Dr.Jegarkhowein in Talk with Tasnim News Agancy: the Relations between Iran and Kurds Is Historical and with Iraqi Shias is Strategic

Tasnim News Agancy: Dr. Jegarkhowein the Deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Tehran considered Iran and Kurdistan relations historical and said: ‘Iran and Kurdistan has been and is a part of Iran civilization. A report by international group of Tasnim News Agancy, Dr. Jegarkhowein (Muhammad Seddigh Ahmad), the Deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Islamic Republic of Iran participated in Tasnim News Agancy round-table for studying Iraq Parliament Elections on news site and began to present his opinions as its description followed:


Election, the Symbol of Democracy


Tasnim News Agancy: Can Parliament Elections of Iraq converge on different political parties?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: Generally elections is a chance people use as a symbol of Democracy as well as a judge for the way of conducting society affairs by governments, it is so good to properly and peacefully deal with the problems and political differences on parties’ view through elections; considering lots of troubles Iraq faces up to presently, the best way is people participate in the elections and vote for their desirable candidates so that they can take a role on the national convergence being  created in Iraq. Iraq has special features. After ottoman emperor fall and first world-war Iraq formed under special circumstances, Iraq has a heterogenic tribal and religious combination and that is why those governments came to power, none managed to create accepted and qualified national unification among people in recent decade and after the kingship fall and republic establishment and then Ba’ath in special, a racism attitude dominated the country and oppressed people’s views. I want to mention the oppression of different of views of Kurds and Shia. No effort has gone into considering people’s true views so that they themselves could apply theirs to manage the country, that is why it seemed there was an artificial unification not only it was a wrong one, but also it was a use of force and pressure that did not allow any different political views to be represented.


The relation between Kurds and Shias is Strategic


Tasnim News Agancy: Is Kurds’ position on alliance with Shias still fixed? Is this alliance true for Nuri Al-Maleki?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: Our alliance is not with personification, we make an alliance with our Shia sisters and brothers. Kurds and Shias have a common history of fight and innocence and their unification are strategic; it exists among all progressive political forces of Iraq, Shia in special.


Popular participation will be more on southern cities


Tasnim News Agancy: How would you anticipate people participation of Iraq? Have any estimation made about it?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: I think considering its heterogenic tribal combination of three different religions and the way of their dispersion, namely, Shia, Sunni and Kurd brothers there will be more participation on southern cities and Kurdistan Region; therefore apparently on cities with security problems it will be less.


We cannot give any opinions about elections outcome


Tasnim News Agancy: How would you predict people’s welcoming of elections lists? Which list will be most welcomed?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: We cannot to give any views about it. People in Kurdistan Region will have a great participation, but we cannot mention any special list.


To have one of the key posts is Kurds’ right


Tasnim News Agancy: Now we see differences between Kurds and Sunnis, for example about presidential elections. Arabs says this post is our right, on the other side Kurds declare that will not overlook their right, what is your view about it?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: Iraq is formed of two tribes of Arab and Kurd, as you know the parliament of Kurdistan region government has been selected by people ballots, while it is independent, has decided to create an optional unification with Arab brothers in a new democratic Iraq. Considering as a major part of population combination of Iraq and the minority who has been most oppressed, I think, it is Kurds’ right to have one of the key posts and it is not greed. There are Sunni brothers and political parties who are obedient to the political process of Iraq and have advanced views, but generally I say when a tribal combination with racism slogan governed more than 80 years, it is hard to take up their place and to persuade them to have their own share.


Sunnis ask for shares as much as its capacity


Tasnim News Agancy: In your view what is their share?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: In my view their share is as much as their population and capacity, as I said Iraq has particular division, all believe that Kurdistan Region has its own different features and has accepted the to unify with its Arab brothers and to stay in the frame of a new democratic Iraq; I guess to get a high management posts is the least expectation.


The alliances will be made after elections

Tasnim News Agancy: What do you think of the future of Iraq after the elections? How will the alliance among the political groups be?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: Alliances will be made after elections outcome have been cleared so that lists and political parties can study their ways of alliances with each other and assess their plans. Our desire for alliance is according the rights that we think we should take, if our views and desires agree with our allied we will not insist on taking a special post; the matter is that we can progress our plans, of course if it will be supposed to divide the high performing and managing posts of Iraq fairly, generally one of them should be assigned to tribal combination of Kurd.


For presidential post we know a powerful selection


Tasnim News Agancy: Have Kurds considered anyone for presidency? What plans do have for this post?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: There are sure special selections, but I am not willing to say anyone’s name; many have asked Mr. Barzani to take the post of presidency. After the election outcome has cleared, I think, there will be not any problems to choose the considered one, we have powerful personifications. As soon as this post is assigned to Kurds, we will offer our candidate.


Solving political problems guarantees security concerns

News Agancy: is Iraq trying to take its major place in the region?

Dr. Jegarkhowein: We hope the outcome of the elections is in a way and a government comes to power that can create the chance for every political parties and tribes to participate. If political problems of Iraq tend to be solved, apparently security problems and other concerns will decrease and remove. We think that the present elections cause new conditions and to calm the country down.


The relation between Iran and Kurds is historical


Tasnim News Agancy: How much is it true for Mr. Barzani’s threat of separation from Iraq?

I think Mr. Barzani presents his position as the president of the Kurdistan Region, the relation between Iran and Kurds is historical, Kurdistan of Iraq has been and is a part of Iran civilization. Our language and Iranian’s has common root as well as common history, that is why our political behavior has not been in a way to insult Iran, continuously our leaders Mr. Barzani in special has remembered and astonished his good relations with Iran and considered it progressing.


Tasnim News Agancy: Region Autonomy of Kurdistan has come to an agreement with central government, on the other side has signed a contract of oil export with Turkey, what do you think of it?

About oil export contract signed with Turkey to excavate oil I have to say we have acted in the frame of Iraq laws, our political relations, political behavior and foreign policy are in the frame of Iraq foreign policy. Kurdistan Region is now known and located in a sensitive region, considering current sensitivities and border concerns; Kurdistan government has properly managed to be firm and steady. All our behaviors have been according to Iraq constitution and none was against it.





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