Sunday, 20 March 2016 10:00

About the reasons of outstanding increase of Kurds’ role in Syria followed by domestic crisis of this country, Iran Press had an interview with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Governemt of Iraq in Iran and one of the senior experts in Kurdish affairs of which its outlines follow:
In the response to the first question, Nazem Dabbagh replied that after the emergence of ISIS phenomena and opposition of Syria, Kurds had an opportunity to refresh and assert them. Through occurred conditions they pursued to restore their wasted rights, so did they start to fight against terrorists and interfering forces. What characteristics of Kurds warriers that differ from other fighters is their sincerity, bravery and courage. He continued: according the constitution, the first aim is to protect existence of their policy and military. After the fight between Bashar Assad’s government and oppositions commenced, Kurds started to fight its territory rather than supporting them; so they avoided fight and tension with Syria Regime. While it seems when ISIS and Al-Nosrah Front threat goes on, Kurds will also avoid fight with Syria Regime.
The representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran relating to the close relationship with Syrian Kurds with P.K.K and Ankara’s policy said that Syrian Kurds and P.K.K have many common ideological and structural characteristic. Syrian Kurdish party is a branch of Turkish Labors. Thus it needs to be mentioned that these groups are obedient to the Constitution of their countries; and their cooperation does not mean estrangement between them and their political regimes. This is truer for Syrian Kurds. Concerning with hardware entrance of Turkey it needs to be indicated that Ankara has involved in serious strategic mistakes in the field of changes of Syria. Disregarding the roots of crisis, by their unexamined acts they have made Syria security.

Friday, 01 January 2016 03:30

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran supporting idea of holding referendum of independence of Kurdistan Region said this is accordance with the constitution of Iraq.

According to the international reporter of Ana News Agency, Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran said: in the constitution of Iraq the right to determine fortune and holding a referendum for all people is emphasized. Naturally this the absolute right of Kurdistan people to express their opinions for their future.

About the purpose of this holding such referendum in the present complicated situations of Iraq he said: Kurdistan Region wants to determine position through this referendum and know that the news implies independence declare of people is indeed whether people’s opinions themselves or rumors to which the Region are inspired by other sources.

While stating that never do Kurds want to begin to hold a referendum of independence without Central Government’s permission, Dabbagh said: based on this there have been negotiations between Central Government and Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Naturally for this KRG should enter negotiation with government. Already Masoud Barzani the president of KRG relating a referendum of independence said: the Kurdistan Region is looking for being a real partner in Central Government, if not possible so, about being or not in the frame of Iraq we do hold referendum. Barzani alerted: Iraq is about to fall. The outcome of following parliamentary elections may be determinant, if there is respect to the constitution and its performing, Kurds will cooperate to establish Iraq. About these phrases of Barzani Nazem Dabbagh said to Ana reporter: since ISIS attacked Iraq, it has been divided into three sections. One is the areas of Baghdad and south of Iraq under Central Government, another as before is under Kurdistan Region and the other in under ISIS. In fact, we are facing heterogenic condition which more than ever reveals the necessity of being united to fight terrorists like ISIS.

Criticizing the weak army help of Central Government of Iraq to Kurds against ISIS he Said: we want Central Government of Iraq to support Kurdistan Region to fight against ISIS, but we consider them insufficient. Naturally helping the Region should not be limited to military but to political, back-up, diplomatic … fields.


The representative of Kurdsitan Region of Iraq in Iran stated: Iran has always offered its political and military helps to us and has repeatedly appreciated for their positive positions to changes of Kurdistan Region.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 04:30

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran left a note of for Iran Press on Thurseday concerning the terrorist attack to Kurdish youths caravan in Surouch of Turkey of which most important line as followed:

Surouch adjacent to Turkey and Syria border was the scene of a horrible terrorist explosion. Ahmed David Oughlu, the prime minister of Turkey knew ISIS the cause for this suicidal attack. While condemning this terrorist action, he promised to punish the actors. Nevertheless, Turkish Syrian and Iraq Kurds have suffered hurts like Kubane tragedy as a result of the appearance of ISIS, they will not consider Davaid Oughle’s promises sufficient and Pishmerga will arise to take revenge for their innocent youths aiming to help their war-worn mankind.

Regarding Iraq and Syria’s changes it can be realized that Kurds, women in special, men and Pishmergah were the only forces who stood thoroughly against the terrorist group and played the most important roles. In addition, the victory of Democratic People Party of Kurds (HDP) in parliamentary elections of Turkey has given Kurds double strength. Nowadays the enemy of Kurds especially in Iraq, Syria and Turkey are trying to destroy them, as time being the more terrorists acts against Kurds, the better Pishmergah reacts.

Another point that should be noticed is that ISIS is not fed through sky, there are absolutely borders through where army and human aids are reached by ISIS and they are Turkey’s border. The terrorist attack om Monday to Kurdish youths caravan on Turkey border has once more again showed Ankara’s authorities that ISIS is a not a danger to one or two groups but it is an international danger.


Thus it seems that even if Turkey does not agree to withdraw from its foreign policy in the Middle East now, it will in the future. In addition to Turkey other regional countries should be warned the only option against ISIS is the international unity.   

Monday, 17 August 2015 04:30

In response to a question about predicting and analyzing the current conditions in Iraq and Syria, Dabbagh said: every war will finally end and be followed by peace. It cannot be said that a war will continue forever. However to end this hostility groundwork should be laid. Presently reasons causing these conflicts in the region have to be removed until this fighting ends. The reasons are: the benefits of great countries, religion affairs and the countries seeking their benefits through these tenseness’. Relating to Turkey changing its positions against ISIS Dabbagh said: some countries including Turkey on the pretext of supporting opposition of Syria against Bashar Assad have fallen into ISIS’s well. Unlike what Turkey predicted Bashar Assad’s regime not only did not fall in 10 days but it also has resisted for four years. In such conditions Turkey has tried to impose its idea but has failed as of a yet. Now this is Kurds like P.K.K and PYD have shown more resistance against ISIS. Dabbagh added that we should not begin to take revenge from this or that group, but real forces of Shia, Sunni and Kurds have to try to gain their lost rights. Dabbagh said that the war will end and the foreign countries will rush to rebuild the region; and we have to try this process to be managed by politician and leaders.

Concerning this claim that to resist against ISIS Kurds are looking for autonomy Dabbagh said: after World War I, Kurds have been divided in Iran, Syria and Iraq. The historical truth is that Iran has been Kurds’ main homeland. During Iran-Ottoman war Kurds presented in both sides and fought along with their country’s force. After Iraq and Syria had formed a part of Kurdistan was given to Iraq and another part to Iran, Turkey and Syria. The reason Kurds fighting central government has been for their violated rights. If it does not reach its right it will resist. In new Iraq the most important factor making both dictator fall and new Iraq form was Kurds. At the time of Saddam Hussein the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was separated and was given budget by the UN. For instance, the oil of Kirkuk which was pleasure to Kurds during history changed to their misery. Iraq, Turkey and Syria have always considered it allowable to be unfair against Kurds and they have had to resist to and fight to gain their right during the history. Presently Ayatollah Sistani have supported and astonished Kurds and the leader of Kurd, Jalal Talibani. Ayatollah Sistani also said: whoever takes over the leadership of Kurds, Iraq must accept it. In Iran the conditions for Kurds are different. In Iraq, Syria and Turkey Kurds do not want their rights more than what is specified in the constitution and governments has to admit this.

About I.R. of Iran Dabbagh said: Islamic revolution was a positive point for us since one of the enemies of Kurds was former Shah of Iran. After Islamic revolution’s victory, Iran has turned out to be a strong and safe shelter Iraqi Kurds and poor people of Iraq. Indeed it is a shelter for Iraqi fighters. Generally speaking I deem Islamic revolution as an event of the century. We Kurds owe to Iran, for Iran’s support has helped Kurds to be strengthened. About imperialism Dabbagh said it is we that lay the ground for them to penetration. About how to establish security in Iraq, the most strategy is to strengthen the unity, Dabbagh said. To justify this claim he mentioned the historical witnesses at the time of Saddam and occupying Mosul just by ISIS’ 300-400 forces.                    



Wednesday, 12 August 2015 04:30

The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran said: 80 Iranian and Iraqi Kurdish prisoners will be transferred to Iraq and Kurdistan Region next week to serve their sentences.

Dabbagh in talk with the reporter of Fars News Agency Foreign Policy, mentioning, the vice-foreign minister, Hassan Ghashghawi’s travel to the Region of Iraq and his talk with the authorities of the Region including Jalal Talibani, Nechirvan Barezani the chief of The Judiciary and others said: according to widespread relations this travel is beneficial and pessimistic. About the broadening goes and comes especially on the behalf of Iranian authorities of Kurdistan Region of Iraq he showed hope.

Concerning the outcomes of this travel Dabbagh said: it has been to transfer 80 Iranian prisoners in the region to Iran and 9 Iraqi Kurdish ones in Iran to the Region to keep serving their sentences.

The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran relating this said: this transfer will be done next week, this is the first list of prisoners and the second will soon be operational.  



Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:30

Following Mohammad javad Zarif’s travel to Kurdistan region of Iraq Diplomacy Irani had an interview with Dr. Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran of which main points as followed:


Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad believes both sides have special place in their own foreign policy for each other and the foreign minister’s travel to the region at this time denotes Iran’s nation’s support from Iraq’s and Kurdistan’s people. KRG of Iraq has turn out to be the most important confrontation center with ISIS and Pishmerga forces more than any other groups have fought them. Thus to support Kurdistan’s people and military forces against this increasingly international threat is so much important to the neighboring country and I.R. of Iran as a regional power was the first country which in this direction gave precious help to KR.


About the outcomes of this travel he said I as an international researcher believe that despite of this suppress Kurds are a fact in the region. Nowadays Kurds concern is no longer an interior matter of Iraq but a regional and international. Iran is known as the origin of foreign Kurds. In spite of respecting the national benefits and the principle of foreign policy of Iran I have to say that Iran has not taken any advantages of this in spite of all these powers and effective equipment.  


Thus Dr. Zarif’s travel to Iraq at this time represents the relation of both sides as sturdy and inseparable. Definitely Kurds know Iran as their motherland wherever they are and appreciate the relation to be developed. Dr. Ahmad believes that KRG sees Shia as a strategic ally, nevertheless the occurred differences are between the Region and Iraq governments but the Shia. In the direction of solving these problems, I.R. of Iran regarding having ties with both sides can play a prominent role to converge them. Thus the important point about this is concerning establishing balance on the relations with Shia, Kurds and Sunni of Iraq in foreign policy of Tehran in Iraq.


In a response to last question, Dr. Ahmad believes that the matter of Kurdistan independency from Iraq is in the field of the right of self-determination. The policies of KRG also are according to keep peace and stability in the KRG and region. Our collaboration with Tehran is not limited to a period of time. So the short-time crises cannot create basic changes in our policy.            






Monday, 08 September 2014 04:30

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq ( – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani yesterday received a delegation representing Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, to discuss latest developments and the situation of displaced Christian families sheltered in Kurdistan.

The delegation was led by Mar Meelis Zaia, Archbishop of the Assyrian Church of the East, who conveyed the Patriarch’s greetings and expressed gratitude to the Kurdistan Region for all the aid and support extended to the displaced Christians. He said that the incidents over the past weeks have been tragic and a bitter experience, but said that it is temporary and hopefully will soon be over.

Members of the delegation discussed relations among the various religious and ethnic communities in Kurdistan and nearby areas, stressing the historic bonds between Kurds and Christians. They hailed the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence shared by different communities throughout Kurdistan because Kurds, too, have endured similar struggles. The Archbishop expressed confidence that the culture of harmonious coexistence would remain and that this legacy would continue.

Prime Minister Barzani also highlighted Kurdistan’s culture of tolerance, explaining that the various communities in Kurdish society are important and peaceful coexistence is an essential principle for the people of Kurdistan, who have always valued their diverse communities. He added that the events that have recently befallen Christians and other minorities are absolutely tragic and emphasised that all communities stand together in this fight – all are committed to remain together, as the future is shared by all of the people of Kurdistan.

The Prime Minister noted the special place of the Christian community in Kurdistan’s society. The tragic incidents of the past weeks have been awful, and this has encouraged all components of society to work harder to build a better future for everyone in Kurdistan. He reassured members of the delegation that the KRG and the people of Kurdistan are exerting every effort to provide safety, security, and dignity to members of all communities.

Finally, members of the delegation restated that internationally they have always called for further support for the Kurdistan Region and its government to promote prosperity, investment, and a better quality of life in the Region. The Archbishop also reiterated his community’s gratitude and appreciation for the role of the Peshmerga forces and their sacrifices, adding that everyone is proud of them and that their actions will not be forgotten.





Thursday, 21 August 2014 09:00

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KR of Iraq in Tehran concerning the future of central government of Kurds says if Iraq is willing, as usual Kurds will play their role and be a part of the solution but the problem. As recently the delegation of the Region Government presented in Baghdad and the Kurdish representatives of the parliament participated in the first meeting and took legal oath. In addition by this Kurdish authority’s saying, as of a yet Kurds have not taken any decision to announce their independence. If they in some regions took action against ISIS, it was for the army frightened by extremists emptied those places and it was just Pishmregas who remained there. Mosallas Weekly ran an interview with Mr. Dabbagh and sought for some aspects of current security situation in Iraq.

In his view the occupation of some regions of Iraq by ISIS has changed the security conditions. He continued: whilst security forces of Iraq left the regions under dispute according the article 140 of constitute it was the Pishmergas only remained there to protect them and resisted. He also added Kurds have not stated their independence yet and added that if ISIS attack the region Kurds will resist. In addition to this claim that Iraqi Kurds took advantage from this happened situation to gain independence was rejected by him, said such phrases are put by those who have been unsuccessful to manage Iraq.

In a response to question he replied that Turkey seeks for his advantages in Iraq, even though he stated ISIS will attack Turkey in the future as well. Concerning peace talk of Turkey with P.K.K he said apparently the peace is smelt from these talks, therefore we should wait till the outcomes of the negotiation emerge.


Concerning the conditions of Mosul and Kirkuk in the case of being separated from Iraq Dabbagh said this condition will be stated at the time of forming the new government. About the budget of KRG of Iraq in the region under dispute he also said that this budget is being prepared through selling oil since the central government stopped paying the budget. At the end Dabbagh said: I completely surely say if Iraq wants, as usual Kurds will play their role and be a pet of the solution but the problem. The only way to transit out this crisis is agreement, compatibility, mutual respect, to be one-handed and real and actual participatory government away from tribal and national dogmatisms and to obedient to the constitute of Iraq and following the agreements that lead Iraq to peace and friendship.





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