Kurdistan Region President discusses developments in Iraq with UK Ambassador

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, November 28, 2021

President Nechirvan Barzani received Mr. Mark Bryson-Richardson, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Iraq, in Erbil on Sunday.

Discussions covered a wide range of issues including UK’s relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in all areas and ways to strengthen ties. Terror threats and confronting ISIS, the importance of strengthening the cooperation and coordination mechanism between the Peshmarga and the Iraqi army, and the Erbil-Baghdad relations were also discussed.

On the recent row over the outcome of the parliamentary elections among Iraqi political factions, the President reiterated that the Kurdistan Region will, under no circumstances, be part of the problem, but it will strive to support proper solutions to the disputes, and will also continue to support the political process in the country.

The President and the Ambassador reaffirmed mutual willingness to expand bilateral relations and areas of cooperation, and affirmed that Iraqi factions should reach an agreement and form a government that is able to preserve political stability and respond to the demands of citizens for peace, stability, better livelihood and improved public services.

Discussions also focused on the steps taken in the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmarga towards reform and unification of its forces with continued assistance from the UK to the reform process.

The latest developments in the wider region and other topics of mutual interest were also highlighted.




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