President Nechirvan Barzani’s New Year Message

President Nechirvan Barzani’s New Year Message

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, December 31, 2022

I wish the families of the fallen heroes, our brave Peshmergas and the security forces, all the people of Kurdistan, Iraq and the world a happy New Year. I hope it will be a year of fulfilment of hopes and success; a year that brings an end to wars, conflicts, epidemics and hardships, and a year in which peace, security and stability prevail around the world.

The interests of the people of Kurdistan must be the main objective for all of us. With the start of the new year, let us make unity, solidarity, mutual acceptance and collective efforts a new chapter in our relationships among the political parties and among all communities in the Kurdistan Region. Let us work together to protect and ensure federalism and the constitutional rights, and resolve the outstanding issues with the Iraqi Federal Government on the basis of the Constitution.

We reiterate once again that the Kurdistan Region will fulfil its shared responsibilities and will continue to be a factor of peace and stability. The Kurdistan Region will support all efforts to resolve the problems and challenges facing the country to achieve peace, security and political stability in Iraq, in a way that the rights of all communities in the country are safeguarded.

We will develop our relations with the neighboring and regional countries, and with our friends and international allies on the basis of respect, unity and common interests. We will continue to cooperate to confront the threat of terrorism and eliminate terrorists. We will work together to consolidate peace and stability.

We will work to improve the lives and welfare of citizens, to further deepen pluralism, coexistence, tolerance, and protection of democracy, human rights, equality and liberties. We look forward to the new year and the future. I wish everyone good health, success, happiness and prosperity.

Nechirvan Barzani
The President of the Kurdistan Region

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