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Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran while stating that the consulting between Oil Ministry’s advisor of Iran and the authorities of KRG is supposed to be continued informed Rostam ghasemi’s trip to Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Reported by the reporter of international group of Ana News Agency, Nazem Dabbagh, pointing Tehran’s and Erbil’s tendency to establish relations in the field of oil and gas, reported announced that Rostam Ghassemi on the behalf of Iran has been selected to carry out the negotiation of signing a contact relating to gas export. Talking with Ana News Agency he said the reporter: Rostam Ghasemi the advisor of oil ministry of Iran is supposed to travel to Kurdistan Region to consult how to exchange gas between two sides and signing some contracts. Dabbagh pointed: this trip is taken to continue the negotiations between Kurdistan Region and I.R. of Iran to develop economic relation and Ghasemi is visiting and talking to the prime minister of KRG as staying in Erbil.

In a response to a question that any contracts have signed between Iran and Kurdistan Region, He said: no contract has been signed as of a yet, but the professional meeting is ongoing so that it can be expected that a contract get signed.      







Friday, 04 Dec 2015

Concerning some put issues about Iraq, Somayye Khammarbaghi from International Group of Mehr News Agency carried out an interview with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran of which the outlines as follow:

Relating to the victory of Justice and Development Party in recent parliament elections and formation of one-side government and its effect on Iraq and turkey relations Dabbagh said: Iraq and Turkey cooperation will get more in political, economic and security fields as will with Kurdistan Region. The foreign Minister of Turkey came to Erbil visiting the Regional authorities and insisting on developing relation. In addition about the place of Iraq balkanization in America’s general policy and its goal he said: this is not serious and before Saddam’s fall it had been put that Iraq would have been Balkanized in three regions, Kurdish, Sunni and Shia. In his view the positions of some Americans relating to balkanization of Iraq has been put due to its special condition of the Region. Dabbagh said: if Iraq was divided into three regions the Region would be strong. But it is unlikely such thing happens. In his view regional countries disagree about the balkanization of Iraq to confront Shia crescent not to be formed.

Dabbagh was asked that how Iraq forms foreign policy based on the balance with other countries supporting terrorism like Saudi Arabia in one side and Iran in other side. He replied: to make balance in Iraq foreign relations in current conditions is a difficult task. He added: unfortunately some politicians on stage prefer their personal interests and sides to national; if not so, many present problems would not exist. Thus in such conditions making balance in relations with the regional countries is difficult.

Relating to forming National Guard of Iraq, Mehr reporter asked Dabbagh what he thought and he answered: its results is bilateral, namely, positive and negative. He believes looking at the quality of Iraq army, it is realized better that to form this is undeniable. He continued to say: I personally think that to form National Guard in Iraq is the factor of difference and so unity not to be formed.

Relating to form an informational center with Iran’s, Syria’s, Iraq’s and Russia’s help in Baghdad and the possibility to develop airstrikes of Russia against ISIS in Iraq, Dabbagh tooke this position: I say we can take use Russia to confront with terrorist groups, but how about next? America’s policy is that they are not following to strongly fight ISIS and desire a restricted confrontation with this group but Russia want definitely to vanish ISIS, so there will be a different interests. Maybe Russia and America reach a common point and if so, it is probable to somewhat negotiate about the future of regional interests. In my point of view one of Russia’s interests is to return power scene since America has been great power in the region before.      




Thursday, 05 Nov 2015

In its new number and a note under the subject ‘the creation a free zone and the maintenance of common interest’ by Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Iran, Sirvan Weekly dealt with researching the achievements of the pass of free industrial trade zone of Baneh-Marivan.

According to the Navaye Abidar, it is stated: if we take look at the relations between Iran and Kurds during the history, we see that these relations have continuously accompanied by cooperation and support, definitely this process will flourish when there are common interests and lead both sides to a common aim. Before the formation of the new Iraq, economic relations, settlement of needs and trade routes of both sides were carried out through Kurdistan, looking through the common interests, we will notice that Kurdistan has been the relational bridge between the East and the West as Hamilton Lines, Silk Road between Asia and Mediterranean Sea that Kurdistan relational way was of much important.

Trade borders and economic activities among cities, Kurdistan Region and Iran have continuously been ongoing; Longer ago cities like Tabriz, Orumiye, Mahabad, Baneh, Sanandaj and Kermanshah had economic relations with Erbil, Quisanjagh, Soleimanieh and Garmian areas of Kurdistan.  

Specifically after the formation of the new Iraq and continuously fighting of Iraq and Kurd nation, Iran always has been a military, economic and spiritual supporter. After Iraq-Kuwait-Persian Gulf war these economic activities have increased, it can be said that Kurdistan has changed to a relational bridge and transition line between Iran and Iraq.

After establishing new borders and formation of free zone in common border points between Iran and Kurdistan, it has created trust as well as another motivation for activities and qualities of lives of these areas while investing, economic activities and the level of economic relations have been developed which have led to more improvements and developments of both sides.

Improving trade and economic activities on borders and to create security and peace in these regions will lead to maintain common interest and at last will deeply influence on bilateral relations to get better. What is required to be insisted on is that the process of trade and economic activities and development should be carried out accordance with the necessary standards, legislative support and Marketing need.

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), while visiting Mehr News Agency and offering congratulations on the occasion of inauguration of Kurdish Language Service of this News Agency, had an interview of which main points follow:

About the current situation of the relations between Iran and I.R. of Iran, Mr. Dabbagh was asked and he replied: I.R. of Iran is close to Iraq and has a close relation with this country and Kurds in special. Pointing the common features between two countries in cultural, political, economic and social fields, Dabbagh said relations of both sides at current situation is desirable. He added he tries to improve the exchanges mutual cooperations in all parts in especially economy and trade.

In a response to another question, Nazem Dabbagh considered the infrastructural concern in the fields of border terminals as the most important but political-security relations as desirable. He said after the Islamic Revolution’s victories Iran has been a friend for Iraqi Kurds and specifically supported them when having been chemically bombarded and attacked by ISIS.

About the differences relating the presidency of Kurdistan Region of Iraq among parties and Kurdish groups he said: the issue of oppositions in the Region has to be managed so that it cannot damage public properties. He added: in spite of holding such oppositions it can be solved only through talking. Dabbagh said: it is absolutely not nice to improperly treat great men like Masoud Barezani who has a long fighting record.

About rumors concerning Iran’s role to reinstate Barezani, he stated after this accident different boards of Iran visited the authorities and officials but they never said anything about staying and going of anyone, they instead tried to preserve unity in the Region. He continued that in the days ahead a team under Me. Ghasem Rostami will travel to the Region to talk over how to manage financial concerns and economic crisis of the Region.

In a response to question Dabbagh said: about the difference with the central government of Iraq, according to the constitutions the central government has responsibility for the Kurdistan Region that unfortunately some parts of these promises have not been carries out, that is why the Region gets into problems in specially budget and financial concerns being supposed to be solved through talking. Dabbagh suggested the salary of Peshmerga and oil as the most important aspects of these differences.



Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG in Iran, taking with international reporter of Mersaad News Transmission about Baghdad which has asked Moscow to present in Iraq to fight against ISIS, stated: fighting against ISIS for KRG is a priority over everything, since ISIS is the enemy of humanity and civilization, not merely the enemy of a group or special people. He added: since the heading of our jobs is to wipe out ISIS, we welcome any government to enter on fighting it.


Dabbagh said: now Pishmerga are cooperating with Iraqi army to remove ISIS, for we know ISIS as a national concern. The representative of KR of Iraq in Iran stated: if the policy of the government of Iraq is enter Russia or any other force on fighting ISIS, we agree with this and Pishmerga will also fight against ISIS along with them. 

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG in talk with Bulletin News said: the presence of KRG in Munich International Security in Tehran was important. He added the presence of Kurdistan Region that nowdays known as main confrontation to fight terrorism in Munich Security Meetings was important to talk about its important role in this direction. Thus, such meeting is considered as a precious chance for Kurds and you all witnessed that the PM of Kurdistan Region presented.


In continue, about the crisis of Syria and the role of Kurds in this country he said: undoubtedly attempts to establish democracy in Syria is a great achievement for Kurds and they will also benefit it. So we support any attempt to stabilize and establish democracy in Syria.        

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