Statement by KRG on the anniversary of the Badinan Anfal campaign

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – The Kurdistan Regional Government’s spokesperson issued the following statement on the 33rd anniversary of the Badinan Anfal campaign.

“Thirty-three years ago, thousands of innocent civilians from the Badinan region were taken and killed while thousands more were forced to flee their destroyed homes as the Ba’athist Regime carried out the final stages of its brutal Anfal campaign.

“The Ba’athist Regime’s genocidal campaign was a ruthless attempt by the oppressive government to maintain power and extinguish the Kurdish freedom movement, which they failed to do as that dream lives on today with the brave and hopeful people of the Kurdistan Region.

“Today, it is the children of our martyrs and the victims of Anfal who are building a strong and prosperous Kurdistan, honouring the memory of those who fought for our freedom, and it is the duty of the Federal Government of Iraq to compensate the families of the victims.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government will, as always, continue to serve the families of our martyrs and work to provide a brighter future to the people of the Kurdistan Region.”

Jotiar Adel
KRG Spokesperson

25 Aug 2021
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