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A delegation of Japanese parliamentarians visits Kurdistan parliament

On 8/42014 Dr. Yusif Muhammad Sadiq, Kurdistan parliament president, received a delegation of Japan parliament. The delegation expressed their pleasure for visiting Kurdistan, and they hoped to have stronger relationship with the Kurdistan region in general and Kurdistan parliament in particular. 

After welcoming the delegation, the president of Kurdistan parliament explained the present situation of Kurdistan and Iraq and the threats of ISIS in the region. The president asserted,” ISIS’s threats will be expanded to the other countries in the region if Peshmarga forces are not supported to fight against terrorist groups”. He also wanted the international society and Japan to assist Kurdish Yazidis, who have been homeless because of ISIS attacks and assaults.
On their part, the delegation confirmed that the threats of terrorist groups in the region are serious and also insisted on making a strong relationship and cooperation between Kurdistan region and Japan.





French Foreign Minister meets leaders of Christian and Yezidi communities

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq (KRG.org) – French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius yesterday met with leaders of the Christian and Yezidi communities to convey his sympathy regarding the tragic events of the last few days.

After meetings with President Masoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, Foreign Minister Fabius visited the French Consulate General and French Institute, meeting with diplomats and the French community in Kurdistan. He was accompanied by the Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, as well French Consul General Alain Guepratte.

The Foreign Minister then visited Ainkawa and met Bishop Bashar Matti Warda, of the Chaldean Archbishop of the Diocese of Erbil, and representatives of Christian families displaced from Mosul and elsewhere. He listened to the details of their suffering at the hands of terrorists and how they were forced to flee to avoid mass killing.

Foreign Minister Fabius then met with Yezidi representative Hazim Mir Tahsin Bag and with Baba Sheikh, the religious leader of the Yezidis. He expressed to the Yezidi leaders his government’s sympathy and condolences regarding the crimes committed against their people in Sinjar. The Yezidi representative described the tragedy caused by the terrorists.





During a meeting with the representatives of international missions and consulates in Kurdistan Parliament Speaker: The international community have to assist the Kurdistan region from war against terrorism

On 9th August 2014, Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq the president of the Kurdistan Parliament met with representatives of international missions and consulates in Arbil, they discussed the political situation in Kurdistan and Iraq, with the deterioration of the security situation in the Kurdish areas outside the region and the war waged by the Peshmerga forces against terrorism, which led to the displacement of large numbers of the citizens of Kurdistan.

During the meeting, the president of the Kurdistan Parliament showed serious attempts with the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to accelerate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the displaced people at the areas that are exposed to attacks by armed groups, particularly the displaced Kurds, Yazidis, because their lives are in danger by terrorists in those areas, stressing that this war against the Kurdistan Region does not pose a threat to the region alone, but it constitutes a real threat to the region and the security and world peace because ISIS are a new model of terrorism and violence and terrorist has no certain limits to stand him, the international community must help us in our fight against terrorism, for this regard, We thank the United States, Britain and other countries that have shown a willingness to support us in the war against terrorism.

About the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, he said that there is cooperation in several areas

For their part, the representatives of international missions and consulates in Kurdistan introduced a number of suggestions and observations about the current situation in the region, pointing to the security and peace experienced by the province and they are performing their duties everyday on a regular basis and watching the situation closely and support the region in its war against terrorism, and at the end of the meeting Dr. Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq the president  of Kurdistan Parliament held a press conference explained the main points that were discussed during the meeting.





Kurdistan Parliament President in meeting with UN representative in Erbil: International community should cooperate with Peshmarga in order to defeat ISIS.

On 8/8/2014 Dr. Yusif Muhammad Sadiq, Kurdistan parliament president, received UN representative in Erbil. Dr. Yusif explained the current events in Kurdistan; especially the war between Kurdish forces and the terrorist groups named ISIS, and also clarified the life condition of Izadis and Christians in Musil, Shangal, and Shekhan.

Regarding the Christian and Yazidi families who were forced to leave their living places, Dr. Yusif said, “I want UN to support those families as soon as possible because they live in a very difficult situation”. He added,” Terror is a serious threat not only for Kurdistan but for all the countries in the region; it has an international dimension now and is really dangerous for international community. For this reason international community should cooperate with Kurdish Peshmarga in order to beat terrorists.

Showing his pleasure for the meeting and the information given by Kurdistan parliament president, Sokol Kondi, the representative of UN in Erbil said, “We as UN in the Kurdistan region never ignore the current events in Kurdistan and do our best to give necessary assistance to the refugees”. 





Kurdistan Parliament Speaker congratulates Mr. Erdogan on the occasion of his election as the president of the Turkish Republic

Respectable Mr. Tayyip Erdogan, the elected president of the Turkish Republic

On behalf of the Kurdistan Parliament _ Iraq, we congratulate you on your election as the twelfth President of the Turkish Republic.

We hope that your election inspires the peace process in Turkey and strengthens relations between the Turkish Republic and  Kurdistan region.


        Yusif Mohammed Sadiq

President of the Parliament of Kurdistan _ Iraq






US, UK, Italy, France, Germany Express Support for Kurdistan Region

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRP,org) – Since the start of the campaign by the terrorist group ISIS to attack the Kurdistan Region last week, many countries have expressed their support to the KRG in its fight against the terrorism, and have also offered humanitarian aid to the tens of thousands of IDPs who have sought refuge in Kurdistan. 

US Vice President Biden, Germany Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, and Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini all called President Barzani this week to show the support and solidarity of their countries for the Kurdistan Region in its fight against the terrorist group ISIS. 

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius visited Erbil on Sunday and met with President Barzani. In a joint press conference following their meeting, President Barzani thanked the Unites States and France and other countries that have offered their support to the Kurdistan Region.





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