Monday, 02 May 2016 04:30

According to Mehr News Agency, Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government, conversing with Avineh Press posed important points around the relations between Iran and Region as followed:

The reporter of Avineh Press pointing Mr. Dabbagh‘s recent visit with Barezani asked him about what message he was bearing for Kurdsitan Region from Iran, not directly indicating the content of the message he replied: that Region representative visited the president of the Region in Tehran was enough to be a message. Stating the positions of Iran concerning the insist on Kurdish parties’ unity and interrelation of Iran and the Region’s security, in the response to another question relating Kurdistan Region presidency said: Iran has insisted on that this is a domestic concern, while has on the consolidation of Iraq and Iraq Federal Law officially recognizing Kurds’ rights.

Dabbagh denied any relations and supports of Iran from Islamic Society of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and P.K.K and knew it untrue. He made it clear: unfortunately the concern is us ourselves, who aren't able to get united and extend it to other countries. About the matter of Kurdistan Region presidency he stated: Iran is neither of sides, in all meetings Iran insisted on the unity among Kurds. He went on: Iran, at the highest political levels, already tried to intercede with Kurds. He Said: General Soleimani’s trip to Kurdistan has taken for this.

In a response to a question relating reduction of Iran and Kurdistan Democrat Party’s relations levels Dabbagh said: let me state more clearly that Kurdistan Democratic Party has not distanced from Iran, so that would want to approach again. As far as I know it has a good relation with Iran.


The reporter asked Dabbagh about Iran’s position concerning Kurdistan Region’s tendency toward Sunni Block of the region and he answered: I am sure that Iran likes the Region to remain as the same as Federal Region in the frame of Iraq and likes the region to be the president of Iraq. This itself proves that Iran is not interested in that the Region tends to other directs in region. He kept on: Kurds should be much aware no to be digested in Sunni policy of region, it is obvious that if so, Iran will not react well. In the response to the last question around Kurdistan Region and Iran’s relations in the field of oil, Dabbagh said: Iran has already stated to support oil and gas relations of Kurdistan Region and prepared to export oil through Persian Gulf to the world, presently there is a delegation of Energy Ministry of the Region in Tehran to make this more practical. 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015 10:30

The reporter of Tasnim News Agency carried out a detailed talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran of which the outlines follow:

In a response to the first question relating to the concerns of Iraq and the Region was considered by Nazem Dabbagh financial crises resulting from the fall of oil price to $40, pursuing party interests rather than national ones by some political groups, ISIS and the loss of Mr. Jalal Talibani. He specified: in the past, there was coordinate between Mr. Talibani and Barzani, at that time there were more availability and possibility to solve the problems, whereas now this condition has destroyed.

In a response to another question concerning with conflicts in Kurdistan Region and attacking to Parties Offices he replied: no conflicts occurred between Kurdistan Patriotic Union and Democrat Party, Neither will in the future, in my view. However the differences as before, after the change movement or Guran and the demonstrations of other political groups some problems happened. The root of these differences was considered by Dabbagh upon the constitution of the Region, the presidency of the region and the opposition of Democrat Party with the return of the chairman of the Regional Parliament to Erbil.

The representative of KRG relating to differences with Central Government of Iraq said that these differences have still been ongoing. He said: as of yet the KRG has many times heralded his readiness to negotiate with Baghdad, and It was expected on the behalf of Baghdad a time would have been determined. Baghdad put a prerequisite that KRG turned it down and will. He considered the loss of Mr. Jalal Talibani effects in not solving the disputes.

In his view the matter of Kurdistan Region’s oil selling is both legal and illegal. It is permitted according to the constitution that every three provinces or more can form a region which is under Central Government. Every region is just allowed to sign oil contract, then to market and finally sell. But we are agreed that the outcome of Iraq belongs to all Iraqis. The regions which are abundant of oil are southern and northern parts of Iraq. However the hesitation of Central Government occurs and we do not wait its permission. Dabbagh continued that managing oil outcomes of the Region caused improvement and development. Dabbagh said the region does not offer its oil outcome to Central Government and it is for Central Government’s dogmatism.

In the response to this question that if Turkey’s entrance to Mosul was followed by Kurds and Barzani’s support, Dabbgh Said: about this I should say the presence of Turkey in the Region of Kuedistan is not true, but it is according to the agreement of 1983 signed between Iraq and Turkey accordance with which Turkey can enter Iraq and Iraq can (to fight Turkey’s Kurds). Since Turkey entered Iraq’s land it has still remained. The regions of the regions around Mosul in which it has already entered are separated. Dabbagh said some Sunni personifications like Iraq Defend Ministry (who is Sunni) has gone to Baeishghe visited there and Asil Al-Najifi the dismissed tetrarch has come to an agreement with Turkey that Turkish forces trains Sunni Hashad Al-Shabi of Iraq.

In a response to another question about the position of the KRG concerning with the presence of Turkish forces in the north of Iraq Dabbagh said: the government of the Kurdistan Region agrees with of Turkey and Iraq agreement, we do not oppose with Iraq Government’s actions, to defend itself with power, Baghdad can go to complain through international societies such as United Nations and security council. I just said that Turkish Army passed through our region. But in the response to the question relating to effects of the presence of Turkish forces in the north of Iraq Dabbaggh said: the position of KRG is that the entrance of Turkish Army without Iraq government’s permission is the violence of Iraq sovereignty. Dabbagh added: I say that it was not without Iraqi’s aware. In the region of Kurdistan there was necessary coordination some time (between Erbil and Baghad) and the problems and differences were a few at that time, but today there has been loss which requires someone like Mr. Talibani.

Relating to if Turkish forces’ entrance has strengthened this theory (Iraq’s disintegration), Dabbagh expressed his opinion: My own analysis is that United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are seeking for this project (to found Sunni Region and Iraq disintegration). I strongly believe that Turkey’s attempts are accordance with founding Sunni Region in Iraq and Ottoman Empire heredity. He added that: we support the idea of founding regions in Iraq, Kurdistan Region of Iraq was passed in the constitution, there is the possibility of several regions to exist in the constitution and under the Central Government. To found Sunni government in Iraq is not more than a dream.

Dabbagh said Kurdistan Region give the freed regions not belonged to the Region back to Central Government. But he said Kirkuk belongs to the Kurdistan Region. In his view Kirkuk has not historically had Shia, its Sunnis are former personnel of Ottoman government which were supposed to leave there according to the article 140 of the constitution.

Dabbagh continued to say that for Kurds to take part in freeing Mosul some requests have been put by America and we accepted that with some conditions. If the Central government asks us the same, we will accept this with some conditions. These conditions are Central government’s help to Pishmerga, to supply weapons, to train, rights and equipments. In a response to a question Dabbagh stated that Region has not been paid its 17% of the budget. If the Region itself began to not sell its oil we could not have fought against ISIS.


The reporter of Tasnim asked Dabbagh’s opinion about anti-terrorism coalition which Saudi Arabia has formed and he replied: in my opinion we should wait, it is still soon to enter some matters . . . he added: in general I feel that there will be a kind of Warsaw coordination. In my opinion China, Russia and Iran may be the founder of a new treaty like Warsaw. About the reactions of this coalition about Iran Dabbagh said: whatever this is, there is opposition and enmity to Iran, but I said in a meeting that the depth of Iran’s strategic is in Iraq. In general Iran has changed to a power. Iran’s power has caused America and the west to withdraw. 5+1 agreement with Iran has caused conditions that cannot be neglected, however the Middle East regions and Arabian countries of Persian Gulf do not accept it.       





Friday, 04 December 2015 07:00

Concerning some put issues about Iraq, Somayye Khammarbaghi from International Group of Mehr News Agency carried out an interview with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran of which the outlines as follow:

Relating to the victory of Justice and Development Party in recent parliament elections and formation of one-side government and its effect on Iraq and turkey relations Dabbagh said: Iraq and Turkey cooperation will get more in political, economic and security fields as will with Kurdistan Region. The foreign Minister of Turkey came to Erbil visiting the Regional authorities and insisting on developing relation. In addition about the place of Iraq balkanization in America’s general policy and its goal he said: this is not serious and before Saddam’s fall it had been put that Iraq would have been Balkanized in three regions, Kurdish, Sunni and Shia. In his view the positions of some Americans relating to balkanization of Iraq has been put due to its special condition of the Region. Dabbagh said: if Iraq was divided into three regions the Region would be strong. But it is unlikely such thing happens. In his view regional countries disagree about the balkanization of Iraq to confront Shia crescent not to be formed.

Dabbagh was asked that how Iraq forms foreign policy based on the balance with other countries supporting terrorism like Saudi Arabia in one side and Iran in other side. He replied: to make balance in Iraq foreign relations in current conditions is a difficult task. He added: unfortunately some politicians on stage prefer their personal interests and sides to national; if not so, many present problems would not exist. Thus in such conditions making balance in relations with the regional countries is difficult.

Relating to forming National Guard of Iraq, Mehr reporter asked Dabbagh what he thought and he answered: its results is bilateral, namely, positive and negative. He believes looking at the quality of Iraq army, it is realized better that to form this is undeniable. He continued to say: I personally think that to form National Guard in Iraq is the factor of difference and so unity not to be formed.

Relating to form an informational center with Iran’s, Syria’s, Iraq’s and Russia’s help in Baghdad and the possibility to develop airstrikes of Russia against ISIS in Iraq, Dabbagh tooke this position: I say we can take use Russia to confront with terrorist groups, but how about next? America’s policy is that they are not following to strongly fight ISIS and desire a restricted confrontation with this group but Russia want definitely to vanish ISIS, so there will be a different interests. Maybe Russia and America reach a common point and if so, it is probable to somewhat negotiate about the future of regional interests. In my point of view one of Russia’s interests is to return power scene since America has been great power in the region before.      




Friday, 07 August 2015 04:30

Concerning the recent changes in Iraq ISIS’s strike to Al-Ramadi of Iraq in especial, Rouzan Press had an interview with Nazem Dabbagh of which the important outline as follow:

Relating to the reason why ISIS’s news is less being heard in Kurdistan Region of Iraq these days asked Rouzan Press. He replied that ISIS has found that through courageous resistance of Kurds in Iraq and Syria that taking Kurdish towns are unlikely; thus he has started to focus on two Sunni ones, especially in two fronts of Ramadi and Syria. While terrorists have attack the villages bordered with Kurdistan Region daily, continuously looking for an opportunity to penetrate our Region. He went on that presently there has been a complete coordinate in different points of Kurdistan to confront with ISIS’s strikes or penetration, since it is essential not discard their threats at any conditions. Experience has proved that ISIS does take advantage of any chances, particularly in special conditions like climate changes even haze to attack. The reporter of Rouzan Press mentioned the being killed of a Iranian kurd called Amir Ghobadi in Kubane and asked Dabbagh what other nations accompany you, he replied: there is no absolute information for this, but youths from Swede, America, Netherland and other countries have arrived in Kurdistan and along with us fight against ISIS.     



Sunday, 19 July 2015 04:30

Diplomacy Irani: the Congress of America has recently passed the draft of the project of arming Pishmerga and Sunni group of Iraq which has created a big fuss. According to this project American government establish a direct connection with Kurds and Iraqi tribes and arm them. The Prime Minister of Iraq has insisted on opposing the project of America Congress arming directly Pishmerga and Sunni tribes. Concerning this we had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region in Tehran of which the main points as followed:

In Dabbagh’s point of view this project is being considered through both Kurdish and legal aspects. Firstly, if central government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution in order to support Pishmerga to confront ISIS, there will be no need for such project from America. Secondly, in that project the Congress has made some conditions to deliver military aids to KRG including that these aids will be delivered by central government of Iraq, then if central government or Sunni groups do not help Pishmerga to confront ISIS, the military aids will be delivered directly. However in this project it has insisted that delivering the military aids to KRG do not need be effective on the concern of separating Iraq. Concerning the negative reaction of the central government of Iraq to this project Dabbagh said: it seems Iraqi government has been involved in suspicion. If not so, the pass of such project in congress would not have encountered their reaction. All of us even America are in the same position of fighting ISIS. If Iraq government trusted KRG, it instead of a negative reaction would have to declare that we were all Iraqi and united and Pishmerga was a part of defensive forces of Iraq. Thus, Dabbagh’s estimating is that this action of America for directly arming Kurdistan and Sunni tribes of Iraq is to strengthen his effect and presence in the region. Relating the effect of America’s action on the military cooperation of Iran and USA to fight against ISIS Dabbagh said: it seems that after Iran and USA’s closeness in nuclear case, the conditions have happened in a way that the closeness of Tehran-Washington gets more. Of course, the being conditioned of the Congress’s project should be considered specially, and if the government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need for direct aid of America to Pishmerga.                



Sunday, 01 March 2015 03:30

Shafaghna- Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran frankly knows Nuri Maliki the present main problem of Iraq and believes that if today Mr. Maliki goes, tomorrow Shia, Kurds and Sunni will be unified in Iraq. Although severely criticizing Maliki for not being obedient to the mutual agreements with Kurds, he knows holding referendum a typical work and Kurds’ right while emphasizing that Kurds want no separation, but prefer a confederation government. He mentioned the Kurds’ cases under dispute with Iraq government of which one is the limits of the Region of Iraq already agreed according to the article 140 of the constitutes of Iraq, another is the case of oil that the region thinks it has not completely assigned to it.

He said that Maliki government formed Iraq army with exorbitant costs but employed Ba’ath officers. He added we told him again and again not to do it but he underestimated it. We observed these officers helped ISIS in their recent attacks and betrayed the army. He rejected the claim saying that Kurds helped ISIS in the attack to Sunni areas of Iraq specially Mosul. Dabbagh went on that for ISIS attack and its occupation of a great part of the country, nowadays Iraq is divided into three sessions of Kurds, Shia and Sunni so that the commuting path from the region to Shia areas turns to footpath. Also Shia of Iraq is insisting on to find a solution to the crisis of the country and believes if Mr. Nuri Maliki goes, the agreements among Iraq tribes will be reformed. 

Shafaghna reporter in talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran put the reason of being powerful of ISIS in Iraq and the operation of KRG and Masoud Barzani’s recent phrases concerning the articale140 of the constitutes and Kurdistan region under discussion.


Friday, 02 January 2015 07:00

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran mentioning the conditions of Iraq said of ISIS to stay in this country. According to the report of Dana News Agency Strategic Group (Dana News) the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in the response to question that why as new government if Iraq has been formed, no special move has not been made to react ISIS said: the concern of ISIS is not just for today, but it has a root in the past. The appearance of ISIS is a result and till the causes occur ISIS will remain. It is not just Shia or Kurds to be able to fight against ISIS. Now in Iraq, in practice, there has been tribal struggling. This group will be vanished only if the Sunnites of Iraq has a serious participation in it.

About Haydar Al-Ebadi’s government he said: something important that has happened is the outstanding presence of Sunni beside Shia and Kurds in his government and the condition of Sunni has got better. But notice that this participation is the first step and the presence of them in the Army is the next. About the future of ISIS he said: in my opinion ISIS will not be vanished soon as it may get smaller.    


Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:30

Following Mohammad javad Zarif’s travel to Kurdistan region of Iraq Diplomacy Irani had an interview with Dr. Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran of which main points as followed:


Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad believes both sides have special place in their own foreign policy for each other and the foreign minister’s travel to the region at this time denotes Iran’s nation’s support from Iraq’s and Kurdistan’s people. KRG of Iraq has turn out to be the most important confrontation center with ISIS and Pishmerga forces more than any other groups have fought them. Thus to support Kurdistan’s people and military forces against this increasingly international threat is so much important to the neighboring country and I.R. of Iran as a regional power was the first country which in this direction gave precious help to KR.


About the outcomes of this travel he said I as an international researcher believe that despite of this suppress Kurds are a fact in the region. Nowadays Kurds concern is no longer an interior matter of Iraq but a regional and international. Iran is known as the origin of foreign Kurds. In spite of respecting the national benefits and the principle of foreign policy of Iran I have to say that Iran has not taken any advantages of this in spite of all these powers and effective equipment.  


Thus Dr. Zarif’s travel to Iraq at this time represents the relation of both sides as sturdy and inseparable. Definitely Kurds know Iran as their motherland wherever they are and appreciate the relation to be developed. Dr. Ahmad believes that KRG sees Shia as a strategic ally, nevertheless the occurred differences are between the Region and Iraq governments but the Shia. In the direction of solving these problems, I.R. of Iran regarding having ties with both sides can play a prominent role to converge them. Thus the important point about this is concerning establishing balance on the relations with Shia, Kurds and Sunni of Iraq in foreign policy of Tehran in Iraq.


In a response to last question, Dr. Ahmad believes that the matter of Kurdistan independency from Iraq is in the field of the right of self-determination. The policies of KRG also are according to keep peace and stability in the KRG and region. Our collaboration with Tehran is not limited to a period of time. So the short-time crises cannot create basic changes in our policy.            






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