Wednesday, 01 July 2015 04:30

Mohammad Seddigh Ahmed (Jegarkhwein) the deputy-representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Tehran, on the occasion of Fuad Masum’s first travel as the president of Iraq to Tehran, gave a note to Taadol Press as followed:

During recent years, Iran and Iraq as two important neighbor countries in the Middle East have had broadly progressing relations. Meanwhile this travel had more positive outcomes so that Masum’s travel can be considered according to this. The importance of mutual relations and political meetings, concerning the general view of regional crises and the increase of tension in the Middle East have turned out to be more than ever. During last year the emergence of new version radical-terrorist group, ISIS, has caused Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan Region’s relations entered a new stage and period which leads to collaborate and cooperate more broadly and effectively as compared to before. Indeed it must be insisted that since the new government has gained the authority and Maliki, whose mismanagement caused Iraq more critical and ISIS more powerful, has resigned, the balanced and cooperative approach with Iran has been clear more than ever.

Ultimately Ahmed, after having mentioned economic, security, culture and political issues, summed up his discussion in a way that the progress of relations between Tehran, Baghdad and Erbil can be deemed more positive and closer than before if all three sides support the current political trend in Iraq according to the correct understanding of facts and present conditions as well as insist on democratic standards and norms to solve and transit these critical and special situations on the basis of establishment of peace and security in the region and save of the regional nations from the threat of greatly and destructively tribal wars and unlimited violent and homelessness of millions people.



Saturday, 08 November 2014 10:30

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, ( — The President of the Federal Republic of Iraq, Dr. Fuad Masum, received on Thursday Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, at his residence in Erbil.

They exchanged views regarding all the political and military issues of the country. The discussion particularly focused on the war against ISIS terrorist organisation in Iraq and the region and the importance of the international military and humanitarian support to Iraq. They also stressed the need for national reconciliation among all the parties, relying on the terms of the constitution and previous agreements.

The relations between Kurdistan Region and Iraq's federal government and the necessity of resolving the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil according to the constitution, that could serve the interests of all the Iraqi people, were also discussed in the meeting.

Sunday, 17 August 2014 04:30

Neda Nazari: Iraq, which these days are engaged in Terrorist ISIS, has gone past difficult days to form a powerful government, however; to state the head of both important unit of presidency and parliament in recent days has caused encouragements concerning possible political agreement and reconciliation for Iraqi groups in near future. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran made an analysis of recent political events in a short talk.

About the effects of Fuad Ma’sum to be selected as the president of Iraq he said that his being selected as the president of Iraq is an introduction to agreement and political reconciliation of Iraq and suggests the country is slowly going toward political peace, for as we observed recent weeks in the first meeting of parliament Salim Aljaburi from Sunni coalition occupied the position of parliament chairmanship and in second meeting the presidency position got specified and Fuad Masum from Patriotic Union Party was selected for this position with a majority of the parliament votes. If Iraq PM get to be selected by all political groups’ agreement the perspective of the political future of Iraq will be clear. In a response to question he said Kurds and Fuad Ma’sum have always been following the constitution of the country and tended to consolidate Iraq. However all Kurd parties’ participation in all elections held in Iraq indicates this obedience. In addition Kurds insist on to carry out all parts of the constitution of Iraq, in some cases it is not completely conducted though.

About the position of Prime Ministry he added to change the personifications and political persons does not matter as much as groups’ and moves’ thoughts. If groups are obedient to the constitution by changing their thoughts all difficulties with which Iraq has confronted will be diminished; therefore thoughts will remain the same the prospect of the country will still be ambiguity in spite of changing the personifications. In recent years there have been problems in Iraq causing not only Kurds but also Shia and Sunni to be away from the government. The new future government of Iraq will have to be able to establish peace and reconciliation among parties and groups of Iraq and manage the country with all groups' participation.                     







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