Monday, 02 May 2016 04:30

According to Mehr News Agency, Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government, conversing with Avineh Press posed important points around the relations between Iran and Region as followed:

The reporter of Avineh Press pointing Mr. Dabbagh‘s recent visit with Barezani asked him about what message he was bearing for Kurdsitan Region from Iran, not directly indicating the content of the message he replied: that Region representative visited the president of the Region in Tehran was enough to be a message. Stating the positions of Iran concerning the insist on Kurdish parties’ unity and interrelation of Iran and the Region’s security, in the response to another question relating Kurdistan Region presidency said: Iran has insisted on that this is a domestic concern, while has on the consolidation of Iraq and Iraq Federal Law officially recognizing Kurds’ rights.

Dabbagh denied any relations and supports of Iran from Islamic Society of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and P.K.K and knew it untrue. He made it clear: unfortunately the concern is us ourselves, who aren't able to get united and extend it to other countries. About the matter of Kurdistan Region presidency he stated: Iran is neither of sides, in all meetings Iran insisted on the unity among Kurds. He went on: Iran, at the highest political levels, already tried to intercede with Kurds. He Said: General Soleimani’s trip to Kurdistan has taken for this.

In a response to a question relating reduction of Iran and Kurdistan Democrat Party’s relations levels Dabbagh said: let me state more clearly that Kurdistan Democratic Party has not distanced from Iran, so that would want to approach again. As far as I know it has a good relation with Iran.


The reporter asked Dabbagh about Iran’s position concerning Kurdistan Region’s tendency toward Sunni Block of the region and he answered: I am sure that Iran likes the Region to remain as the same as Federal Region in the frame of Iraq and likes the region to be the president of Iraq. This itself proves that Iran is not interested in that the Region tends to other directs in region. He kept on: Kurds should be much aware no to be digested in Sunni policy of region, it is obvious that if so, Iran will not react well. In the response to the last question around Kurdistan Region and Iran’s relations in the field of oil, Dabbagh said: Iran has already stated to support oil and gas relations of Kurdistan Region and prepared to export oil through Persian Gulf to the world, presently there is a delegation of Energy Ministry of the Region in Tehran to make this more practical. 

Sunday, 01 May 2016 09:00

Somayyeh Khomarbaghi, the reporter of Mehr News Agency, in talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran relating to the elections of the presidency of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the discussion of federalism in Iraq asked some questions of which the most important responses of Mr. Dabbagh followed:


In a response to the first question real to the presidency of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Mr. Dabbagh said: as of a yet it has not arrived at a conclusion, and it is obvious that it is a complicate concern. This requires an agreement, and now that the war ISIS and economic crisis and lack of political stability in Iraq affect the problems to be treated, it seems to be difficult. Concerning with the relations between Democrat party of Kurdistan and Iran, the representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran said: in general the relations between Iran and Democrat Party of Iraqi Kurdistan is completely normal and ongoing and if opinions exchange needed, this will happen through special communication channels. He continued: if according the constitution of Iraq they do not recognize other rights officially, Iraq absolutely will be led to an unobvious future and rapture. In these current conditions it is felt that there are some who are trying to interrupt the lines of nation and political forces. He mentioned the role of federalism to keep Iraq united and believed: federalism is the cause of Iraq unity.

Friday, 20 November 2015 03:30

Mehr News Agency carried out a written interview with the president of Iraq, Fouad Ma’soum of which outlines follow:

In the response to the first question relating to the cooperation between Iran and Iraq, regarding their competition in OPEC, Fouad Ma’soum said: the relations between Iran and Iraq has during past years gone past convergence and reached a common action which is the founder of strong relations accordance with constructive agreement and cooperation between two countries. He added: oil policy of Iran and Iraq as two members of OPEC has to be obedient of taken decisions according to this organization. Iraq tries the unity of members of OPEC and agreement as the main discipline in the organization operation.


Fouad Ma’soum, in a response to a question about Iraqi government’s look toward security arrangement and the role of transregional countries like America and England in this arrangement, said: the policy of Iraq is accordance with peaceful coexistence and its priority is security and healthy in a convergent regional environment in order to improve and peace. All the regional countries have the right to create their international strategic relations with whether America, England, European countries, Russia or China according to what they wish to. However what is important for us as neighboring countries desiring to meet coexistence principle is not to enter those coalitions which tend to balkanize the region and no to use the our strategic relations with great countries in the field of offending and causing insecurity among neighboring countries in the region.


Pointing the existence of intelligence center in Baghdad shared with Iran, Russia, Syria and Iraq, Mehr News Agency, relating to develop these cooperation and possibility for Iraq to demand Moscow in order to raise airstrikes from Syria to Iraq, asked Fouad Ma-soum. He replied that there is the possibility to cooperate with these countries. We are totally prepared to constructively cooperate to destroy terrorism getting a universal threat that we all are suffering; this treat is not limited just to a country or region. Humanity responsibility makes such cooperation occurs. Intelligence cooperation and synchronization among given countries have occurred and are ongoing and this is vital. But I do not believe that in present conditions Baghdad like Syria will ask Russia to attack ISIS in Iraq.


Concerning balancing policy in foreign policy of Iraq, among countries supporting terrorism and its opponents, Ma’soum said: this principle is true and we follow it. Many countries gradually understand the effect of this has opted by Iraq even at different times. Our relations with Saudi Arabia are developing but slowly. To slowly develop is better than nothing. Saudi Arabia has offered a $ 500 million help to Iraq; we came to an agreement to develop bilateral relations in our recent trip to Riyadh when visiting the Saudi king. In addition there has been a proper space to exchange information about terrorists’ movements between interior secretaries of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


About balkanization of Iraq, cited by some America like Joe Biden, the president said: this is untrue and unreal. Never have such issue put in any meeting, conference or negotiations. We have not heard such talking from any sides; they are just media uproar. Furthermore relating to National Guard of Iraq and its effect on the army Ma’soum was asked and he replied: it was put accordance with the agreement among political fractions as current government got formed and it related general commander of armed forces of Iraq so called the P.M. the job of national guard of Iraq covers all over the country, not special regions. He also, about the role of public forces of Iraq fighting against Takfirists, said: volunteer public forces have been organized to fight ISIS in Iraq and as it is known this occurred by Ayatollah Sistani’s judgment after ISIS’s sudden attack to Iraq and Mosul’s fall. The purpose of formation of these forces was to defend Baghdad and other cities of Iraq; therefore public forces along with armed forces, Peshmerga and volunteers have patriotic mission to fight ISIS in the direction of defending Iraq and freeing tons and countries occupied. It is not possible to discard public forces for fighting ISIS since they are carrying out a national role they have been assigned.  




Tuesday, 03 November 2015 07:00

Based on the report of Mehr News Agency, as the representative of KRG of Iran visiting Mehr News Agency, Ali Asgari on Monday noon stated: Mehr News Agency tries cultural attitude, this is why that it is a priority in Kurdish Language Service. He added: sine inaugurating Mehr has sustained its cultural approach, and in this direction while trying for more intimacy and unity Kurdish language is endeavoring that cultural concern is supposed to be a priority by this attitude.

Mentioning that the relations between Iran and regional counties have to be strengthened, the Chief Executive Officer of Mehr News Agency added: one of our priorities in Kurdish language is to try to achieve this goals and that is why we are making attempts to move in this direct. He deemed producing news in Kurdish language a high sensitivity and said: we are following these sensitivities and trying to provide more intimacy and cooperation in the region. The managing director finally asked the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran to have a nice cooperation with this media and lay the ground to support Kurdish language of Mehr News Agency.


As expressing his happiness for inaugurating Kurdish Language Service of Mehr News Agency, the representative of KRG also said: it is expected that Mehr News Agency can sincerely try in this new direction.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 03:30

The representative of Kurdistan Region in the talk with Mehr news Agency began to describe the message of the travel of the chairman of the Parliament of Iran and analyzed the details of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and the last position of Kubani.

In a response to a question Nazem Dabbagh said that Larijani’s travel at this time included that I.R. of Iran always had an active presence in any conditions especially when danger threats the people of the Region. This travel insisted this point that Iraq is a country composed of Arabs and Kurds and this does not matter to Iran, thus Larijani traveled both to Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

About the relations of KRG of Iraq with Turkey following the recent changes Dabbagh said: the geographical fact of Kurdistan region of Iraq requires that Erbil have relations with all the neighboring countries. One of those countries is Turkey whose relations have to be according to the preserve of bilateral interests and to constitute of the policy of KRG and Central Government of Baghdad. Inasmuch as there is a policy which is against the interests of the whole Iraq and KRG it will be failed.

The representative of KRG of Iraq in a response to another question concerning the recent Baghdad-Erbil agreement said this agreement is being considered positive and it was the primary and we hope it will be performed in the future. According to this agreement the KRG of Iraq export 300 thousands oil barrel from Kirkuk and 250 thousands from other parts of the Region every day. Instead 17% of the following year of Iraq is assigned to Kurdistan. In addition Iraq government has devoted $1 billion dollars for Pishmerga forces. This is the first time that the expenditure of Pishmerga forces is formally undertaken by Iraq government.

Furthermore about the position of Kubani he said before we were afraid of Kubani to fall but now the security position of the town is getting better day by day and recently the municipal of Kubani has got released from ISIS’s occupation. Now, 85% of Kubani is under the control of Pishmerga. Concerning the position of Shingal in Iraq I should say that in this region we witness the daily fighting between Pishmerga forces and ISIS. Resistance is continuing and we are hoping this region get purified from terrorists of ISIS fully.

Sunday, 17 August 2014 09:00

The representative of Kurdistan regional Government (KRG) of Iraq in Tehran in talk with Mehr News Agency considered the establishment of a pervasive and participatory government as the only way of avoiding Iraq being separated. About current security condition in Iraq followed by the occupation of a part of the country by ISIS, Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with Mr. Dabbagh whose main lines as followed:

In a response to a question concerning claiming that Maliki’s government pause to do the article 140 of the constitution and holding referendum to find a solution for KRG’s problems and central government he said: article 140 of the constitution of Iraq include 3 provisos whose third one says the referendum about the regions under debate of Kurds and the government; after Saddam’s fall, three governments have been established during which none of them has performed the article 140. Unfortunately the effects of such actions cause ISIS and terrorists groups appear in Iraq. Presently one third of Iraq land is taken control by ISIS. Unluckily today the distance between the region and KRG along the border which is under debate is nearly 1050km whose 1010km is under the control of ISIS and Pishmergas opposite; just 30 or 40km is occupied Iraq Army, ISIS and Pishmergas which some time land commuting is impossible because of fighting.

Dabbagh said: if the central government of Baghdad put past mistakes away and follows the constitution, additionally an inclusive and participatory government in which there is a real participation get to be established I think the problem of Kurds independence will be solved. Indeed former governments and their thoughts have caused these current situations. If the government do not change its thoughts Iraq will be separated into three regions. He also said Masoud Barzani has granted the independence of Kurds to Kurdistan Parliament and it is not clear yet that when it will make decision about it. He added that the most important desires of Kurds from new government is to establish a pervasive and participatory government, having new person and thought and following the constitution. In a response to a question concerning Patriotic Union opposition with separation he said that Patriotic Union is not out of Kurds coalition and make any decisions according to the law.

About Turkey position for Kurds independence Dabbagh said in my opinion Turkey’s, Iran’s and Iraq’s positions about Kurds are same, namely, these countries are against Kurds’ independence and want them to unify with central government of Iraq. In general when they want such thing they also desire to settle the debates of KRG and central government of Iraq.             







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