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Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Service: Policy- Foreign Policy: Nechirvan Barezani the Prime Minister of KRG and Mohammad Javad Zarif the foreign minister of Iran, exchanged ideas about the most recent changes of bilateral relations, Iraq and the Region problems. On the report of Iranian Students News Agency of Iran (ISNA) the prime minister of Iran, mentioning the progressive procedure of economic cooperation between Iran and Iraq and said: the government of Iran will, in order to get aside the barriers, take all necessary measures to improve and deepen the relations. Mentioning authorities’ assessment of commercial and economic sections in government and of private area, he hoped the preparation to progress obtained agreement has been simplified by Iraqi’s authorities.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, besides supporting the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, stated through the correlation and willpower of statesmen the preparation to release areas occupied by ISIS will be provided for central government. In this meeting Nechirvan Barezani the PM of KRG of Kurdistan of Iraq stated: we are happy, as the result of Foreign Minister’s attempt and fulfilment of Barjam (comprehensive Program) agreement, the grounds to open economic relations between Iran and Iraq will be laid. He expressed his congratulations on these attempts and stated: all Iraqi groups with strong will are going to confront extremist and terrorism in Iraq.



Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Iran, notified Nechirvan Barezani’s travel to Iran. According to the international report of Ana News Agency, Nechirvan Barezani, the P.M of KRG has gone Iran to attend in Munich Security Conference (CGM).


The primary meetings of CGM, with the cooperation of Political and International Study Office of Department of State will be held on Saturday, October 25, to study the concerns of the region for one day in Tehran. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran notified on Thursday that in the response to the official invitation of Iran to attend in primary meeting of CGM held in Tehran will go to Tehran on 9 of this month. In addition Dabbagh said that the P.M of KRG will most likely visit a number of authorities of Iran and consult with them. 

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Based on the report of Mehr News Agency, as the representative of KRG of Iran visiting Mehr News Agency, Ali Asgari on Monday noon stated: Mehr News Agency tries cultural attitude, this is why that it is a priority in Kurdish Language Service. He added: sine inaugurating Mehr has sustained its cultural approach, and in this direction while trying for more intimacy and unity Kurdish language is endeavoring that cultural concern is supposed to be a priority by this attitude.

Mentioning that the relations between Iran and regional counties have to be strengthened, the Chief Executive Officer of Mehr News Agency added: one of our priorities in Kurdish language is to try to achieve this goals and that is why we are making attempts to move in this direct. He deemed producing news in Kurdish language a high sensitivity and said: we are following these sensitivities and trying to provide more intimacy and cooperation in the region. The managing director finally asked the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran to have a nice cooperation with this media and lay the ground to support Kurdish language of Mehr News Agency.


As expressing his happiness for inaugurating Kurdish Language Service of Mehr News Agency, the representative of KRG also said: it is expected that Mehr News Agency can sincerely try in this new direction.

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

About his message to Kurdistan Region from Tehran, Nechiravan Barezani said: there is absolutely a serious will to solve the problems of the Region and my message is that to try solve the current concerns through talking. It is meant that we will continue to negotiate.

International group: as Nechiravan Barezani the PM of KRG of Iraq arrived in Tehran said to the reporters of News Bulletin: I travelled to Tehran by the German foreign minister’s invitation to attend Munich International Security Meeting and it is natural that we will visit Iranian authorities to be more compatible.

 On Saturday Nechiravan Barezani along with foreign ministers of Iran and Germany and tens of authorities of the regional countries attended in Munich International Security Meeting in Tehran. We believe that the crisis of Syria is not solved by military operation but negotiations.



Thursday, 05 Nov 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran while appreciating for inaugurating Kurdish Language Service of Mehr News Agency Said: this News Agency is the messenger of more peace, intimacy and cooperation for Kurds in the region.


At the beginning of the meeting while appreciating the executive of News Agency for inaugurating Kurdish Language Service Dabbagh said: actually this was an important job which an official news agency has carried out in Iran and I hope the mangers of Mehr to support this and strongly continue it. He added: I also as the representative of the Region and as a Kurd, appreciate this act of Mehr News Agency and undoubtedly this will greatly influence Kurdish areas. Dabbagh said: undoubtedly presently Medias can cause intimacy and unity and unquestionably Mehr News can be the messenger of these positive features. 


Thursday, 15 Oct 2015

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) - Following an official invitation to attend the Munich Security Conference, MSC, which will be held in Tehran, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, will visit Tehran on 17 October.

The gathering will be co-hosted with the Institute for Political and International Studies, and held in cooperation with the governments of Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It will be held as part of MSC Core Group Meeting series, which will focus on “the implementation of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, Iran's regional role, the security architecture in the Middle East as well as the economic and energy policy implications of the Vienna agreement”, Munich Security Conference website stated.

Besides German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Zarif, “participants also include the Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Idris Barzani, the United Nations Deputy Special Envoy for Syria Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy, the Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service Helga Schmid, the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly Élisabeth Guigou and the Chairman of the German Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee Norbert Röttgen, as well as governmental representatives from various Arab states, numerous parliamentarians from European countries and NGO representatives”, said MSC website.

In a statement to Kurdistan Regional Government website, Sami Ergoushi, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister’s press officer said, “It is expected that Prime Minister Barzani will meet, during his visit, a number of officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”



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