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President Nechirvan Barzani receives Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, October 3, 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani received today in Erbil Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the Prime Minister of Iraq.

The meeting discussed the latest political developments in the country and the efforts of the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Region to bring the political parties closer together and to protect peace and stability at home. Both sides agreed that dialogue is the only way to reach a solution to the existing problems.

The President and the Prime Minister emphasized that it is a collective duty to protect the lives of the citizens and demonstrators in all of Iraq, as well as to protect public and private properties. They also highlighted that all sides must support the security forces to carry out their mission of protecting the country’s security and stability.

Discussions also covered the latest security developments and the recent targeting of several areas in the Kurdistan Region. Both sides reiterated that Iraqi sovereignty must be respected, and reiterated that Iraq must not become a battleground to settle regional disputes. They also stressed that Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are committed to friendly relations with neighboring countries and that Iraqi soil must not be a source of threat to these countries.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani meets with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD)- Prime Minister Masrour Barzani met today, Prime Minister of the Iraqi Federal Government Mustafa Al-Kadhimi in Baghdad.

During the meeting, they discussed all national affairs and issues that concern the lives of Iraqi citizens and the provision of services and ways to continue joint work between Baghdad and Erbil in a way that achieves food security for all Iraqis and ensures a decent life for them.

The two sides expressed their strong condemnation of the Turkish aggressions on Iraqi territory, especially the recent attack that claimed the lives of many innocent citizens. They also stressed the importance of a unified vision to deal with the attack, and investigate its circumstances, in a way that fortifies Iraq's sovereignty and prevents violating it in the future.

Security coordination between the federal security forces and the forces of the Kurdistan region of Iraq was also discussed, as well as the importance of continuing to confront the threat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, and ensuring that they do not threaten the security of Iraqis again.

The two sides also discussed ways to tackle the effects of the economic challenges suffered by the world and the region and the importance of creating the appropriate atmosphere for economic development. Accordingly, they emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation and joint coordination between the federal government and the regional government to attract investments and maximize revenues.

In this context, it was agreed to increase dialogue between the Federal Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to address the outstanding issues and continue working to reach common solutions, and achieve a state of integration in the management of the oil resources, in a manner that serves s the interest of the Iraqi people.

The Prime Ministers stressed the importance of working as one team and focusing on common interests in a way that achieves security, stability, and prosperity for all Iraqi people.


Iran has asked Kurds not to get involved in the Shiite-Sunni dispute in Iraq: envoy

The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran, said that Iran called on the Iraqi Kurds not to get involved in the disputes between Shiites and Sunnis in the country.

Referring to the recent visit of the Iran Qods Force Commander, Esmail Qaani's, to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, Nazim Dabbagh said that the visit was to calm the situation in Iraq, especially after the protests against the results of the parliamentary elections and the assassination attempt against Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, adding that the role of Iran in Iraq is not a new issue, and Iran cares about the security and stability of Iraq as much as it cares about its security and stability.

The Kurdistan Regional Government representative in Tehran stressed that the assassination attempt on the Iraqi Prime Minister is against Iran's interests and that it is not in anyone's interest to see Iran and Iraq to assassinate the figures of the other side.

He stated that in his opinion, General Qaani stressed to various Iraqi parties and movements that they should accept the results of the Iraqi elections.

He also added that Qaani had previously made visits to the Kurdistan region during his travels to Iraq, which means that the Kurds are important for Iran in maintaining balance in Iraq and that Iran's message to the Kurds was that they should not get involved in conflicts between Shiite and Sunni movements.

Nazim Dabbagh went on to say that Qaani had told the Kurds that once the Shiite movements reached an agreement, they would be able to support the movements, which represents all Shiites.

The envoy stressed that the Kurds cannot stay against one front and stand by another, because for the Kurds Iran is not a country that can support the Kurdish region at all times, and on the other hand, the Kurds cannot fully trust the United States and other countries and they must maintain their neutrality in this situations.

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Kurdistan Region President meets with Iraq’s Parliament Speaker

 Erbil, Kurdistan Region, May 3, 2021

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani received Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, the Speaker of Iraq’s Parliament, in Erbil on Monday.

Discussions covered the developments in the country, the upcoming general elections and their anticipated impact on the political process in Iraq, Erbil-Baghdad relations, the threat of ISIS and its recent movements, cooperation and coordination among the parties to ensure security and stability, and the situation in the wider region.

The importance of collective national efforts of all parties to confront the challenges facing the country and surpassing the crises was reaffirmed. It was underlined that unity and consensus paves the way for lasting peace and stability in Iraq. The two sides also expressed hope that the upcoming elections will meet the aspirations of people for stability, improved public services and livelihoods for all citizens.




President Nechirvan Barzani and Iraq’s Prime Minister Kadhimi meet in Baghdad

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, April 10, 2021

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani met with the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Mustafa Kadhimi, in Baghdad on Saturday.

Discussions focused on cooperation and coordination between the institutions of the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) within the framework of the constitution and efforts to confront terrorism and criminal activities in the country. The two sides also discussed the status of the Shingal district, public health and ways to contain COVID-19 pandemic, the recent rise in COVID-19 cases and efforts to secure vaccines for the public.

Prime Minister Kadhimi commended the progress in establishing the appropriate mechanism for implementation of constitutional procedures. The Prime Minister referred to the agreement on the Federal Court and the passage of Budget Bill in the parliament and expressed hope that the bill is implemented fully and fairly.

The Prime Minister reiterated the need to strengthen cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil in a way that ensures peace and stability in the country and fills all the security vacuums that can be taken advantage of by terror and criminal groups.

Prime Minister Kadhimi reaffirmed that the frequent visits by President Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad is signalling the right message to all Iraqis and establishes trust and encourages constructive cooperation and coordination in all areas in the service of the entire country. The Prime Minister also referred to his upcoming trip to the Kurdistan Region.

President Nechirvan Barzani expressed delight at visiting Baghdad and commended the Iraqi Prime Minister’s diplomatic and economic efforts which have strengthened Iraq’s position internationally.

President Nechirvan Barzani also shed light on the resolution of the disputes and strengthening of security cooperation. The President reiterated support for the federal government and state institutions to confront the current challenges.

Kurdistan Region President commended the passage of the Budget Bill in the Iraqi Parliament and reiterated that the resolution of the pending issues between Erbil and Baghdad will lead to further stability and prosperity in Iraq.

Other topics of discussion included the President’s recent visit to France, joint efforts to confront terror threats and ISIS, the mission of the International Coalition in Iraq, the upcoming Iraq elections, the sitution in the wider region and other topics of mutual interest.

Both sides reiterated the importance of cooperation among all sides in Iraq to surpass the problems and the crises and expressed hope that the passage of the Budget Bill will support the resolution of differences between Baghdad and Erbil. Both sides reaffirmed the significance of cooperation and coordination between the Peshmarga and Iraqi forces and the support of the International Coalition in confronting ISIS threats.

President Nechirvan Barzani reiterated that the Kurdistan Region is ready to resolve all the existing disputes with the Federal Government on the basis of constitution and within the framework of the federal system. The President underlined the Kurdistan Region’s willingness to work together with all sides in Iraq in order to secure peace and stability in the country. The President underlined that the resolution of Kurdistan Region’s pending issues with the Federal Government is the key to peace and stability in Iraq.



President Nechirvan Barzani’s statement on the 41st anniversary of the genocide against the Feyli Kurds

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, April 4, 2021

On the 41st anniversary of the genocide against the Feyli Kurds, we remember the many victims and pay tribute to their memories.

The systematic persecution of hundreds of thousands of Feyli Kurds, their forced relocation, and the revocation of their citizenship under the racist policies of the former Baathist regime were carried out because of the Feyli Kurds’ adherence to their Kurdish identity.

Recognizing these crimes as genocide by Iraqi High Tribunal was a just ruling, which obliges the Iraqi state and government to compensate the victims for their financial and moral damages.

We urge the Federal Government to meet its legal and moral obligations and reimburse the victims of the mass crimes against the Feyli Kurds for the unlawful confiscation of their properties, revocation of their citizenship and a range of other serious crimes committed against them under the former Baathist regime.

As we honor the memories of the Feyli Kurds, we also pay tribute to their families and loved-ones. The struggle and sacrifices made by our Feyli Kurd sisters and brothers will forever be a remembered.

Nechirvan Barzani
Kurdistan Region President






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