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A statement from the meeting of political parties at the Kurdistan Region Presidency

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, June 9, 2022

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani chaired a meeting with political parties of the Kurdistan Region today in Erbil, attended by Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and her accompanying team of election experts of the UNAMI.

The meeting was dedicated to the preparations for the upcoming Kurdistan parliamentary elections and efforts to bring the political factions closer together on a number of issues, including the election law, the Independent High Electoral Commission, the opinion polls and other issues related to the elections.

The meeting strongly condemned the terrorist drone attack of Wednesday night, June 8, 2022 on Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, which caused civilian casualties and civilian property damage. It was affirmed that the attack was a serious threat to the security and stability of Iraq. The Iraqi Federal Government was urged to end these aggressions and make serious efforts to prevent the repetition of such attacks in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s security agencies.

President Nechirvan Barzani thanked Ms. Plasschaert for her efforts in Iraq and her support of the Kurdistan Region and for the issue of the parliamentary elections. The President also thanked the political parties for accepting the invitation of the Presidency to attend the meeting.

After the discussion and exchange of views, all the participants agreed on the importance of holding a successful election in a way that the Kurdistan Region’s national interests and the process of democracy should be given the highest priority. Furthermore, the Presidency of the Region will continue its efforts to solve the problems facing the election law. For this purpose, the meeting decided to establish a secretariat in the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region in coordination with the UNAMI team to follow up and continue the efforts with the political parties and prepare a report by July 1, 2022.

All parties appreciated the efforts of the President of the Kurdistan Region in bringing the political parties closer together and stressed that they will support the steps taken by the Presidency. They also thanked the efforts of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ms. Plasschaert.



President Nechirvan Barzani meets with UK Ambassador

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, May 25, 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani received today in Erbil the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Mark Bryson-Richardson and his accompanying political and military delegation.

Discussions covered a wide range of issues including the UK bilateral relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the latest political developments in Iraq, the developments in the Kurdistan Region, the war against terrorism and ISIS movements in the disputed territories of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution. The global warming and climate change and their ramifications for Iraq, Kurdistan and the wider region were highlighted.

Both sides reiterated the importance of common vision and understanding among all Iraqi sides to find solution to the existing problems and affirmed that there are opportunities to reach an agreement and overcome the political gridlock in the country.

Both sides voiced concerns over the developments in Shingal area which has triggered a new refugee crisis, and reaffirmed the importance of collective cooperation between the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Discussions also focused on President Nechirvan Barzani’s recent visit to Sulaimani and his meetings with political parties, Erbil-Baghdad ties, Iraq’s relations with the outside world and other topics of mutual interest.



President Nechirvan Barzani receives renowned Kurdish tenor Shahram Nazeri

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, May 18, 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani received today in Erbil, the renowned Kurdish vocalist, Mr. Shahram Nazeri, who is currently visiting the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Nazeri was recently granted the Golden Award from the Ministry of Culture of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

President Nechirvan Barzani expressed delight at meeting Mr. Nazeri and paid tribute to his artistic work, his contributions and services. The President referred to Mr. Nazeri as a great artist on the international stage and a source of pride for all Kurds and the people of Kurdistan. The President reiterated full support for Mr. Nazeri and wished him good health and continued success.

For his part, Mr. Nazeri thanked the President for his support and expressed gratitude for being awarded in the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Nazeri said that the award in Kurdistan was far more encouraging and valuable for him than all of the international prizes granted to him. Mr. Nazeri expressed his delight over visiting the Kurdistan Region and meeting with President Nechirvan Barzani.

Kurdistan Region Minister of Culture and Deputy Minister of Culture also attended the meeting.

President Nechirvan Barzani attends the funeral of the late Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 16, 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani attended the funeral of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the late President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Abu Dhabi today. The President was received by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE.

The President offered his and the people of Kurdistan’s condolences to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Al Nahyan family, and to the government and the people of the UAE. The President offered his sympathies and prayed that the Almighty God will bestow his mercy upon the late Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed and grant patience and comfort to everyone.

The UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan expressed his, his family’s and the UAE leadership’s gratitude to President Nechirvan Barzani for attending the funeral, and commended the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the Kurdistan Region and the UAE.

President Nechirvan Barzani’s accompanying delegation included Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Qubad Talabani, Kurdistan Region Vice President, Mr. Mustafa Said Qadir, and Kurdistan Region Presidency Chief of Staff, Mr. Fawzi Hariri.




PM Masrour Barzani meets Belgian Ambassador to Iraq

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) - Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Monday met with Filip Vanden Bulcke, the Belgian Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq.

Both sides discussed the latest developments in Iraq’s political process and the Kurdistan Region, alongside the security situation in the region.

Belgium’s relationship with the Kurdistan Region, with an emphasis on means of developing bilateral ties, particularly economically, were also discussed.


The President meets with Belgium Ambassador to Iraq

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, May 9, 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani received in Erbil today, Belgium’s Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan, Mr. Filip Vanden Bulcke.

The meeting focused on the relations of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region with Belgium, Belgium’s role and contributions within the International Coalition against ISIS, the latest political developments in Iraq, and Erbil-Baghdad talks.

Both sides affirmed the need to develop ties and expand areas of mutual cooperation, underlining that ISIS continues to constitute a real threat to security in Iraq and the wider region, and reiterating that Iraq continues to need the support of the international community.

Ambassador Vanden Bulcke expressed his country’s appreciation to the Kurdistan Region for confronting ISIS and for the sacrifices made by the Peshmarga forces. The Ambassador reaffirmed his country’s commitment to continue assisting Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

For his part, President Nechirvan Barzani expressed the Kurdistan Region’s gratitude to Belgium for their support in the war against ISIS, reiterating the need for cooperation and coordination between the Iraqi army and the Peshmarga, especially in areas with continued security vacuum.

The situation in Shingal district and the status of the refugees fleeing the area due to security concerns, the mission of the UNITAD in Iraq, the situation in Kurdistan Region and the importance of dialogue and common understanding among parties were also highlighted. Discussions also covered the issues of civil liberties and freedom of expression, the COVID-19 pandemic and its ramifications, the latest on the war in Ukraine, and the developments in the wider region and the world were also highlighted.

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