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Monday, 05 Oct 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran in talk with the reporter of International Service of Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) dealt with the present challenges of the relationship between Kurdistan and central government, of the fight with ISIS, of the way to control crises and of Kurdistan’s relations with Iran and Turkey whose outlines as followed:

He does not consider Iranians and Kurds as two separate nations and believes that the cultural and historical similarities have caused Kurds of Iraq have continually deemed Iranians as a part of their own. Dabbagh said: thousands of workforces now are in Kurdistan helping to improve there. In the Region we know Iranians of our own. In Kurds’ view Iranian citizens in the Region are recognized than other foreigners. We call them Iranian but others foreigners. When you travel to Kurdistan, you most often feel that you are in Iran as a result of lots of cultural similarities of both.

It has been said some of anti-revolution Kurdish cells now present in Kurdistan of Iraq and even are busy trying works, Nazem Dabbagh stated: this is known by Iranian government and these cells, according to present agreements, are not allowed to make any effort against Iran’s interests.

Denying any relations with Israel, Dabbagh said: no documents relating this has not given to Kurdistan Region so far. Some are following to create deep differences between us and Iran and through putting such things. They are seeking their aims but we as the representative of the Region in Iran have not heard even once such matter on the behalf of our authorities in any official meetings but just in few News Agencies, he added. Our relations with Israel are according to the constitution of Iraq, Does anyone believe that Kurdish are following to cause problems with Arabian nations and Iran for Israel!?

Concerning with important problem of “the independence of Kurds” being considered a vital security concern for neighbors, Iran in special, Nazem Dabbagh also stated: the matter of Independence of Kurds and of having an independent country is not only being put among Kurdish leaders but it also is all Kurds’ heartfelt desire from all over the world; however, desiring independence differentiate from declaring it. Declaring independence requires its special conditions and in my view it is not now prepared.


Relating the difference between Kurdistan Regional Government and Central Government of Iraq, Dabbagh said: in the past to cut the budget of the Region on the behalf of the Central Government caused Kurds to begin selling oil, aside from its being legal or not. There were not any other ideas. We are selling our oil and have come to an agreement, early in following Christian year, to do this with Central Government’s cooperation. It also pays us the money of sold oil; in spite of exporting oil according to the agreement with federal government, Baghdad denied to pay it us. These problems can be solved. We, monthly, sell $800 million oil and this earning was deposited to government’s treasury; however we have never been paid more than $400 million.

Dabbagh added: Pishmegas are one of the important forces fighting against ISIS now strongly defending the Region as a part of Iraq. They were fighting across Iraq, though. Pishmergas have many times fought in Basra, Karbala, Najaf, Baghdad and other regions in Iraq. Central government can make use of Pishmergas’ high ability, why did not Maliki (the former Prime Minister of Iraq) take advantage of Pishmergas to support Mosul?

The head of Kurdistan Regional Representative Office added: our differences with central government are how to perform the constitution. But now we along with forces have practically released the regions in dispute occupied by ISIS. If there were not Pishmerga, the same regions were under ISIS’s control. Now the matter is to put the released zones in dispute go into the frame of constitution.

In another part of his phrasing as denying any rift among Kurds and confronting ISIS Dabbagh said: all Kurds including Pishmerga of the Region, P.K.K and Syrian Kurds in fight with ISIS are unified, and this unification strength 1050 km of battlefield with ISIS. There may be differences but just on little problems and military tactics. Kurds have not got basic differences about this.

Dabbagh was asked for Turkey’s strike to the North of Syria and providing a safe zone, he replied: every country has to respect others’ laws. To create such safe zone refers to international rules whether it is allowed to do or not. If such act leads to prevent blooding and massacring non-armies, it is acceptable. However it is just not over Turkey but international societies to come up with decision and also it refers a bit to interior affairs of Syria.         




Monday, 05 Oct 2015

 Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, in talk with Farshad Golzari, the reporter of Ilna News Agency, replied several questions relating to Iraq and Kurdistan Region such as political geography of KR, Kurds’ relations with central governments during history, Adorno’s recent talks- the ex-commander of American Army Headquarters about disintegration, Kurds’ resistance in Kubane, Turkey’s elections and its perspective, the event of Suruc terrorist attack and … . The matter of reformation being pursued by Heydar Al-Ebadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, was the center of the talk.

Insisting on the affirmativeness of the reformations plan of Iraq has been put the Prime Minister, he declared: any plan that is put as a fight against corruption should be deemed positive. In my opinion Heydar Al-Ebadi expressed braveness to announce the plan. However, if this plan was put with all groups influencing on forming Al-Ebadi cabinet, it would be more powerful. Now we witness a disagreement in Iraq not just limiting to Kurds or Sunni but Shia,; the events happening arise questions that who has been asked for advice and guide and what the main aim of this plan is, or whether the plan is a coup or a reformations plan. In my opinion in following weeks there may be greater problems in Iraq, in a manner that we may see a political clash.


Pointing that this plan should have been more studied by the Prime Minister before being announced, he stated: the reformative plan is good but it seems that Al-Ebadi has made a mistake; It is meant that before the plan being announced he should have talked and discussed with main and important sides and forces of the country and then announced the reformative plan. All say that reformations and fight against corruption is good but what is now being put is that Kurdish population of Iraq share with the government of this country and has participated to form it. We need to know that when it is announced ministers have to be decreased, there are three Kurdish ministers, even among the deputies who are supposed to be expelled or their number to be decreased, there are also Sunni and Kurds. Thus this should be noticed that the role of the parties which have helped the government to be formed ought to be considered.





Friday, 02 Oct 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Tehran, in talk with E’temad Press, dealt with Turkey-P.K.K crisis, of which outlines followed:

In the response to the first question relating chasing and escaping of Turkey’s Kurds and Army Dabbagh said: unhappily instead of following peace and comfortable solution with Kurds, Turkish government has highly increased its military performance against Turkey’s Kurds and put more pressure on the people of the country more than ever. Even though Kurdish people and political organization and their fans intend to bring an end to siege of the people in the country but unfortunately we are witnessing that people are deprived and refugee, besides leaving many injuries these attacks have not left many way to treat. He added that Ankara would increase these pressures.

Concerning the effectiveness of military way to overcome P.K.K Dabbagh stated: this has been experienced many times during long years. Military way have not given favorable outcome for many years and P.K.K and Kurds will live their own life. Both KRG and different European countries are following that both side put an end to their concerns through talk. During past years Turkish government entered into negotiations, in spite of reaching a peaceful process the government has begun to strike again. Dabbagh also added that Ahmad Davoudoghlu’s claim, P.M of Turkey, about wiping the P.K.K out reminds him of the president of former Iraqi regime talking about Kurds of this country.  



Friday, 02 Oct 2015

Italian News Agency carried out a talk with Nazem Dabbagh of which main points follow. Before answering the questions he declared: I, Nazem Dabbagh,am on my behalf not Representation of Kurdistan Region Government, put my views.

About the presidency of the Region Nazem Dabbagh Said: this has two sides, one is the reformation and the rules of Regional presidency, and another is the extension of the presidency of the Region for one extra round. He added that in September 17, 2015 two suggestions were offered Mr. Barezani and Democrat party on the behalf of four other parties of the Region about which Democrat Party will reveal his opinion. Another issue is whether Mr. Barezani can be candidate for presidency or not.

In a response to another question concerning the position of Islamic Republic of Iran about Iraq and the Region, Mr. Dabbagh said: I.R. of Iran’s view- Haj Qassem Soleimani was that the security and peace of Iraq and Kurdistan Region matter to Iran and it requires to be protected. That is why to solve interior problems of the Region and the concerns among parties is necessary and important. He went on: Iran believes that trough respecting each other it is possible to reach agreement and it disagrees to impose and force one by another. Coalition government needs agreement, Iranians has not reached to a point yet to support a special side. At last Iranian delegations were just listeners, and insisted on their views to solve the problems through agreement and agree with unity of Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

Relating to Kurds of Turkey Dabbagh stated: it is evident that Turkish Kurds is a part of Turkey now, and it is several years that armed fighting has begun, and at several times, especially at the time of Turgot Ouzal and Mam Jalal Talibani, for the first time the process of peace and peacefully solving the concerns between Kurds and Turkey was put. Of course, since 1986 up to now, more than 25 armed strikes have been conducted from Turkey Army against P.K.K. and Kurds. As a result of that, three years ago peace process according to set of promises and threats which Erdogan made to Kurds and Masoud Barezani and mam Jalal Talibani supported it got started. He added: I personally condemn the killing of polices and the massacre of Sorouc. He who decided to start a nationwide war was Erdogan and Turkey not Turkish Kurds. He continued: some have put phrases that they would not give up until they vanished P.K.K. Former Iraqi’s regimes also said such sayings, until the great defeat happened as a result of Al-Geria Agreement. All Kurds put their guns down and many got homeless. We witnessed Mam Jalal and Kak Masoud, which Iraqis land and water were called illegal to them, continued fighting. One grew the President of Iraq and the other the president of Kurdistan Region.

About the relations of some countries with Patriotic Unity of Kurdistan he stated: I believe that these relations is natural provided that interior regulations and the Constitution are respected. These relations are not just limited to Patriotic of Kurdistan, so do many organizations and parties of Kurds, Syria and Turkey. Thus he insisted that this must not lead to penetrate into interior affairs.

another concern by Dabbagh was to strength HDP party and those agreeing with the agreement in Turkey followed by the recent changes of Erdogan Government, to establish Kurdish-Syrian party offices in Erbil, Soleimanieh and Dohuk, the role of Patriotic Unity about peace, PYD’s right to establish relation with other countries, the possibility to unify Kurds and be supported by great powers, inefficiency of building border wall in order to prevent Kurdish refugees to Turkey, necessity of noticing refugees’ needs and finally the unity of Pishmerga and to create unity in parties and Kurdish groups.   





Monday, 24 Aug 2015

Kurds Press/ Nazem Dabbagh the official representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran through an interview with Kurdish news site, Avineh, answered some questions relating about current concerns of the Region especially the position of the presidency of Kurdistan which has turned out to be a crisis in the Region for it is approaching to the end of Mr. Barezani’s presidency period, and Iran’s role in these changes as followed:

Relating to the rumors about the role of General Qassem Soleimani to extend the presidency of the Region for another two years Dabbagh claimed to be ignorant of that. Concerning with type of Iran’s interfere in ISIS concern Dabbagh continued: Iran’s policy is relied on supporting the union and correlation of political movements of the Kurdish Region and helping solve the problems and differences. It desires to deal with the problems according to rules of the Region, but I have no more information about its details.

About the positions of Dr. Reza Amiri Moghaddam, the Middle East general manager of national security supreme council of Iran expressed at the presence of Dabbagh and the officials of the Region he said: the meeting in which I presented I noticed that Iran’s view toward the presidency of the Region is that the presidency concern should be solves with the participation and presence of parties and through talking as the Regional Government.

He added: in all meeting and conventions I did not present but in Dr. Ahmadi Moghaddam’s. Iran desires important problems should be solves with cooperate of all parties of the Kurdistan Region. In addition Dabbagh considered the common positions of Patriotic Union, Islamic Union (Guran) and Islamic Group (Komel) to get together effective and said what is said about Iran’s role about this is just rumor.


The reporter of Avineh asked Mr. Dabbagh: Does Iran, in your opinion, have an active present by August 20 to prevent unrest and challenges in the Region?’, Dabbagh replied: now if any unrest and tension occurs in the Region, it will affect Iran and Turkey, in spite of not having detailed information about this, however, I know that after its agreement with 5+1 Iran is trying to act according to plan in order to meet its goals of the agreement; and all countries that were Iran’s allies at tough and hard times have to remain as friends. Iran also has to be their ally as the peace time which Kurds is one of them that during its fighting and being homeless have kept pace with Iran. For this the true policy between Iran and Kurds is that the problems remove. For calmness and stability of the region I.R. of Iran is trying, otherwise why does America agree with Iran and does Iran? All these reasons will lead to stability and agreement. 

Friday, 21 Aug 2015

About three important concerns recently affecting KRG, Isna News Agency had talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran of which the most outstanding lines as followed:

 The President of KR, Vital file for Kurds fate

About this Dabbagh says: now the matter is not the non- or extinction of Masoud Barezani’s presidency period, but is the compilation and regulation of governing rules over the selection of the head of the Region and his authorities. The concern of head of Region and its extinction is a big problem in the Region; the leaders of the parties are looking for a solution for this problem, since this matter cannot be solved through statute and parliament.

All hope that the last message of the President desiring all leaders to get together to solve the problem before August 20, (the date of Masoud Barezani’s presidency period end) wrap up. About the claim that Kurds have not any personification as qualified as Barzani to substitute him, he turned it down and say: we have enough men for the post of presidency; Mr. Barezani has very high position, whether to be a president or not he will be respected as Mr. Talibani which despite of his illness and having no authority but many interior and foreign authorities are commuting his home.

Barezani’s being or not being is not the matter, but is to define and compile the ruling mechanism of the presidency election and the range of its authorities. Now, the problem is that political system should be either chairmanship or parliamentary, these concerns have to be solved. Democrat party insists that Barezani reinstate in its position. It is true, he is a strong option for being the head of the Region but the statute does not allow this anymore.This also happened in Iran at the time of Hashemi presidency period.After being the president of Iran for two rounds, men were seeking to extend his presidency but the leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, ordered to obey the statute and it is not possible to change the constitution for one, and all accepted.

Some say that Barzani indeed are looking for to lean back on the Iraq presidency’ chair after his chairmanship of the Region ends and to take this post which now is under his rival party, namely, patriotic union of Kurdistan and instead to give up the post of the Region presidency to them. Nazem Dabbagh said to Isna: if one day Mr. Barzani wants to be the president of Iraq, I don’t think none of the Kurdish parties is opponent, but this has not been put yet. In my opinion this is not possible for me to say no if I am asked to agree with Mr. Barezani’s presidency on Iraq.


The actions of Iraq Prime Minister, Coup or Reformations

About the actions of Haydar Al-Ebadi in the field of confronting corruption Dabbagh said: Ebadi has taken important steps, but how to perform them is the matter. This action should be appreciated, but here is the problem that the change in Iraq will not happen unilaterally and without agreement among all groups. The question is his action will wrap up to a useful reformation for Iraq or this action is a political competitive and or party action.

I feel that to perform this plan Al-Ebadi will face many problems. He added: When Al-Ebadi remove a minister or ministry he has to regard the portions of the elections based on the number of representative of political groups in the parliament, on the other hand, he has to give position to that groups somewhere else. This is why that we say the project of reformation should be accompanied with cooperation of all groups. If it occurs individually and if all groups cannot reach an agreement it will follow result worse than a coup in this current political condition of Iraq.


The Turkey’s Attack to P.K.K and the Region’s Role to Calm the Situations

Nazem Dabbagh says overt and closed attempts on the behalf the authorities of the region are ongoing until the new wave of violations between Ankara and P.K.K subsides. He added: as of a yet Turkey has attacked P.K.K more than 25 rounds. The Region authorities’ attempts to solve the problems between Turkey and Kurds refers to Turgut Ouzal, the eighth president of Turkey (1993-1989), which started through good offices of Jalal Talibani and Maoud Barzani; it led to good accomplishments those days.

These attempts were more regarded at the time of Erdogan. All went well, but the lack of honest intention of both sides caused all process to be destroyed by a small pretext. The Suruc’s explosion occurred, and then P.K.K undertook the death of two Turkish soldiers. All were destroyed as a result of these two events. He added: Ankara should not bombed 150 villages of the Region and P.K.K bases on the pretext of this matter. In spite of these damages, the Region asked both sides to come to discuss. We believe that the best way is negotiation and Turkey and Kurds should come to do it. The KRG is not disable, and are trying to get both sides back to discuss and the negotiations should get again started or else a great mistake will happen.




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