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Friday, 07 Aug 2015

After the victories of the army in Salaheddin and the liberation of Tikrit, Al-Ebadi’s government decided to cross out people forces in release operation of Al-Anbar give their role to fresh forces. Thus ISIS could occupy this town, what caused Al-Ebadi called for people help once more.

Relating to this Maytham Soleimani the Etemad Press’s reporter had an interview with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region Government of Iraq in Tehran as follows:

In Mr. Dabbagh’s view the gained victories against ISIS was for all different groups’ participation of Iraq. However, after these victories some began to wage tribal wars against each other to gain all the advantage for themselves so that the government had to omit some groups. These differences were all benefits to ISIS. Once more the government trusted only in police and army and it left the security gained in Al-Anbar for them. It was how the experience of Mosul repeated in Ramadi. Now conditions have arisen in which Iraq have to think uniquely.

Relating the refugees of Ramadi including 25000 people he said: we must diminish the reason for their being homelessness. One of the reasons is the disruption existing in Iraq in which the army’s weapons have been taken by ISIS; America which has been paid millions of dollars by Iraq, now sending its fighters to destroy them and the government has to purchase these weapons again. In Dabbagh’s view these dollars should have paid for infrastructures and services for people, it might not has created an ISIS. Shias under a unit authority, Ayatollah Sistani, stand under one flag despite of differences as the Sunnis do not.            







Sunday, 09 Aug 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region will not welcome arms establishment, but the strength of Pishmerga according to defensive system of Iraq.

In talk with the international reporter of Ana news agency concerning Kurdistan Region’s position against American Congress’s plan based on arming Pishmerga and Sunni tribes of Iraq opposed by national officials and organizations of the country including the Prime Minister and Parliament and described it as a plan to separate Iraq, Nazem Dabbagh Said: the Region will welcome this matter and plan.

He added: Iraq has to always be Iraq and have an equal look at all groups especially at Pishmerga. He continued: the Region is getting into a daily fight with ISIS and it was the only area relying upon Pishmerga which released areas occupied by ISIS.

Dabbagh said: According to the Constitution of Iraq, today Pishmerga has to be a part of the defensive system of the country, namely, all military financial and consultative help being delivered to Iraq have to be assigned to Pishmerga as well.

Mentioning the recent plan of America Congress he said: this military help and arming Kurdish and Sunni forces are according to the Constitution of Iraq. Of course this plan and military help to Pishmerga are conditioned.

About explaining of Congress plan he added: if Iraqi government does not give a part of delivered aids to Pishmerga, Americans will do this directly and we welcome this plan. However before America’s direct help we accept Iraq government considers all rights of Pishmerga according to the Constitution.

The representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran stated: Pishmerga are strong forces and protect the borders of the Region, so it has to be deemed as the defense system of Iraq.

He said: the Congress plan mentioned these concerns and made its military aids conditional upon that if central government of Iraq does not put Pishmerga in its defense-military filed, the USA will give these aids to them.

In a response to question whether this plan tends to separate Iraq or not Dabbagh said: if central government follows the Constitiute, it will help to strength Iraq; whereas Pishmerga needs foreign helps to fight against Terrorists.

He insisted: Kurdistan Region does not welcome the establishment but strength Pishmerga according to defense system of Iraq.

About the possibility of Iran opposition to this plan he added: I do insist the aids of this plan are conditioned and if Iraqi government is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need to the USA direct help to Pishmerga.

He stated: Iran delivered military consultative aids to KRG, so Iraq government also ought to perform its duty.

Finally the representative of KRG in Tehran said: the being conditional of the USA’s plans has to be considered specially. Unfortunately it has not been yet.         




Saturday, 08 Aug 2015

The growth of terrorist groups in the Middle East has caused new blocking in the region, to study this matter, Mahdi Elyasi, the Ghanun Press Reporter, had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG, of which the main points as followed:

Mr. Dabbagh knows ISIS as an obvious instance of terrorist group without government in the Middle East. In his view ISIS has not been given birth today, in spite of being about to be weakened, it will not be vanished; even if it vanishes, other groups with such features and with Salafi attitude will substitute for it. Dabbagh believes this concern has caused security matters to change to the most important priorities of the governments in the region. In his opinion the growth of terrorist has been created in the atmosphere of government’s weakness, whereas security affairs are not controlled by a definite organization. He continued that they along with their friends could release 95% of occupied areas.

In a response to a question Dabbagh said following the events happened in the region, not only Arabian spring was not created but also winter happened instead. He added that if ISIS gets defeated, it will come to power somewhere else. Dabbagh replied to a question that the same position, the lack of a united and concentrated leadership over affairs, also exist in Kurdistan as in other countries.

 Relating the necessity of forming a military unity against terrorist groups, Dabbagh said: the events in the region will not take place merely in a geographical area, in addition it should be studied what effects it may have in the future. Unfortunately today we see that when a security problem happens to a country of the region, the neighbors think they have been the winner in their policies. They do not guess if a terrorist group wins in country, what will happen next.

In my view the condition after Iran and the West agreement will change greatly that can be changed to a real spring to establish security and welfare in region.

In a reply to an important question concerning the condition of Kurdistan Region in regional alliances, Dabbagh said: in the region there are four powers Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, therefore, blocs in the region have formed around Shia Iran and its opposition Turkey-Arabia. Kurdistan Region’s policy of Iraq in this condition is firstly to preserve its benefits according to the Constitutes of Iraq, that is, our policy should be somehow agreed with the policy of central government of Iraq. Secondly according to Kurds the benefit is to establish security and welfare around them.

On the subjects of Iran and Turkey’s relations in spite of regional competence, of Iran and six powers’ nuclear agreement and of the Kurdish security concern in Iran and Turkey Dabbagh declared that: During the history of Kurdish movement in Iraq, we have been looking for and spreading our rights. We have taken this policy to other Kurds of the region. We have not taken any measure against Kurds of other countries; furthermore we will not support other Kurdish groups’ actions against regional countries. That is why that we have and will not allow both sides to use our land against each other. By this policy we have been able to keep welfare of our border with Iran, Turkey and Syria.


Concerning the positions of KRG of Iraq relating Turkish government and Kurds negotiations Dabbagh said that KRG of Iraq will support any approach leading to peace and agreement, if there is no so, it tries to create, since peace is beneficial to Kurds.             





Sunday, 19 Jul 2015

Diplomacy Irani: the Congress of America has recently passed the draft of the project of arming Pishmerga and Sunni group of Iraq which has created a big fuss. According to this project American government establish a direct connection with Kurds and Iraqi tribes and arm them. The Prime Minister of Iraq has insisted on opposing the project of America Congress arming directly Pishmerga and Sunni tribes. Concerning this we had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region in Tehran of which the main points as followed:

In Dabbagh’s point of view this project is being considered through both Kurdish and legal aspects. Firstly, if central government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution in order to support Pishmerga to confront ISIS, there will be no need for such project from America. Secondly, in that project the Congress has made some conditions to deliver military aids to KRG including that these aids will be delivered by central government of Iraq, then if central government or Sunni groups do not help Pishmerga to confront ISIS, the military aids will be delivered directly. However in this project it has insisted that delivering the military aids to KRG do not need be effective on the concern of separating Iraq. Concerning the negative reaction of the central government of Iraq to this project Dabbagh said: it seems Iraqi government has been involved in suspicion. If not so, the pass of such project in congress would not have encountered their reaction. All of us even America are in the same position of fighting ISIS. If Iraq government trusted KRG, it instead of a negative reaction would have to declare that we were all Iraqi and united and Pishmerga was a part of defensive forces of Iraq. Thus, Dabbagh’s estimating is that this action of America for directly arming Kurdistan and Sunni tribes of Iraq is to strengthen his effect and presence in the region. Relating the effect of America’s action on the military cooperation of Iran and USA to fight against ISIS Dabbagh said: it seems that after Iran and USA’s closeness in nuclear case, the conditions have happened in a way that the closeness of Tehran-Washington gets more. Of course, the being conditioned of the Congress’s project should be considered specially, and if the government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need for direct aid of America to Pishmerga.                



Saturday, 18 Jul 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran in Shargh annual meeting accompanied by Seyyed Ali Mujani (Iraq History Researcher), and Abbasali Mansuri Arani (a member of National Security Commision of Islamic Parliament of Iran) presented to discuss about the depth of Iran strategic.

Nazem Dabbagh, concerning the result of security shared concerns and historical-cultural joints and their reflection upon Iran’s place in Iraq, said: its root has to be observed in Iraq formation. To form this country, pieces of Iran, Turkey and Arabian lands got separated. This has caused many unsolved problems. Thus in my opinion Iran’s strategy’s in the region requires more study for the future, because in Iraq there are religious and tribal agitation. It can likely be said that is why there is a phenomena named ISIS affecting whole region; Iran, Iraq and Turkey’s security are conducted.

He mentioned Turk’s support form Sunni of Iraq which caused ISIS. From this point of view, in this crisis all players considered their benefits, however, Iran’s security is the region’s and contra versa, since countries’ security are interweaved. He insisted that firstly unity should not be destroyed in Iraq; secondly we have to be allied so that Shia can get stronger.

Following Mujani and Arani Dabbagh said: I believe that Iran has both influence and presence in Iraq. In his opinion policy comes out from oil pipelines thus economy, policy and security are interrelated. He said: I repeatedly stated that Turkey’s attitude toward Iraq is economic through which it wants to provide its benefits by economy.

Iran, according to religion, economy and security has to take such an action that it takes advantage of all these competences. In an answer to a question he replied that: the security is shared. In general if security is not established in Iran, insecurity will influence Iraq and contra versa. Similarly, if security is not established in Iraq, it will influence Syria.


Somewhere else Dabbagh said: Associated Press asked me about Iran’s presence I replied what right does USA have more than Iran as an Iraq’s neighbor? History has proved that you have come several times and gone, but Iran has remained and is presence from Shingal to Basra. We always say if Iran had not been, Baghdad would have fallen and Iraqis been homeless . . . . . since we altogether can protect security. Dabbagh stated: I want sincerity and friendship of I.R of Iran already offered to be continued and to be enjoyed. How to enjoy? I mean both our friend ship is preserved and our future is guaranteed. Dabbagh said: we have to pass some cases and do not sacrifice minor concerns to major ones. If we do not study past and present conditions perfectly, we will not be able to draw the future. 

Friday, 10 Jul 2015

Regarding Turkey’s policies toward Iraq, Tasnim News Agency with the presence of three experts of Turkey and Iraq affairs Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG in Tehran, Jegarxwin, the Deputy-representative of KRG in Iran along with Dr. Ja’far Haghpanah, the analyzer of regional affairs and scholar, held a meeting concerning Ankara’s approach toward Baghdad of which the underlying points follow:

Dr. Ja’far Haghpanah believes that until Justice and development party and Ahmad Davoud Oghlu personally came to power, toward the Middle East’s affairs Turkey did not take any roles but security. Since Turkey has always desired to join the west, the policy which was pursued at the period of Justice and Development party. In Iraq, after Americans’ departure, Turkey tried to lead the Sunni groups and manage those fighting against central government. Haghpanah added that Turkey was opposed America’s strike to Iraq which was appreciated by some Saddam’s opponents. Therefore, the Middle East has reached peak of its critical point; and if the regional countries do not cooperate with each other, all will expose to this crisis.

To answer Haghpanah’s phrases, Nazem Dabbagh stated that even though Turkey wanted to join Europe, he failed to achieve this aim. Thus after America’s attack to Iraq made an attempt to increase its influence in Sunnis in Iraq. Despite of its advantages in Iraq changes, Turkey has begun to fall. When Baghdad government was established, Ankara tried to strengthen the Sunnis and Turkmens in Iraq and Kurdistan as opposition of Bafgdad. Dabbagh said: I believe that through economic approaches Turkey is about to control Kurdistan; although he could attract Saddam’s attention, and in order to create a security border entered the north of the country, which fortunately with Kurdistan’s rise we could somewhat control Turkey’s authority obtained after Saddam’s fall. They have involved in economy and oil of the north of the country, which is similar to double-edged blade. Concerning oil agreements of KRG with Turkey without the affirmation of central government Dabbagh said: when Baghdad treated with Kurds as before, we had no choice but to act according our benefits. Dabbagh stated that Iraq Kurds disagree with the presence of wearing black ISIS. He continued: we desire Federal Iraq in which everyone is obedient to the Constitution. Haghpanah added that the political position in the Middle East are heading to stability, thus Kurds’ position will be stabilized. So Turkey has to accept the stabilized position. Therefore, Turkey considers Kurdistan region as a tool and the justice and development party do not deem any identity for Kurds. However structurally it regards Copenhagen regulations to join European Union. He also said: I agree with Me. Dabbagh that Turkey has no more capacity to play with the regional affairs. For it confronts serious interior and exterior problems. Due to its special consideration toward ISIS, it is suspicioned by KRG. The center of the next discussions will be assigned to the future of Erbil-Ankara. Dr. Muhammad Seddigh Ahmad (Jegarxwin), in a response to this question said: KRG has a fairly independent existence accepted by regional and international countries. He continued that Erbil-Ankara relations are divided in political, social and economic fields. According to Turkey deeming the economic opportunities available in Kurdistan Region, economic relations have been developed, naturally these relations are so beneficial for Ankara, however in the fields of economy and security is growing more sensible. Turkeys concerns of managing the crisis of Kurds has risen, and in the direction of taking effective steps in order to accelerate its joining to Europe Union, Ankara has had to choose a new look and approaches to solve Kurds’ concern. Simultaneously these changes in Turkey and Iraq flexible policies have been taken toward Kurdistan.

These were all reasons that accelerate to develop multilateral relations, whereas in spite of new political atmosphere it seemed that Turkey has not achieved its desirable goals. Somewhere in his speeches concerning Turkey positions toward ISIS he said: regarding the new conditions Ankara as we expected did not serve any facilities to Kurdistan to dispatch Pishmergah to help Kurdish fighters to defend Kobani. Jegarxwin tried to study that policy taken. In his view, all regional, interior, international pressures caused turkey to try to take the most advantage of the present condition with the least risk. He added: as long as the both sides aim to remove problems through talking and for both nations’ happiness, to develop the Turkey-Iraq relations never disagree KRG’s benefits; and we are interested in relations to be strengthened. Dabbagh altogether agree with Jegarxwin and said: I insist that the condition of Kurds in the Middle East is positive. According to the constitution of Iraq we follow to solve our concern. New conditions have occurred in the region, Kurds has turned to the balance weight.


Haghpanah put a detailed discussion concerning the complicate position of identity in Iraq and described interior difference of Iraq based on this. To complete this, Dabbagh said the warranty of Kurds’ and Shias’ rights are two things: first Kurd-Kurd, Shia-Shia, and after that Shia-Kurd unity. According to this, Jegarxwin stated; I believe in moderate Sunni-Kurd-Shia unity. 

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