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Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of the KRG of Iraq in Iran, dealt with the resistance of Kubane people against ISIS forces.

Dimplomacy Irani: the emergence of ISIS in the region was the result of the several factors such as political and military plans and changes of regional and universal powers leading to taking opposite and different policies and to military, economic and political campaigns in the unpredictable region of the Middle East as well. Indeed the history of formation of ISIS dates back over 100 years ago which in different times and under divergent titles and names grew in various geographical areas of the region.

After Saddam’s fall, the extinction of old organization and the appearance of new ones being used in the political equations in this country, ISIS emerged from these organizations and chose this name for itself.

Unfortunately instead of to act for the future of holly Islam and to aid to develop the country, these organizations entered games and political interests. After ISIS emerging from them began to attack Kubani, Kurdistan and Kurds about which there have been lots phrases made.

The considerable and important point about Kubani is that after the majority of town was occupied by ISIS many people and countries came to the illusion that their wishes would be met and ISIS would get its final accomplishments, but the admirable resistance of Kubani and heroic fighting of worriers and Y.P.J forces conveyed this message to enemies that it would not be easy to defeat those aiming to develop the future. Kubani transmits this message that there is no limit to resist and fight. The freedom of Kubani emits this message to the world that it was the creation of the unity among nation present freedom. The unity and sharing goal and friend’s shaking hand and being hostile toward enemies, in frame of the legitimate goals, will cause the final outcome even if it took longer. Kubani conveyed this message to the world that the legal and acceptable fighting for the nation already suffering genocide and innocence is a long one leading to a great triumph and passing through exterior obstacles and no force can confront this determination with sleaziness and prevent from its aims.

After 133-day resistance and fighting with presence of women and men and fighters of Y.P.G and Y.P.J and supporting Pishmerga as well, this town got released. Its releasing is not just to free a region or a town and return it to its main and historical owners, but it has a message to those praying darkness and anti-humanity and –civilization and to those supporting ISIS with their whole power preventing from helping Kubani that the failure is for them and victory for honors; the legality of the fighting for united nation and for the enemies darkness, terrorism and paganism.

The message of Kubani was that we can fight against terrorism and darkness with the presence of women and men along with unity and rise from flares with proud and victorious.

Kubani emitted the message of Kurdish women’s role and leadership and command in battlefield against terror and occupants to the world and showed the Middle East spinning out of sexual, ideological and political discrimination, Kurdish women with any opinion and attitude, together with men and even more, not only prove themselves but also humanity, equality and happy life. They have created a rose flower woven out of conflagration of war, inequality and inhumanity

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

Tehran- ISCANEWS: Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran relating to the complicated condition of the region and the continuous strikes of terrorist groups so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) to Syrian Kurds said: the recent events and the emergence of ISIS in the Middle East are the past continuing hostility between west and east block as well as the problems has begun from first world war up to now. The growth of ISIS appeared in Iraq, it was already said that ISIS would not limit itself in Mosul and Al-Anbar and advance toward Baghdad and Kurdistan.

He added: the activities of Iran in the region have followed positive influences on stop and halt ISIS to progress to Kurdistan of Iraq and we even could free part of regions occupied by ISIS. He continued: the super- and regional countries seeking for special benefits in recent challenges have helped ISIS to be armed and endured more than before. Today Kubani not only for its being Kurdish but also for its special conditions and the possibility of striking Syria through this era is considered by regional powers.

In a response to a question concerning the position of Turkey and its reaction to Iran policy in the Kurdistan Region of Syria Dabbagh said: the great mistake made by Turkey is that their president says there is no difference between ISIS and P.K.K. It has supports in Turkey and has fought ISIS in Iraq.    

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

The representative of Kurdistan Region in the talk with Mehr news Agency began to describe the message of the travel of the chairman of the Parliament of Iran and analyzed the details of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and the last position of Kubani.

In a response to a question Nazem Dabbagh said that Larijani’s travel at this time included that I.R. of Iran always had an active presence in any conditions especially when danger threats the people of the Region. This travel insisted this point that Iraq is a country composed of Arabs and Kurds and this does not matter to Iran, thus Larijani traveled both to Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

About the relations of KRG of Iraq with Turkey following the recent changes Dabbagh said: the geographical fact of Kurdistan region of Iraq requires that Erbil have relations with all the neighboring countries. One of those countries is Turkey whose relations have to be according to the preserve of bilateral interests and to constitute of the policy of KRG and Central Government of Baghdad. Inasmuch as there is a policy which is against the interests of the whole Iraq and KRG it will be failed.

The representative of KRG of Iraq in a response to another question concerning the recent Baghdad-Erbil agreement said this agreement is being considered positive and it was the primary and we hope it will be performed in the future. According to this agreement the KRG of Iraq export 300 thousands oil barrel from Kirkuk and 250 thousands from other parts of the Region every day. Instead 17% of the following year of Iraq is assigned to Kurdistan. In addition Iraq government has devoted $1 billion dollars for Pishmerga forces. This is the first time that the expenditure of Pishmerga forces is formally undertaken by Iraq government.

Furthermore about the position of Kubani he said before we were afraid of Kubani to fall but now the security position of the town is getting better day by day and recently the municipal of Kubani has got released from ISIS’s occupation. Now, 85% of Kubani is under the control of Pishmerga. Concerning the position of Shingal in Iraq I should say that in this region we witness the daily fighting between Pishmerga forces and ISIS. Resistance is continuing and we are hoping this region get purified from terrorists of ISIS fully.

Sunday, 01 Mar 2015

Shafaghna- Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran frankly knows Nuri Maliki the present main problem of Iraq and believes that if today Mr. Maliki goes, tomorrow Shia, Kurds and Sunni will be unified in Iraq. Although severely criticizing Maliki for not being obedient to the mutual agreements with Kurds, he knows holding referendum a typical work and Kurds’ right while emphasizing that Kurds want no separation, but prefer a confederation government. He mentioned the Kurds’ cases under dispute with Iraq government of which one is the limits of the Region of Iraq already agreed according to the article 140 of the constitutes of Iraq, another is the case of oil that the region thinks it has not completely assigned to it.

He said that Maliki government formed Iraq army with exorbitant costs but employed Ba’ath officers. He added we told him again and again not to do it but he underestimated it. We observed these officers helped ISIS in their recent attacks and betrayed the army. He rejected the claim saying that Kurds helped ISIS in the attack to Sunni areas of Iraq specially Mosul. Dabbagh went on that for ISIS attack and its occupation of a great part of the country, nowadays Iraq is divided into three sessions of Kurds, Shia and Sunni so that the commuting path from the region to Shia areas turns to footpath. Also Shia of Iraq is insisting on to find a solution to the crisis of the country and believes if Mr. Nuri Maliki goes, the agreements among Iraq tribes will be reformed. 

Shafaghna reporter in talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran put the reason of being powerful of ISIS in Iraq and the operation of KRG and Masoud Barzani’s recent phrases concerning the articale140 of the constitutes and Kurdistan region under discussion.


Sunday, 01 Mar 2015

Dr. Zarif’s travel to Baghdad, Najaf and Kurdistan region of Iraq was for making continuation of the Iran and Iraq strategic relations. It is not the first time that the foreign minister has travelled to Iraq; but before the former foreign minister and vice-president of the Iran has travelled to the region and visited the authorities of KR.

Naturally I.R.Iran considers Iraq and KR as important allies having brotherly and friendly continuing. This is interpreted as an historical accompaniment according to common benefits and security. Iran accompanied more than ever at the time of tough fighting of Iraqi different groups against the current dictator and Ba’ath party and did not begrudge any attempt to help Shia, Sunni and Kurds.

Today that the danger of Takfiri and ISIS terrorist groups is felt more than before and the security of the region territorial integrity of some countries are aimed I.R of Iran’s help has increased and turned out to military aids. In this new situation that Kurdish pishmerga forces along with the Army and other Iraqi groups are fighting terrorists the type of communication matters double as much. In the yesterday common meeting of Mr. Barzani and Dr. Zarif, the president of the region emphasized that Iran has been one of those initial countries rushed to help the region in sensible conditions of the battle with ISIS and appreciated I.R of Iran due to the aids of this important country of the region in a special letter on the behalf of the president. The common historical and tribal benefits and ties between Iran and Kurdistan region of Iraq undoubtedly affect and will affect on the strength of present and following relations.

The point that should remembered here is that I insisted in my talks with Iranian and foreign Medias undoubtedly KRG knows itself to be commitment to sustain the territorial integrity and national security of Iraq therefore this is bilateral relation and it is expected that all official authorities and powers with focus on the constitutes get to be obedient to comprehensive collaboration of the region in different processes. The foreign minister of Iran also approved Iran’s support from the being carried out of the agreements between central government and KRG of Iraq yesterday.

Today that in national level changes have occurred among authorities it is expected by all groups that national management thought of Iraq will change. After Saddam’s fall Ayad Alavi, Ibrahim Jafari, Nuri Maliki and now Haydar AL-Ebadi have taken over the responsibility of the prime ministry thus going and coming in responsibilities is a natural work. Whatsoever upon this matter is important is the correction of wrong policies of political actors and strengthen the weaknesses. It has repeatedly been emphasized by experts that the emergence of the phenomena of ISIS Takfiri terrorism results from some discriminations and insularity to apply all national forces aside from tribe, race and religion in administrative responsibilities.

This matter even has caused some respected and honor moves of Shia have dissatisfied with the way of last government and other groups cooperation. Now we expect with new collaborations new thought will lead to conduct the constitution focusing on national unity and to from a comprehensive and organized government to prevent terrorism from rooting. Recently the meetings of Kurdistan representatives with Shia and the prime minister personally coalition has been held and we are optimistic to Iraq’s future. The constructive and effective role of Iran to make cohesion all Iraq’s groups undoubtedly lead to accelerate the reconstructive process of Iraq.


Sunday, 01 Mar 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, in a note deals with the emergence and growth of ISIS. In his view ISIS is generated through strategic competence between the east and west. When Marxism and Liberalism were competing the Soviet Union attack Afghanistan which caused Islamic groups form universal groups. In this atmosphere Osama Bin Laden appeared and Wahhabi groups came to power in Afghanistan. The peak of their power was the terrorist attack to twin global trade towers. As America attack Iraq the Ba’ath began to oppose new Iraq. Some of them headed Syria government and it also employed them in order to accomplish their goals.

Dabbagh believes that the wrong political management in Iraq caused till Ba’ath and Wahhabi groups have grown so that the weaknesses of the central government to give serves to Sunni regions brought up oppositions of the people for times. Through these opposition Salafists took more advantages than others and absorbed many groups.

In Syria employing individual policies and the actions of domestic opponents such as Ekhvanis and Salafis in Homs as well as Kurds whose its identity has not been taken for granted for many years, follows a wave of oppositions against Assad’s government. Following the occurred vacuum Takfiri groups took the most advantages and took more areas under their control. In these conditions Al-Qaeda of Iraq and former Ba’aths dispatched their supporters and concentrated their actions toward Syria and unified with the Arab opponents and put Kurds aside. After endless support for the Groups called opposition of Syria all these came to a great power in a way. Then it got clear that Salafi-takfiri separated from this frame and Syria free army began to weaken and the Al-Qaeda of Iraq and Ba’ath became more powerful and could take the control of the game field of Syria. After coming to power Salafis, Takfiris and a part of Syrian Ekhvan got unified and incorporated Islamic government of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ISIS plans is to incorporate Islamic government, to reject other ideas and ideologies and to announce others as infidel, to turn to terrorist actions and massacre the opponents. They advanced so fast that they could spread their actions to Iraq like Mosul, Tikrit and a part of Samarra, Kirkuk and Diyaleh and united many regions to Fallujah and Al-Anbar. The reason of their success was first the disability of Iraq army and Maleki who surely formed the army with the remains of Ba’ath. For this within a couple of hours nearly 100,000 Iraqi soldiers ran away and the region was under ISIS control but those regions protected by Pishmerga troops.

Of course based on history the union of Ba’aths, Al-Qaeda, Salafi and Takfiri can be referred to Islamism school which since the corporation Ba’ath believed the unification of Syria, Iraq and Egypt, and even now after many years as the condition being prepared they tend to form Islamic government and to survive Islamic caliphate accordance with their thought and plan.

ISIS is generated by who hated unified Iraq and powerful Kurds and Shia and thought of taking revenge; and at last began to attack and spread the borders under their control that I personally already in several interviews mentioned this that ISIS would attack Kurdistan and finally they did so.     


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