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President Barzani Welcomes German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Erbil

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani welcomed Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Erbil on Saturday. In a press conference following their meeting, Mr. Steinmeier expressed Germany’s support for the KRG in its fight against terrorism and commended the KRG for hosting large numbers of IDPs from Mosul who have sought refuge in Kurdistan. He added that Germany would continue to provide humanitarian aid to the IDPs, reiterating that his country would do whatever it can to help the KRG cope with the refugees.

President Barzani hailed Mr. Steinmeier visit to Kurdistan and described it as tremendous support for the people of Kurdistan. He added that the atrocities committed against the Yezidis and Christian minorities in the Ninawa province, were crimes committed against all the people of Kurdistan and that the KRG would come out of this victorious.





Prime Minister Barzani discusses assistance for Christians with Pope’s special envoy

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq (KRG.org) – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani today received Cardinal Fernando Filoni, special envoy of Pope Francis, and his accompanying delegation.

The envoy conveyed the Pope’s greetings and gratitude to Prime Minister Barzani for the help and support provided by the government and the people of the Kurdistan Region to displaced Christians. Most of the Christians came from the Ninevah plains and Mosul. The delegation also applauded the KRG effort to protect all other internally displaced people fleeing terrorists.

Prime Minister Barzani reiterated that it is the duty of the KRG to protect and support displaced Christians, Yezidis, and other religious and ethnic groups seeking refuge in the Kurdistan Region. He said he would mobilise all resources to support them; however, given the number of refugees and displaced people, the KRG cannot provide adequate assistance. It is therefore necessary for the Iraqi government and the international community to promptly provide humanitarian assistance.

The Prime Minister added that Christians, Yezidis, and other minority groups are natives of the area, with historic roots in the region. They need physical protection from the terrorists, not only verbal support, because the terrorists target churches, mosques, and shrines. Prime Minister Barzani noted that the terrorists now constitute an army and include individuals from all over the world, so the international community, in coordination with the KRG and the Government of Iraq, must confront them together.

In the meeting both sides agreed upon the importance of international protection for all ethnic and religious communities native to the Ninevah plains, including Christians, Yezidis, Shia, Sunnis, Turkmen, Shabak, Kurds, and Arabs. Both parties agreed to exert pressure at the global level to assure international protection from the terrorists.

The Cardinal requested the KRG to identify solutions for housing and accommodation for the displaced, as well as an arrangement for students so that they would not lose an academic year. The Prime Minister promised to follow-up on this request and coordinate with relevant KRG authorities to implement appropriate measures.

During the meeting it was decided to establish a committee in Erbil between KRG authorities and relevant Christian community leaders to respond to the immediate needs of displaced people, with similar committees to be formed in other provinces.

The delegation stated that Christians will never forget the support provided by the government and the people of Kurdistan, and that history will record these actions. Prime Minister Barzani urged the delegation to mobilise the Vatican’s international influence to support the Kurdistan Region and the displaced families it is hosting.





President Barzani Receives Vatican Envoy

Salahadin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, (krp,org)- President Masoud Barzani received cardinal Fernando Feloni, the special envoy of His Holiness, Pope Francis. During the meeting President Barzani warmly welcomed the message of brotherhood and coexistence from His Holiness, Pope Francis and added that the position of the Kurdistan Region has always been clear, and that is, "we will all either live together with dignity." President Barzani also spoke of the extreme cruelty of the terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, adding that the Kurdistan Region will continue to fight this phenomenon until it ceases to exist.

President Barzani and Cardinal Feloni spoke of the number of IDPs in the Kurdistan Region which has now reached well over one million persons. Cardinal Feloni expressed the gratitude of His Holiness, Pope Francis, through a letter to President Barzani regarding the kindness displayed in handling the IDP crisis.





Kurdistan Region Presidency requests humanitarain and military aids from the European Union

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Iraq 

August 14, 2014

The European Union.

Kurdistan Region has been an outstanding model of stability, democracy and peaceful coexistence in Iraq during the last decade. Kurdistan has been a safe haven for all Iraqi components such as, Arabs, Turkomen, Christians, and others. Since 2006, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi internally displaced people have taken shelter in Kurdistan fleeing violence and bloodshed in the other parts of Iraq. 

Currently, this safe haven is under a serious danger by the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS). Last week, the ISIS militants launched a wide spread attack against the Kurdistan Region territories, especially in Sinjar, which is dominantly inhabited by Yazidis and areas to the east and north part of the city of Mosul, which have been the homeland of Christians for thousands of years. The recent ISIS aggression on the Kurdistan Region resulted in the killing of hundreds of people and displacement of around one million people. 

Despite facing serious humanitarian and security challenges, the Iraqi government has only played a very limited role in supporting the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and alleviating the suffering of the refugees and IDPs. Thus, the KRG is under huge humanitarian and security pressure. The KRG is doing whatever it can to provide humanitarian relief for the refugees and IDPs and at the same time the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are fighting ISIS militants on behalf of the world. While we appreciate the support we have received from our friends and allies, we call upon international community to provide further humanitarian and military assistance. 

The Kurdistan Region Government respectfully requests the members of the European Union to urgently come forward and offer humanitarian aids to the IDPs who have taken refuge in the Kurdistan region. It is worth mentioning that the displaced people are suffering severely due to the lack of shelter, food and other basic needs. Urgent aids are needed to save lives of thousands of people. We also call upon the members of the EU to provide the peshmarga forces with necessary arms to deter ISIS offences and protect civilians and displaced people. The Kurdish forces are in an asymmetrical warfare against an organized and well-armed terrorist group. With no doubt, rapid equipment of Peshmarga forces with heavy and sophisticated weapons will change the equation in the battlefield in favor of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. 

We hope that the members of the European Union will urgently and positively respond to our request. 


Fuad Hussein 
Chief of Staff
Kurdistan Region Presidency





In a meeting with the deputy head of Germany Parliament, the Kurdistan Parliament president says what happened to Yezidis was another Holocaust

On 13th August 2014, Dr. Yusif Muhammad Sadiq, the president of Kurdistan parliament, received Clouya Ross, the deputy head of Germany parliament. In the meeting Dr. Yusif explained the late events of the region, the life condition of the refugees in Kurdistan after IS attacks, and the situation of Peshmarga forces in the fronts.

 Regarding the refugees, he said, “The refugees live in a very difficult situation. Since the Kurdish Regional government has not received its own share from Iraq budget in 2014, we cannot provide sufficient aid for the refugees. This is why we require urgent help from international community and humanitarian organizations”. Dr Yusif added, “What happened to Yezizis was another Holocaust; hundreds of thousands of innocent people died of lack of food and water”.

About Peshmarga forces Kurdistan parliament president clarified,” they can defend Kurdistan, but in the past Iraqi government did not support us to strengthen our military capacities. We really thank US and European countries for their prompt and significant cooperation with Peshmarga forces”.

On her part, the deputy head of Germany parliament said,” Germany is confident to support Kurdistan in fighting terrorists”. She also expressed her concern about the situation of Christian and Yezidis refugees in Shangal and Musil”.

About the relationship between KRG and Iraqi government, she said,” We are worried about the financial crisis in Kurdistan, and we hope that the Iraqi government sends back Kurdistan budget as soon as possible”.





President of Kurdistan Parliament receives a delegation from the Iraqi Representatives Council

On 12/08/2014, Dr. Yusif Mohammed Sadiq president of Kurdistan Parliament, Received Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed, the Vice-President of the Iraqi Representatives Council as  the head of a delegation and  Kurdish parliamentary blocs from Iraqi Representatives Council, who visited the Kurdistan Parliament to discuss joint cooperation between the two sides, also Fakhr Qdeer Arif, secretary of the Kurdistan Parliament ,and heads of parliamentary blocs in the regional parliament,  were attended the meeting to discuss the current political situation in Iraq and the recent developments in the political process.

At the meeting, the Vice President of Iraqi Representatives Council gave a brief summary of parliamentary work at the House of Representatives and cooperation between Kurdish blocs , the spirit of cooperation show kurdish as one group among members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and how they support the President of Iraqi Federal Republic of Iraq to mandate a new candidate for the presidency of the new Iraqi government in Baghdad, describing the move as good and necessary for the country out of the current political crisis.For his part, Dr. Yousef Mohammad Sadiq emphasized at cooperation between the Parliament of kurdistan and the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

In another aspect of the meeting, the two sides affirmed on cooperation between the Council of Representatives of Iraq and the Kurdistan Parliament to help the displaced areas that are exposed from terrorism, as the two sides decided to set up a joint parliamentary committee of Kurdistan  Parliament and the Iraqi Council of Representatives includes eight parliamentary heads blocs within the regional parliament and Iraqi Council of Representatives to prepare a protocols and bilateral cooperation to build the necessary relationships between the two sides.






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