Statement by Deputy Prime Minister Talabani marking the anniversary of the September 11th attacks

  • Thursday, 11 Sep 2014

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq ( – Today marks the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. These attacks targeted innocent civilians and shocked the world, and the world responded with widespread condemnation and action. The United States reacted by showing its might and the resolve of its proud nation.

The US-led international war against Al-Qaeda targeted terrorists wherever they were, ultimately resulting in the capture and death of many of the organisation’s leaders, including Osama Bin Laden.

Today, a group with the same ideology that spawned Al-Qaeda, employing extreme and barbaric tactics, is targeting the people of Syria, Iraq and the entire region, as well as attempting to disrupt the peace and stability of Kurdistan. Whereas Al-Qaeda hid in caves and was based underground, members of the so-called Islamic State, which is neither Islamic nor a State, walk freely in cities inside Iraq and Syria, causing mayhem, terrorising people and threatening civilians and states alike.

On this occasion, I would like to praise President Barack Obama for the powerful speech he delivered yesterday in which he explicitly stated that with the help of its allies, the United States will destroy this terrorist group. The Kurdistan Region attaches great importance to its friendship and partnership with the United States. After the September 11th attacks and throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom, the people and the government of the Kurdistan Region have stood firmly and proudly with our American allies. We extend the same hand of friendship today in this new campaign to eradicate a serious threat to regional and international security.

We have made clear our intention to work with the United States to bring about a democratic and federal Iraq as outlined by the Iraqi Constitution. At the same time, we reaffirm our commitment to the United States to combat the scourge of terrorism. Today we are proud to be fighting terrorism on the front lines, on behalf of the world, and we stand ready to continue this fight for the sake of peace and stability.

We once again express our condolences to the families of those killed in the heinous acts of September 11th, and to those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom and democracy – Iraqi, Kurdish, American, British, or of any other nationality. We pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their sons and daughters so that others may enjoy better, safer lives.

We reassure the American people that just as the United States has stood with us during our most difficult times, we will stand with you in the global fight against the culture of barbarism, ignorance, and intolerance that defines terrorism.

Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani
Kurdistan Regional Government
11 September 2014





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