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Friday, 10 January 2014 21:00

At the Monday evening, January 8, The representative of KRG in Tehran, comprised Shirzad Qhader Khorshid, Reza Mowlud Jowhar and Salam Aref Rashidi , Took part at the Funeral Service of the wife of Salah Al-Zawari, Palestine Ambassador in Tehran at the Noor mosque.  Mr. Al-Zawari acknowledged them for attending at Funeral Service. Some Iranian high rank officials and several foreign countries ambassador and representative attended at that Funeral Service. Such as Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, the ministry of foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Ali- Akbar Salehi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Dr Kamal Kharrazi, the former ministry of foreign ministry of Iran, Dr Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh, the ambassador of Iraq in Tehran, Dr Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, member of Islamic consolatory parliament of Iran and some other. Furthermore, some foreign countries ambassador and representative took part at that Funeral Service, such as Japan, Austria, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Sudan, Bulivia etc. 








Friday, 10 January 2014 14:00

Mamosta Ali Bapir, the leader of Islamic Society in Kurdistan Region surveyed the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran. On Sunday’s midday, January 5, Excellency Mr Bapir surveyed the Representative of the Region in Tehran and welcomed by Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of the KRG and Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad, the Assistant of the Representative of KRG in Tehran. At that meeting, two sides discussed the situation of the region, Iraq and especially Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The leader of Islamic society of Kurdistan region positively evaluated the role of the representative of the KRG and attending of the representative of parties and political groups at the center of the representative of the KRG and also he wished to desire for them. Moreover, two sides discussed and dialogued about the attempts after parliamentary elections and establish new cabinet in Kurdistan Region.        






Sunday, 05 January 2014 03:30

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( – Kurdistan Region Presidency commends the Iraqi Council of Ministers for its approval of a draft proposal to promote Halabja, from district status to a province.

“We laud this decision by the Iraqi Council of Ministers, and hope that the Iraqi Council of Representatives also approves this as soon as possible,” the statement from the Presidency stated.

“We call on all parliamentary blocks in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to play their national role on this issue, as they did when they recognized the Anfal and the chemical bombing of Halabja as crimes of genocide. We further call on all Kurdish parliamentary blocks to work together and approach other parliamentary blocks to secure their votes on this draft law.”





Monday, 09 September 2013 13:30

Nazem Dabbagh

Masoud Barzani, Kurdistan Region President (KRP), declared the government under his leadership will make use of all instrument for defending Syrian Kurds, are they threatened by Al Qaeda. It should be noted that Barzani’s statements does not means Iraqi Kurds want to enter directly to Syrian civil war, the aid would not be merely military; however it contains humanitarian and spiritual aids. For instance, they could take the ground for Syrian Kurds refugees. Today in Syria, we observe some Salafist, Al Qaeda and Islamic extremist groups have killed Kurds. Therefore Mr Barzani has commanded to investigate this problem by a commission and to declare the exzact results.

After results having declared, Iraqi Kurds proclaimed that they are prepared to help spiritually and operationally the Syrian Kurds under Iraqi central government law. Where as, afterward, Syrian Kurds issues can be protected and their main problems can be presented internationally. In recent days, also problems of Salafists and Al Qaeda in Syria caused other countries react and object to their actions. Extremist actions of Salafist and AlQaeda in several countries, especially now in Syria, have being changed to serious danger, because we has witnessed multifarious terrorist actions in Iraq and Syria. It should be noticed the declaration of getting ready to help is for Iraqi and Syrian Kurds that have the same nationality and language. Of course, irrespective the matter, all mankind and Moslems would react in this situation around the world. Human society should protest Salafist and AL Qaeda actions and not let them to kill the kurds and non-Kurd innocent people. While a Kurd is murdered in the Middle East, other Kurds in the region like Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan Region are not expected to be indifferent to that. Now the decision made is to protect the Syrian Kurds by diplomatic and civic actions. Today Islamic government of Iraq is overshadowed by Al Qaeda and so we generally can not be indifferent about their activities. About the Syria, it should be considered that Kurds present situation is in parallel with Syrian states interests, because Kurds region in this country has especial situation in wich Syrian political system has not many activities and therefore Syrian Kurds themselves have controlled their region. Thus, we should see what the Syrian government’s policy is about Kurd matter. Whether they try to fulfill the kurd’s civil rights, allegiance and fellow citizenship rights or not. For nobody as Syrian government can perform an act against AL Qaeda and Salafists violent acts to defend Kurd’s rights who are their fellow citizens. 


Ghanoon Newspaper, 21 Mordad 1392 in current Iranian calendar year.

[a] ) The deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran.








Wednesday, 01 January 2014 03:30

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( - In a message on the occasion of the New Year, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani expressed his best wishes to all the people of Kurdistan, including Christians in Kurdistan and in Iraq. He also expressed his hope that the new KRG government will provide more services and fight corruption.

“I hope in 2014 we witness the strengthening of the peace, co-existence and tolerance in our country, as well as more stability, economic development, and better services,” said the statement by the President.

On the current efforts to form a new KRG government, the President called on all political sides to make the provision of services and national interests above everything in their programs. “This is a fitting opportunity so that all sides together try to fight corruption and all other obstacles before the development of our country. The rule of law should be strengthened and steps should be taken develop institutions in our country. In the coming year, work should be done to bring all the people closer to their government and reinforce trust among the political sides, and these are important for a bright future for our people and country.”

“I would also like to congratulate our people in other parts of Kurdistan the Kurdish diaspora. I hope 2014, which is the 500th anniversary of the division of the Kurdish land in the Battle of Chaldiran, will be the start for the our people to recover their rights and land, and for our Kurds in Syria to gain their rights,” said the statement.





Wednesday, 01 January 2014 07:00

Nazem Dabbagh, the deputy of Kurdistan regional government in Iran and expert of Iraq affaires in conversation with Diplomacy Irani, noticing to currently terrorist attacks in Iraq believe that if political partial disputes among Iraqi groups are not solved there is no hope to decrease violence in Iraq.


Diplomacy Irani: yesterday explosion of eight car bombs mostly Shia zone of Baghdad, capital of Iraq, caused the death of at least 23 citizens. This year has been the bloodiest one since Iraq was attacked in 2003. Only in current month (July) more than 700 people have been died around the Country. It is said that tension between Shia and Sunni community in Iraq has been raised in recent months and so this country witnesses increasing of violence. Moreover, fir has been got on in Syria proceeding amongst neighbor countries day by day, especially to Iraq. Are we going to witness another serous crisis in Syria? Is this war between Shia and Sunni in Iraq coming up? These are questions shared with Nazem Dabbagh, the deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran and expert Iraq affaires that you read in following.


Dipolomacy Irani: Explosion of eight car bombs in Baghdad showed that security situation in Baghdad is going to worsen day by day. Just in this month (August) more than 700 people were killed through bombing around the country. What is the reason of this insecurity from your point of view?


Dabbagh: Bombing and violence in Iraqis not a new problem. It has been existence from Saddam collapsed. Nevertheless, from time to time this violence is reduced from reasons bombing are increased.


Diplomacy Irani: Ok, the problem is increase of the bombing. According to the report published by United Nations, just in April, May and June, this violence left more than 2600 killed people. So, current year is one of bloodiest one since invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Dabbagh: recent insecurity in Iraq has several reasons. One relates to political problem. Look, rivalry in Iraq has not yet solved correctly and groups have not learned not to sacrifice national interest for personal, political and group interests. Current disputes and gaps among Iraqi political elites and groups bring about to security making. Consequently, lack of unity among Iraqi security forces, in my view, is one of the important problems in this region. Unfortunately, wing making and political rivalries seen in Iraq, affect on security forces and party forming and nepotism have had an extremely negative effects on condition of security organizations. Furthermore, Syrian crisis affects ongoing insecurity. Therefore not only currently bombing, in my view, is not for a new matter, but also it has enhanced the mass of explosion.


Diplomacy Irani: you pointed out to Syrian crisis and named it as one of the roots of violence in Iraq. What was this effectiveness like?


Dabbagh: look, political, military and security condition of the region are all interrelated. When insecurity coming up in any neighboring country, surely, it has an affect on Iraq security situation. So the more Syria crisis is enlarged, the more insecurity and dispute around the region are aggregated, especially in Iraq. Apparently after beginning of crisis in Syria and spreading to civil war in that country, extremist groups, especially Al-Qaeda, found proper opportunity to emerging and appear. By establishing a group named Emarate- Eslami_Iraq and trying to connect this group to Sham Region (Syria and Lebanon), Al-Qaeda is going to dominate in that arena. They have close link with Jebhato_Nosrah and whether in Iraq or Syria acts according to same goals and motive.


During years and centuries religious and sects have been living together without any problem. Whatever is happening in Iraq can not be defined and described as a battle between Shia and Sunni, but this is opportunism of special elites and groups, in my view, trying to abuse this atmosphere and battle between Shia and Sunni to achieve their own benefits.


Diplomacy Irani: what measures have Iraqi government taken for preventing from spreading of insecurity?


Dabbagh: Iraqi Government tried not to enter in Syrian Crisis and hider of spread of insecurity to Iraq frontier. Nonetheless, it has not been such successful. Since Iraq is getting into serious troubles and Iraq interior battle cause the entering of foreign and extremist forces into the country. One of the important actions should be done, from my point of view, is to unify and give individual and group interests up. If it happens and political parties unite on the pivot of national principals and interests, security forces will come together. Too, security Forces in Iraq should see themselves as colleague and unanimous, not rival. As long as this gap is existed in Iraq, Al-Qaeda troops misuse from power vacuum byplaying among groups and make an attempt to intensify insecurity in Iraq.


Diplomacy Irani: in your view, how much the clash between Shia and Sunni is serious?


Nazem Dabbgh: From my point of view this is not serious. During years and centuries religious and sects have been living together without any problem. Whatever is happening in Iraq can not be defined and described as a battle between Shia and Sunni, but this is opportunism of special elites and groups, in my view, trying to abuse this atmosphere and battle between Shia and Sunni to achieve their own benefits. In my view, the difficulties we’re seeing in Iraq is impacted and reflected as Shia and Sunni disputes, while problem is related to political leadership in Iraq that tried to rule the kinsman thaughts and ideas, however it should make security in the country and give up individual benefits.


Diplomacy Iani: So, does root of these problems Iraqi political elites, in your view.


Dabbagh: sure. Current troubles show that political elites and security forces could not resolve the problems successfully and keep the country safe. Just as I told, there is no dispute among Iraqi People. Partial and political problems and discrepancy among positions develop scope f disputes. These complications come to being when this dispute spill over to security forces.


Diplomacy Irani: What actions should be taken by Iraqi political elites?


Dabbagh: The main action that should be taken is to unite. Disunion is the most important problems of Iraq today. When you look at to political area of Iraq you find that every one makes own way and try much and much to provide his especial benefit. In this situation we have not hope to countries problems, especially in security issues.


Diplomacy Irani: What is the role of foreign countries in insecurity situation in Iraq?


Dabbagh: It seems we can not ignore foreign countries’ effects on Iraq’s political and security situations. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these countries are directly engaged in Iraq, but usually intervene in Iraq through the group are acting in this country. Several countries support several groups in Iraq and these supports intensify contradiction to these groups and dispute among them in political arena. Thus, this issue is one of the insecurity factors in Iraq.  





Monday, 02 September 2013 17:00

International Group: following offering Bulletin News offer on attending in elected president oath of office, Nechirvan Barzani, pick of a board, presented in Islamic Consultative Parliament of Iran and shaked hand with the elected president as a Kurdish governor.


According to Bulletin News, in this travel, Nechiravan Barzani, was accompanied by Kamran Ahmed, minister of Housing and Reconstruction of Kurdistan Region, appointed to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Party.

At first, He was welcomed by Ali Jannaty, proposed for the Culture and Islamic Guidance ministry, and then he went to parliament in order to closely present in ceremony.


Undoubtedly, this act should be considered a step forward in relations between Iraq’s Kurdistan and I.R.Iran. Especially above-named has had an important role in development of Iraq’s Kurdistan with I.R.Iran.


Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and Massoud Barzani, KRG president, as two Iraqi Kurd leaders, today are counted well-known characters that have tried to develop relations with I.R.Iran because of their interests to Persian language.


Massoud barezani was born in Iran and also Nechirvan Barzani studied in Iran. These are apart of memories of two well-known Kurds as essential pillars in their country (Iraq) that have been able to make an attempt to solve the problems.


Simultaneously as Nechirvan Barzani attending in Tehran, Iraqi Kurdistan Government declared that they prepare to help Baghdad for solving security problems and so as to do, a serious negotiation has been started by two sides.


Today, Iraqi Kurds not only in Iraq era, but also in the region, especially about Syria, are the key actor to solve the problems. So by put these abilities into operation, not only some Iraqi problems can be solved, but also to help solution of Syrian crisis reasonably.

Western and Arab states correctly found that how much effective the Kurds are in regional changing and therefore they have highly attempted so that Iraqi Kurd not have any relations with I.R.Iran. But these attempts have been defeated for two reasons.       


Firstly, as mentioned above, like their leaders, many of Iraqi Kurds grew up in Iran and so they engaged themselves to preserve national Iranian Interests.


Secondly, Iraqi Kurd leaders have experienced relations with I.R.Iran as long as Islamic Republic lifetime. They have seen Iranian accompanying by them in difficulties and burdensome and, they have truly known that constitution law of Iraq which recognize federalism for Kurds is for Shia and Kurds coalition in Iraq that provided by Iran helps.


As mentioned before, Iraqi Kurds have never sacrificed its strategic relations Iran to its relations with other Middle Eastern countries.


Then Barzani attending in Tehran should be consider as an omen of good future, especially regional crises are broadened day by day and people get involved and victimized by them.

The Rohani’s cabinet could make excellently use of this potential and employ it to establish peace and reconciliation in the region.


Particularly, in discussion with high-rank officials of Iran, Iraqi Kurd leader friendly welcomed Iranians political epic and stated it formally and informally.


New cabinet could take Kurds card into account of regional interactions. They are important keys that have not being seen in Iran, but it seems new cabinet trust in current potential by inviting Barzani to Iran. Undoubtedly that Iraqi Kurds leader can properly respond to this trust; especially regional people need men who are peace-seeker and believe in a real negotiation.








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