Visit by Bosnia & Herzegovina minister paves way for strong relations








Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq ( – Minister Falah Mustafa, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, welcomed today the Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry,Erdal Trhulj and an accompanying delegation. The meeting was also attended by Siham Jabali, the Assistant Head of the DFR.

Polish delegation in town for Project Iraq visit the DFR





Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq ( – A Polish delegation headed by the Director of the Department of Economy from the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, Beata Joanna Łozińska, met yesterday with the Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, to discuss ways of furthering bilateral relations between Kurdistan and Poland. The meeting was also attended by the Polish Consul to Kurdistan Region, Mr Roman Jerzy Chalaczkiewicz and representatives from a number of Polish companies.

French Ambassador visits the Department of Foreign Relations





Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – As part of his visit to the Kurdistan Region, the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Denis Gauer, along with the French Consul General, Mr Alain Guépratte and an accompanying delegation, visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to meet with the Head of the Department, Minister Falah Mustafa to discuss political developments as well as ways to enhance relations between Kurdistan and France.

Kurdistan emerging as influential player regionally and internationally




Cambridge, UK - ( - Kurdistan Regional Government officials told a conference at the University of Cambridge of Kurdistan's emerging role as an influential player in Iraq and the Middle East and about its political and economic rise over the past decade.

Jalal Talabani’s death report denied

A recent report of the death of the Iraqi Kurdish President Jalal Talabani was denied. 

Nazem Dabbaghm the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran




In base of political ad geographical maps of the Middle East, there are long border line among Iran Iraq, Turkey and Syria that Kurdistan Region is these countries neighbor in each side. Clearly, during the times there have been ethnical and cultural widespread linkages among region nations. Kurds have acted, in all aspect, together them in disastrous and or in ordinary situations or times.

 Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Region Government in Iran, told that: new agreement subscribed between I.R.Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government remove some parts of boundary difficulties for progress and development of business affair between two sides and takes the ground for receiving new goals.

Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahman Mahmood clarifies some aspects of current parliamentary election in Kurdistan Regional Government

Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad Mahmood is the PhD candidate of Tehran University in International Relations Major and assistant director of the representative Kurdistan Region in Iran. He is interested in develop the relations between Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government. Iran Newspaper currently interviewing him about parliament election of Kurdistan Region presented in September 30. Some parts of that interview is following. 

(Discussion with Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, by International Peace Studies Center (IPSC




IPSC: Having close cultural and language relations with Turkey, Iraqi Turks or Turkish Iraqis have resided in north of the country. Turkmans are the third ethnics in Iraq after Arabs and Kurds. Land of Turkmans’ geography prolongs Hakari and Sirt borderlines. Tale’afer city is the northern land where Turkmans live. In Kurdistan Region, together with Kurds, live other minorities such as Ashuri, Kaldani and Armani (eds) and Turkmans that could achieve some part of minorities’ 11 seat in the Parliament at recent election. To review of role of Turkmans in Iraq we interviewed with Mr. Nazm Dabbagh, The representative of Iraqi Kurds in Iran. 

The representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran in an interview with Kurdpress: Lack of Protection for Collapsing of Assad Regime was the cause of terrorist attack to Erbil


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