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President Nechirvan Barzani receives a letter from the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 23, 2023

President Nechirvan Barzani received a letter from the US Secretary of Defense Mr. Lloyd Austin. In his letter, Secretary Austin thanks the President for the warm welcome he received during his recent visit to Erbil on March 7.

Regarding his visit to Erbil, Mr. Austin writes that he was pleased to affirm the strength and importance of the partnership between the United States and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Also in the letter, Mr. Austin expresses his appreciation for the shared commitment to the enduring defeat of ISIS, and reiterates that the continued cooperation of the United States and the Kurdistan Region, in coordination with Baghdad, is essential for a secure, stable, and sovereign Iraq.

US Secretary of Defense also expresses his appreciation for President Nechirvan Barzani’s leadership on implementing the critical reforms within the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense and the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Mr. Austin concludes his letter by reiterating the US keenness to continue to work together.




President Nechirvan Barzani’s Nawroz address

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 20, 2023

In a video message today Monday, President Nechirvan Barzani offered his congratulations on the occasion of the Kurdish New Year, Nawroz. The following is a readout of his message:

On the occasion of Nawroz and the Kurdish New Year, I extend my warmest wishes to all the people of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people around the world. I offer my best wishes to the families of our fallen heroes and their loved ones.

I wish the brave Peshmergas, the security forces, the police and the counter terrorism groups and all the forces who protect the peace and security of Kurdistan a happy Nawroz.

I extend my congratulations to all our workers and civil servants who have participated and continue to participate in the construction, development and growth of Kurdistan.

Nawroz is a Kurdish national holiday. It is a celebration of victory, self-confidence, pride and glory. It is a symbol of the revival of the Kurdish spirit, the love of life and humanity. Nawroz is in the heart and mind of every Kurd; the renewal of passion for liberation, freedom, prosperity, and the brightness of hope for a better future.

The fire of Newroz, as always, rekindles our faith and strength; a reminder that ‘the Kurds have not fallen and will never fall,’ because every early spring, with the first ‘flame of Nawroz,’ the spirit of resistance, freedom and prosperity is revived in every Kurd.

Our freedoms and successes are the manifestation of the Nawroz spirit of the Kurdish nation and the people of Kurdistan, which were achieved through sacrifices and decades of struggle and resistance of the Kurdish and Kurdistani people.

We all remember the injustice and cruelty of the past. We all remember the arrests, killings, deportations, burning, destruction, extermination, chemical attacks, Anfal and genocide, and we will never forget them. But all these hardships could not break the will of the Kurds and the people of Kurdistan for life, freedom and prosperity. Because with the first fire of every Nawroz, the Kurds will rise again and start more passionately.

In Nawroz, the love of Kurds and the people of Kurdistan for freedom, for their land and country, for their nation, is reborn. This is the secret of the survival and revival of this living nation, which the most powerful oppressors and weapons of the time have not defeated and will never defeat.

My fellow Kurds and Kurdistanis,

Let’s make Nawroz and the spring of renewal, a renewal of respect, forgiveness, and reconciliation with ourselves, with our families, and our friends.

On the political level, let us make Nawroz a new opportunity for cooperation and acceptance. So that we can overcome the problems and conflicts in the Kurdistan Region, and resolve the issues together with Baghdad with one voice and one position, through dialogue and on the basis of the constitution.

On this occasion, I call on all Iraqi parties to work together for an Iraq that is the country of all of us, in a national Iraqi spirit that transcends partisanship and sectarian divisions; an Iraq where peace, stability, sovereignty, life, dignity, present and future of its generations are protected. Together, we can make Iraq a better country for all.

We are moving in the right direction with the Iraqi Federal Government. The steps are hopeful and promising. Resolving the issues, building trust and confidence between the parties and communities will make Iraq a strong, secure and respected country. In the light of the constitution, the Kurdistan Region is ready to provide all assistance for the success of the government’s agenda, the political process and the principles of democracy in Iraq.

My fellow Kurdistanis

The enthusiasm for Nawroz is a manifestation of the living spirit of life-loving and peaceful Kurds and Kurdistanis. The colorful carnival we celebrate in the beautiful nature of Kurdistan stems from a deep desire for life and peace, for happiness and comfort, and for reconciliation. It is an important and treasured part of the values, soul and culture of our nation.

We in the Kurdistan Region extend a hand of brotherhood, coexistence, mutual acceptance and tolerance to all peoples, nations and communities in Iraq, neighboring countries, the region and the world. We assure everyone that as always, we will be a factor of peace and stability and protector of our unity and common interests.

I congratulate the peoples and nations who celebrate Nawroz, and express appreciation for the support of friendly countries, the international community, diplomats and their organizations in the Kurdistan Region. I hope everyone has a happy Nawroz.

I ask my fellow citizens to take precautions while traveling, to keep the environment clean, to preserve the beautiful nature of Kurdistan, and to follow traffic rules.

Happy Newroz to all of you.
May it be a year of success for everyone.
I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday.

Nechirvan Barzani
The President of the Kurdistan Region




President Nechirvan Barzani receives Italy’s Ambassador

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 18, 2023

President Nechirvan Barzani met with the Italian Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Maurizio Greganti today in Erbil to discuss bilateral relations of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region with Italy, and the ongoing talks between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve their pending differences.

The President expressed his gratitude for Italy’s support to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and referred to the positive atmosphere between Erbil and Baghdad, commending the steps taken by the Iraqi Federal Government in the direction of resolving the outstanding issues. The President also stressed that Baghdad is the main partner of the Kurdistan Region and there is no other way for either side but to resolve their issues.

For his part, the Italian Ambassador referred to the constructive meeting between President Nechirvan Barzani and the Italian Foreign Minister, Mr. Antonio Tajani last February at the Munich conference. Mr. Greganti also stressed that the solution of the problems between Erbil and Baghdad will encourage the international community to increase its engagement with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and to raise the scope for foreign investment in the country.

The meeting, also attended by the Italian Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, highlighted the works and engagements of Italy in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the developments in the wider region and other issues of common interest.




President Nechirvan Barzani’s message on the 35th anniversary of the chemical attack on Halabja

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 16, 2023

On the 35th anniversary of the chemical attack on Halabja, we salute the memory of the fallen heroes and pay tribute to their families and loved ones.

The chemical attack on Halabja showed the utter cruelty of the perpetrators and the depth of the oppression against the people of Kurdistan. Within minutes, the infamous attack took the lives of five thousand innocent people, and wounded thousands of others. It left behind a devastated environment and displaced innumerable families. But it did not break the will of the people of Kurdistan and their aspiration for freedom.

By commemorating this calamity, the people of Kurdistan will remind today’s generations and the world of the sacrifices they made for freedom. It also places a moral duty on all countries to make every effort to ensure that such crimes are never repeated anywhere.

On this occasion, we thank the Federal Government and all relevant parties in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region for completing the procedures for the provincialization of Halabja. We emphasize that the people and the city of Halabja need more services in all areas. They must be compensated without delay and as decided by the court.

As we remember this horrendous tragedy and the innocent victims, we look forward to a better future. We will continue our work and efforts for unity and solidarity which will safeguard the achievements, the constitutional rights and the federal status of the Kurdistan Region.

Nechirvan Barzani
The President of the Kurdistan Region



President Nechirvan Barzani meets with a high level US delegation

Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, March 15, 2023

President Nechirvan Barzani received a high-level US delegation led by Mr. Terry Wolf, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Middle East and North Africa at the US National Security Council, in Sulaimani today.

The meeting discussed the political and economic situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, relations between Erbil and Baghdad and the ongoing talks to resolve their pending issues. The US delegation reaffirmed the continued support of the United States to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Regarding the internal situation in the Kurdistan Region, the US delegation considered the unity of Kurdistan’s political parties, especially between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, necessary to overcome the current challenges and difficulties in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Also during the meeting, the two sides agreed that the resolution of the issues between Erbil and Baghdad will contribute to political and economic stability in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, reaffirming support to Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al- Sudani and his government’s agenda.

Discussions also focused on the developments in the wider region and other issues of common interest.



President Nechirvan Barzani: Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, faces great challenges and opportunities

Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, March 15, 2023

President Nechirvan Barzani participated at the annual forum of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani today. During the forum, which was attended by a large number of dignitaries, including Iraq’s Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani, political figures, academics, researchers and journalists, the President delivered a speech on the situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and the challenges and opportunities facing the country. The President stressed the importance of working together and consolidating unity. The following is a readout of his speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your Excellency, the Prime Minister of Iraq,
Your Excellency, the President of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council,
Good morning,

I welcome you all. Thank you dear Dr. Barham Salih and the Presidency of the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani to continue holding this annual Sulaimani Forum.

On the anniversary of the criminal chemical attack on Halabja, I pay tribute to the souls of the martyrs. We will always remember and honor the sacrifices of the people of Halabja. For years we have worked hard to make Halabja a province, to compensate and serve its people.

On behalf of the people of Halabja and the entire Kurdistan Region, I would like to thank Mr. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Iraq, who worked faithfully to complete the procedures. I would also like to thank all those who have worked in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq to make Halabja the 19th province of Iraq.

I call on the federal government to allocate a special budget for the reconstruction of Halabja and compensation to the families of the victims and the injured. The efforts of the Federal Government and the Prime Minister to support Halabja and reimburse the victims are constitutional steps and are supported by court decisions against the criminals of the former Iraqi regime. This is a completely constitutional and legal issue to do for the people of Halabja.

Dear friends,
We in the Kurdistan Region fully support the government and the steps taken by Mr. Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Iraq. Since taking office, based on the agreement of the coalition to form a government as a roadmap, the Prime Minister has tried to create political stability, and attached importance to all regions and communities of Iraq, and implemented the agreements and the laws.

The agreement reached within the framework of the budget bill, for the whole of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, is good and commendable for the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. We expect this trend to continue and the oil and gas law to be passed in the same spirit of cooperation between the two sides.

Dear participants,
20 years have passed since the Iraqi liberation process. This meeting is a good opportunity for an important assessment that will be useful for the future. However, it is very important that evaluation avoids blaming each other for the failures. Because this is not a useful method and we all share in the failures and in the successes together.

The past 20 years, despite all its setbacks, was different from the era under the dictatorship. At least the Iraqi people made use of its freedom to demonstrate their vitality in the region during the past two decades. The Iraqi opposition was successful, at the London and Salahaddin congresses and the establishment of the Iraqi Governing Council and the drafting of the constitution. But then, the deviations and mistakes gradually began to become a major crisis, due to the lack of fundamental dialogue among the parties and the failure to implement the constitution.

The Iraqis’ objective of creating a democratic, pluralistic, civilized and stable Iraq was derailed by great failures. Therefore, the participation of the people in the democratic process has decreased significantly, which has a very dangerous impact on the future of the democratic process, especially since Iraq in the past lost millions of people and billions of dollars due to dictatorship.

Civil society and the civil rights of the people and women in particular were severely damaged. This has once again created a major obstacle to social progress and a modern life in Iraq. This has severely damaged Iraqis’ ability to take initiative and innovate.

I assure you that if civil rights had been guaranteed to the Iraqi people as expected in the constitution, we would have a much more innovative and prosperous society in Iraq.

The proliferation of decision-making centers, the use of state weapons in internal political conflicts, and undermining the Iraqi communities’ belief in equality, participation in decision-making and governance of the country have caused great damage to the political process and institutions.

Those who rewrote the constitution belonged to different faiths, nationalities and communities in Iraq. Not all of everyone’s demands were written in the constitution, but they all believed that they had written a good constitution that could make Iraq the country of all and make it a federal, democratic and developed Iraq.

Unfortunately, the constitution has not been implemented. In 2017, an expert committee identified 57 constitutional articles related to the federal system and the rights of the Kurdistan Region that have not been implemented! As a result, the people of the Kurdistan Region do not feel that the federal system has been implemented. If federalism had been implemented according to the constitution, the people of the Kurdistan Region and the whole of Iraq would now feel equality and true partnership.

Many people accuse the Kurdistan Region of not implementing the constitution! After 20 years, we cannot say that we are infallible. We have all made mistakes in Iraq, but we must learn from the mistakes of the past. President Massoud Barzani and the late President Jalal Talabani made great efforts to implement the constitution.

President Barzani has repeatedly warned that the constitution has been violated and that this will destroy Iraq. The leadership of Kurdistan Region felt a great responsibility to implement the constitution, as a loyalty to all Iraqi communities. We are ready to do anything to correct the constitution. After 20 years, we must all take shared responsibility and find a middle ground that is collectively beneficial to everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen.
By 2050, climate change will force 1.2 billion people to flee their homes. Unfortunately, according to the World Bank and the United Nations, Iraq is one of the five countries most affected.

This is a very serious and vital issue. We must have a lot of dialogue to find a solution. We must have many discussions with the countries of the region, especially Turkey and Iran, to reduce the damage caused by these changes and water shortages on Iraq. The conference held in Basra last week and the support of the United Nations and friendly countries in Iraq’s programs and steps are a source of hope and joy.

Another threat in Iraq is its dependence on oil as its main source of income. Due to climate change, rapid efforts to change energy sources and lifestyles in the world, the lives of Iraqis will be under great threat in the future. Especially as the population is growing and the employment portion of the budget is increasing, the government’s task is very difficult.

Iraq needs a strategic plan and many different projects. It must spend large sums of money on strategic projects to keep the country safe to live in. However, spending wage income, which is largely spent on supplies, increases the risk.

Dear Attendees,
Iraq has great human and natural resources. It can be used in the best way to become one of the developed countries and take its rightful place in the region and the world. It will become a prominent contributor to consolidating peace and stability and become a significant center in the region.

For such an Iraq, Iraqis of all communities must work together and take shared responsibility. A unified Iraqi national objective and agenda that protects the highest interests of the country, brings everyone together.

All communities, regardless of nationality, religion or sect, must feel that Iraq is their country. We must all work together to make the Iraqi agenda succeed in Iraq. The will, decision and sovereignty of Iraq and Iraqis must be protected.

In the current political, security and economic situation in the region and the world, Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, is facing great challenges and opportunities. Now is the time for an open and courageous dialogue. It is time for all of us in Iraq to look at the future together with a common vision.

By working together, in solidarity and unity, in cooperation and shared responsibility, we can overcome all difficulties and challenges. Let us take advantage of the opportunities for the present and build a better future, a stronger and more developed country.

In the Kurdistan Region, we must resolve conflicts in the spirit of unity and solidarity. In this regard, the efforts and steps of the political parties to remove the obstacles to the elections are encouraging.

We in the Kurdistan Region Presidency will continue our work and efforts to overcome the problems and conflicts. We will work together to set the date of the elections and the process to be held on time.

I welcome you again.
Thank you very much and I wish you a good day



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