and its occupation of Mosul. While there are some opinions concerning dividing Iraq into three parts Sunnis, Kurdistan and Shia. These options relate to ultimate decision of political leader in Baghdad, whereas it has continuously been believed that all Iraq problems should be solved in the frame of the Constitution, respect to each other and the rights and real conditions of KRG in Baghdad.


Mr. Nechirvan Barzani stated it seems Iraq will not return the time before Mosul occupation and said Sunni the same as Kurdistan seeks for a region. What do these phrases mean?

It means presently Iraq is critical. While, there is just one region of Kurdistan. In the constitution it is stated and declared three provinces can present themselves as Federal or Region.


Mr. Masoud Barzani stated in a call that retired Pishmerga also return their units, and announced there is a bright future ahead of Kurds. Does bright future mean the independence?

I do not think so independence means separation. On other hand asking retired Pishmerga to come back does not mean there are lots of Pishmergas or people demanding to join us to protect benefits against terror.

Bothe Kurdistan region and Maliki’s government knows each other the guilty about the present condition of Iraq. Maliki’s government claims that in recent events Kurds collaborated with terrorists. On the other hand Iraq knows the weak operation of government as the guilty about the current crisis situation.


I am afraid of those who charge Kurds with collaborating. Why do they not say the wrong policy and having not participation of political groups of Iraq caused this concern?

This is the outcome of Iraq government policy. Since it is not just we Kurds. What agreement now does occur among Shia? No agreement exists not only between Shia and Sunni but also across whole Iraq. It has long years been produced not today. Those who were in the government they took the constitution performance and the agreements in whole parliament as granted. Making accusation is easy but it should rely on truth and evident.


What policy does Kurdistan region take concerning Iraq crisis?

The policy of KRG is realistic. Our policy is to return to dissolve problems in the frame of the constitution and obedient to government of public, participation and reality. All political groups have got to present in future government of Iraq based on their power and role they have and have to keep distance from personal, fanatical, party and tribal desires.     

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