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Saturday, 11 January 2014 07:00

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spoke with the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on Thursday. The two discussed the latest political and security developments in Iraq and expressed their support for the efforts by both Iraqi leaders and the local tribal leaders to fight the terrorist groups in the Anbar province. They also both emphasized the need for dialogue to address Iraq’s political challenges.

During the telephone conversation, the two also discussed relations between Erbil and Baghdad and agreed that the current exchange of visits and the talks to continue between the two sides with the aim of reaching understanding on the issue of oil exports from the Kurdistan Region.

President Barzani expressed his readiness to work with other Iraqi leaders to diffuse the current crisis. The U.S. Vice President emphasized the strong U.S. support for a unified and federal Iraq as defined under the Iraqi constitution.





Saturday, 11 January 2014 07:00

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( – The President of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, today hosted the foreign diplomats and representatives from international organizations based in the Kurdistan Region in order to discuss the latest political and economic developments in Kurdistan as well as in Iraq as a whole.

At the outset of the meeting, the Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations, Falah Mustafa briefed President Barzani about the priorities and activities of the Department of Foreign Relations including enhancing relations and cooperation with the foreign diplomatic representations in the region. Minister Mustafa added that the KRG is constantly working to improve and expands its ties with the international community.

‘The number of foreign diplomatic representations is constantly growing and we will soon witness the opening of the consulates of China, Kuwait and Bulgaria, and with this the number of foreign diplomatic representatives will increase to 29. In collaboration with diplomatic missions, we have managed to increase the number of commercial flights between the Kurdistan Region and the outside world.’

Minister Mustafa went on to say, ‘I want to thank those countries which have offered their assistance to the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan. I also want to thank those countries which have offered their support to the KRG in its efforts to seek recognition of the crimes against the Kurdish people as genocide.’

In his remarks to this annual gathering, President Barzani wished the members of the diplomatic corps a Happy New Year and then shed light on a number of key issues facing Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, particularly the efforts currently underway to form the new KRG government, the crisis in the Anbar province, relations between Erbil and Baghdad, and participation of the Kurds at the upcoming Geneva II conference on Syria.

‘We know that the government formation process has taken longer than we expected, but we wanted to form a broad-based government that included all political sides. We want to form a government that will maintain stability and calm and provide services to the people, a government that will lead to four years of harmony and development,’ said President Barzani.

Regarding the latest security situation in the Anbar province of Iraq, President Barzani said, ‘We are concerned about the security situation in Iraq and particularly in Anbar. This crisis is the result of an accumulation of problems which the Iraqi government should have addressed in the past. There is a danger that this crisis may spread to other provinces. We believe that the intervention of the Army will probably make the crisis more complicated.’ The President added that the Iraqi government must respond to the legitimate demands of the people Anbar and prevent the fight against terrorists from turning into sectarian strife between Shiites and Sunnis.

Regarding ties between Erbil and Baghdad, the President said: “There has been an exchange of visits and currently talks are underway between the two sides to reach agreement on the outstanding issues, including on Article 140, on funding for the Peshmerga forces and on oil and gas. We are ready to play a role in addressing the challenges facing Iraq, but it is important that no side is marginalized in the political process.” He also expressed his hope that the planned Iraqi parliamentary elections are held on time in April of this year.

President Barzani also talked about the humanitarian situation of the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan and the participation of Syrian Kurds in the planned Geneva II conference.

‘There are now more 250,000 Syrian refugees in Kurdistan. In addition to this, there has been an increase in the number of internal refugees from Anbar province, as well as the thousands of Arab and Christian families which have sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region in the past. All this has put a lot of strain on the KRG resources and we ask the international community to assist us in hosting these large numbers of refugees.”

On behalf of the diplomatic corps, the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Azim Hossaini, who is also the dean of the diplomatic corps, thanked President Barzani and the KRG Department of Foreign Relations for the this opportunity.

At the end of the meeting, a question and answer session followed, and diplomats had the opportunity to ask specific questions of the President.





Friday, 10 January 2014 21:00

At the Monday evening, January 8, The representative of KRG in Tehran, comprised Shirzad Qhader Khorshid, Reza Mowlud Jowhar and Salam Aref Rashidi , Took part at the Funeral Service of the wife of Salah Al-Zawari, Palestine Ambassador in Tehran at the Noor mosque.  Mr. Al-Zawari acknowledged them for attending at Funeral Service. Some Iranian high rank officials and several foreign countries ambassador and representative attended at that Funeral Service. Such as Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, the ministry of foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Ali- Akbar Salehi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Dr Kamal Kharrazi, the former ministry of foreign ministry of Iran, Dr Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs, Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh, the ambassador of Iraq in Tehran, Dr Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel, member of Islamic consolatory parliament of Iran and some other. Furthermore, some foreign countries ambassador and representative took part at that Funeral Service, such as Japan, Austria, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Sudan, Bulivia etc. 








Friday, 10 January 2014 14:00

Mamosta Ali Bapir, the leader of Islamic Society in Kurdistan Region surveyed the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran. On Sunday’s midday, January 5, Excellency Mr Bapir surveyed the Representative of the Region in Tehran and welcomed by Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of the KRG and Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad, the Assistant of the Representative of KRG in Tehran. At that meeting, two sides discussed the situation of the region, Iraq and especially Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The leader of Islamic society of Kurdistan region positively evaluated the role of the representative of the KRG and attending of the representative of parties and political groups at the center of the representative of the KRG and also he wished to desire for them. Moreover, two sides discussed and dialogued about the attempts after parliamentary elections and establish new cabinet in Kurdistan Region.        






Sunday, 05 January 2014 03:30

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( – Kurdistan Region Presidency commends the Iraqi Council of Ministers for its approval of a draft proposal to promote Halabja, from district status to a province.

“We laud this decision by the Iraqi Council of Ministers, and hope that the Iraqi Council of Representatives also approves this as soon as possible,” the statement from the Presidency stated.

“We call on all parliamentary blocks in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to play their national role on this issue, as they did when they recognized the Anfal and the chemical bombing of Halabja as crimes of genocide. We further call on all Kurdish parliamentary blocks to work together and approach other parliamentary blocks to secure their votes on this draft law.”





Monday, 09 September 2013 13:30

Nazem Dabbagh

Masoud Barzani, Kurdistan Region President (KRP), declared the government under his leadership will make use of all instrument for defending Syrian Kurds, are they threatened by Al Qaeda. It should be noted that Barzani’s statements does not means Iraqi Kurds want to enter directly to Syrian civil war, the aid would not be merely military; however it contains humanitarian and spiritual aids. For instance, they could take the ground for Syrian Kurds refugees. Today in Syria, we observe some Salafist, Al Qaeda and Islamic extremist groups have killed Kurds. Therefore Mr Barzani has commanded to investigate this problem by a commission and to declare the exzact results.

After results having declared, Iraqi Kurds proclaimed that they are prepared to help spiritually and operationally the Syrian Kurds under Iraqi central government law. Where as, afterward, Syrian Kurds issues can be protected and their main problems can be presented internationally. In recent days, also problems of Salafists and Al Qaeda in Syria caused other countries react and object to their actions. Extremist actions of Salafist and AlQaeda in several countries, especially now in Syria, have being changed to serious danger, because we has witnessed multifarious terrorist actions in Iraq and Syria. It should be noticed the declaration of getting ready to help is for Iraqi and Syrian Kurds that have the same nationality and language. Of course, irrespective the matter, all mankind and Moslems would react in this situation around the world. Human society should protest Salafist and AL Qaeda actions and not let them to kill the kurds and non-Kurd innocent people. While a Kurd is murdered in the Middle East, other Kurds in the region like Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan Region are not expected to be indifferent to that. Now the decision made is to protect the Syrian Kurds by diplomatic and civic actions. Today Islamic government of Iraq is overshadowed by Al Qaeda and so we generally can not be indifferent about their activities. About the Syria, it should be considered that Kurds present situation is in parallel with Syrian states interests, because Kurds region in this country has especial situation in wich Syrian political system has not many activities and therefore Syrian Kurds themselves have controlled their region. Thus, we should see what the Syrian government’s policy is about Kurd matter. Whether they try to fulfill the kurd’s civil rights, allegiance and fellow citizenship rights or not. For nobody as Syrian government can perform an act against AL Qaeda and Salafists violent acts to defend Kurd’s rights who are their fellow citizens. 


Ghanoon Newspaper, 21 Mordad 1392 in current Iranian calendar year.

[a] ) The deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran.








Wednesday, 01 January 2014 03:30

Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq ( - In a message on the occasion of the New Year, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani expressed his best wishes to all the people of Kurdistan, including Christians in Kurdistan and in Iraq. He also expressed his hope that the new KRG government will provide more services and fight corruption.

“I hope in 2014 we witness the strengthening of the peace, co-existence and tolerance in our country, as well as more stability, economic development, and better services,” said the statement by the President.

On the current efforts to form a new KRG government, the President called on all political sides to make the provision of services and national interests above everything in their programs. “This is a fitting opportunity so that all sides together try to fight corruption and all other obstacles before the development of our country. The rule of law should be strengthened and steps should be taken develop institutions in our country. In the coming year, work should be done to bring all the people closer to their government and reinforce trust among the political sides, and these are important for a bright future for our people and country.”

“I would also like to congratulate our people in other parts of Kurdistan the Kurdish diaspora. I hope 2014, which is the 500th anniversary of the division of the Kurdish land in the Battle of Chaldiran, will be the start for the our people to recover their rights and land, and for our Kurds in Syria to gain their rights,” said the statement.





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