Nazem Dabbagh Talks with Ana News Agency: Arms Help of America to Pishmerga is conditioned/ Pishmerga should be considered a part of defensive system of Iraq

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region will not welcome arms establishment, but the strength of Pishmerga according to defensive system of Iraq.

In talk with the international reporter of Ana news agency concerning Kurdistan Region’s position against American Congress’s plan based on arming Pishmerga and Sunni tribes of Iraq opposed by national officials and organizations of the country including the Prime Minister and Parliament and described it as a plan to separate Iraq, Nazem Dabbagh Said: the Region will welcome this matter and plan.

He added: Iraq has to always be Iraq and have an equal look at all groups especially at Pishmerga. He continued: the Region is getting into a daily fight with ISIS and it was the only area relying upon Pishmerga which released areas occupied by ISIS.

Dabbagh said: According to the Constitution of Iraq, today Pishmerga has to be a part of the defensive system of the country, namely, all military financial and consultative help being delivered to Iraq have to be assigned to Pishmerga as well.

Mentioning the recent plan of America Congress he said: this military help and arming Kurdish and Sunni forces are according to the Constitution of Iraq. Of course this plan and military help to Pishmerga are conditioned.

About explaining of Congress plan he added: if Iraqi government does not give a part of delivered aids to Pishmerga, Americans will do this directly and we welcome this plan. However before America’s direct help we accept Iraq government considers all rights of Pishmerga according to the Constitution.

The representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran stated: Pishmerga are strong forces and protect the borders of the Region, so it has to be deemed as the defense system of Iraq.

He said: the Congress plan mentioned these concerns and made its military aids conditional upon that if central government of Iraq does not put Pishmerga in its defense-military filed, the USA will give these aids to them.

In a response to question whether this plan tends to separate Iraq or not Dabbagh said: if central government follows the Constitiute, it will help to strength Iraq; whereas Pishmerga needs foreign helps to fight against Terrorists.

He insisted: Kurdistan Region does not welcome the establishment but strength Pishmerga according to defense system of Iraq.

About the possibility of Iran opposition to this plan he added: I do insist the aids of this plan are conditioned and if Iraqi government is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need to the USA direct help to Pishmerga.

He stated: Iran delivered military consultative aids to KRG, so Iraq government also ought to perform its duty.

Finally the representative of KRG in Tehran said: the being conditional of the USA’s plans has to be considered specially. Unfortunately it has not been yet.         




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