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Thursday, 20 Aug 2015

Raymond Adorno, the head of command headquarters of land forces of America army has recently said that the Disintegration of Iraq is the only solution to end the crisis in this country. The reporter of Jame Jam Press, relating this, had an interview with Mr. Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Iran of which as followed:


General Raymond Adorno, the head of command headquarter of land forces of America Army has announced disintegration is the only solution to accomplish the rapprochement between Shia and Sunni. Why has this put again now?

It is long time that the disintegration of Iraq has been being put in Medias, but I think it should be done by people and organizations’ satisfaction. To do so, Kurds, Arabians, Shia and Sunni have to make a decision that nobody has the right to give any ideas about this from out of the country. America thinks if Iraq get disintegration, the people of each part can fight better with ISIS and combat this terrorist groups, however, the disintegration of Iraq and the security concerns of the region relate to just Iraqis.  


Can we say that America seek to disintegration of Iraq?

I can’t say with bluntness that America are looking for disintegration of Iraq, but after World War I and the fall of Ottoman government, the region got separated. In fact America is seeking to preserve its benefits, and go to everywhere that it has benefited.


Do Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Zionist Regime seek to disintegration of Iraq to penetrate this country and they want no strong central government to present?

I cannot say that Turkey and Arabia are looking for disintegration of Iraq, but is Zionist region to supply its benefits followed the disintegration of Arabian regions and the Middle East. In my opinion if central government is their ideal, they will not have any problem; since they want Sunni to overcome Iraq as at Saddam Hussein time, but when they see that Kurds share the destination of Iraq this is tough for them.


Has the betrayal of some inner groups to take ISIS not been an artificial work to make Iraq disintegrated?

The betrayal of this people causing ISIS to overcome the region and Kurdistan, was the betrayal against humanity and Islam, and I dare to say that Kurds has performed better to fight against ISIS.


What is the phase of ISIS position and of fighting it?

Sunni has cooperated ISIS to a high extent, and this has caused that fighting against this group has got more difficult. Of course the position of ISIS in the regions of Kurdistan is not good, for %95 of the regions occupied by this terrorist group has been freed. ISIS present more in Falluja and Al-Anbar the Army of America and Iraq has not been able to have an outcome in these regions yet; however the second stage of freeing Al-Anbar has started.


Why do Iraqis opposite to corruption in their country?

Nobody dares to be opponent to reformation and fighting against corruption in Iraq; of course this is a fact that these attempts are made to act to decrease the authorities of one side and one’s domination on others. Many interpret these attempts as coup, but I personally support reformations.


What can government do about this?

If government has a complete cooperation with political groups in Iraq, it can fight against corruption. This matter is not limited to fire just few authorities or remove the deputies of the President but the government has to monitor the ministries more which are given great budgets, like electricity, commercial, health ministry and municipal which have to offer more services to people.  







Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

Ilna: the measurement of Iran and KR’s economic cooperation, problems between them, and the crisis of ISIS effectiveness on economic cooperation is the news subject about which Ilna reporter talked to Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran. With regards to the position of economic of KRG after ISIS’s attack Dabbagh said it caused many problems to KR. The Region, presently, has got an 1150km border with ISIS. This has caused to decrease the economic relations. Breaking off the Region’s budget by Iraq central government, besides war expenditure, has caused KRG not been able to start rebuild industrial and development projects. Even the presence of tourists in KR has decreased and continued up to now. Unfortunately financial crisis has caused that more than 250 companies have gone bankrupt which has increased the unemployment in the Region. In such situations Iranian companies have got into problems too.

Concerning possible fields of KRG and Iran’s cooperation in the space of post-sanctions Dabbagh said: according both security, policy and economic there are conditions to be available to cooperate in these fields. But the termination of Iran’s sanctions is not an event to occur in a few weeks, so we should wait for the agreements to be performed.

In a response to a question relating left tendencies of Kurdish parties in the past, Dabbagh replied: presently I don’t want to say on the behalf of parties like Patriotic Union. However, generally speaking, economic and social thoughts dominating Kurdistan are more willing to Democrat Socialist. In Kurdistan we basically believe in private sector as well as economic freedoms. For this has caused our country to grow. We no longer look for a Socialistic or Marxist system. Marxist’s period has gone over. This theory even did not benefit to Soviet. We also use Liberalist doctrines in the field of economy. We have unilaterally opened the Kurdistan Region’s border to our neighbors, especially Iran. Presently if one wants to enter the Region for economy activities and investment, he does not need passport. About the level of the KR and Iran’s economic cooperation Dabbagh added: it was good in the past but not now. However we expect to take pace forward improvement, as well. He said: the level amounted to 6 billion dollars and we have planned to grow this to 10 billion dollars. Before ISIS around 5 billion dollars of that was met. Of course the transfer of money was effective.




Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran left a note of for Iran Press on Thurseday concerning the terrorist attack to Kurdish youths caravan in Surouch of Turkey of which most important line as followed:

Surouch adjacent to Turkey and Syria border was the scene of a horrible terrorist explosion. Ahmed David Oughlu, the prime minister of Turkey knew ISIS the cause for this suicidal attack. While condemning this terrorist action, he promised to punish the actors. Nevertheless, Turkish Syrian and Iraq Kurds have suffered hurts like Kubane tragedy as a result of the appearance of ISIS, they will not consider Davaid Oughle’s promises sufficient and Pishmerga will arise to take revenge for their innocent youths aiming to help their war-worn mankind.

Regarding Iraq and Syria’s changes it can be realized that Kurds, women in special, men and Pishmergah were the only forces who stood thoroughly against the terrorist group and played the most important roles. In addition, the victory of Democratic People Party of Kurds (HDP) in parliamentary elections of Turkey has given Kurds double strength. Nowadays the enemy of Kurds especially in Iraq, Syria and Turkey are trying to destroy them, as time being the more terrorists acts against Kurds, the better Pishmergah reacts.

Another point that should be noticed is that ISIS is not fed through sky, there are absolutely borders through where army and human aids are reached by ISIS and they are Turkey’s border. The terrorist attack om Monday to Kurdish youths caravan on Turkey border has once more again showed Ankara’s authorities that ISIS is a not a danger to one or two groups but it is an international danger.


Thus it seems that even if Turkey does not agree to withdraw from its foreign policy in the Middle East now, it will in the future. In addition to Turkey other regional countries should be warned the only option against ISIS is the international unity.   

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

In an interview with the reporter of Etemad Press, Nazem Dabbagh put the different aspects of Turkey’ recent army operations against ISIS and P.K.K under-discussion of which outlines as followed:

About the outcomes of violating the ceasefire by P.K.K, Dabbagh said: in general not to obedient to ceasefire is a negative work and violating it by both sides will absolutely cause challenges between them. In addition, relating to Turkey’s joining to anti-ISIS coalition, Dabbagh added: in my view Turkey at last had to fight ISIS since witnesses prove that bombing in Kurdish region in Turkey was performed by ISIS. Certainly, after finishing its mission in Iraq and Syria, ISIS will head to Turkey. The danger of ISIS is not threatening Iraq and Syria but all the region and world, thus; Turkey may use ISIS as a tool to oppress the Kurds of Iraq and Syria. Furthermore about the difference between ISIS and P.K.K in Turkey’s view Dabbagh said: it is not different for Turkey. For it considers P.K.K terrorist as ISIS. On the pretext of fighting terrorism has aimed P.K.K. but it requires to give more clear definition for terrorism so that the border between Turkey and ISIS get specified. Nowadays if there is any problem, we all have to be united so that we can defeat terrorist.

He added: in my view it will cause many great problems and destroy the peace in Kurdsih regions of turkey. He insisted: these challenges will definitely be a chance for ISIS. Fighting between Turkey and P.K.K will absolutely make it easy for ISIS to move toward Kurdish regions of Syria and cause Kurds’ positions weak severely. Finally Dabbagh mentioned the position of KRG of Iraq about this and said: KRG of Iraq has frequently followed to establish peace, stability and talks for peace and it will never get into war. If this fighting occurs, one of the regions which absolutely suffer is KRG.  



Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Tehran talking with the reporter of international group of Ana News Agency about the turkey’s attack to P.K.K in Dohuk Province of Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Turkish fighters’ army said: unfortunately it is true, and has caused to kill a number of this group. He continued: due to bombing the positions of P.K.K, Turkey has again made a gap in the process of cease-fire and reconciliation between this group and the government of this country. In my view this strike was great obstruction of peace negotiations. He added: I believe that turkey must not begin to strike P.K.K to solve its problem with this group since it leads no accomplishment but to aggravate the situation. Dabbagh said: as of a yet for a difference of opinion among Turkish authorities and P.K.K in the process of peace there has been disarray, now army attack and bombing the positions of this group by Turkey fighters will absolutely end the negotiations of peace and reconciliation. At the end he said of making call of some KRG authorities with Turkey about bombing P.K.K positions.

News Network of Rudaw, according to eyewitnesses, reported: following these severe bombing four numbers of P.K.K died and the residents of the region abandoned their homes and in a talk a source said PUK media that ten more members of this group injured. The media relating to this group announced that the Turkey army has begun to attack Zaab, Haftanin and Avashin and P.K.K has reacted these strikes.

This is while between Turkey and P.K.K during last two years there was cease-fire and peace negotiations, but P.K.K charged Turkey for dillydallying and killing time in negotiations and political exploitation of it, furthermore Turkish government charged this group to misuse the government operations of peace and started to strike P.K.K positions.   



Monday, 17 Aug 2015

In response to a question about predicting and analyzing the current conditions in Iraq and Syria, Dabbagh said: every war will finally end and be followed by peace. It cannot be said that a war will continue forever. However to end this hostility groundwork should be laid. Presently reasons causing these conflicts in the region have to be removed until this fighting ends. The reasons are: the benefits of great countries, religion affairs and the countries seeking their benefits through these tenseness’. Relating to Turkey changing its positions against ISIS Dabbagh said: some countries including Turkey on the pretext of supporting opposition of Syria against Bashar Assad have fallen into ISIS’s well. Unlike what Turkey predicted Bashar Assad’s regime not only did not fall in 10 days but it also has resisted for four years. In such conditions Turkey has tried to impose its idea but has failed as of a yet. Now this is Kurds like P.K.K and PYD have shown more resistance against ISIS. Dabbagh added that we should not begin to take revenge from this or that group, but real forces of Shia, Sunni and Kurds have to try to gain their lost rights. Dabbagh said that the war will end and the foreign countries will rush to rebuild the region; and we have to try this process to be managed by politician and leaders.

Concerning this claim that to resist against ISIS Kurds are looking for autonomy Dabbagh said: after World War I, Kurds have been divided in Iran, Syria and Iraq. The historical truth is that Iran has been Kurds’ main homeland. During Iran-Ottoman war Kurds presented in both sides and fought along with their country’s force. After Iraq and Syria had formed a part of Kurdistan was given to Iraq and another part to Iran, Turkey and Syria. The reason Kurds fighting central government has been for their violated rights. If it does not reach its right it will resist. In new Iraq the most important factor making both dictator fall and new Iraq form was Kurds. At the time of Saddam Hussein the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was separated and was given budget by the UN. For instance, the oil of Kirkuk which was pleasure to Kurds during history changed to their misery. Iraq, Turkey and Syria have always considered it allowable to be unfair against Kurds and they have had to resist to and fight to gain their right during the history. Presently Ayatollah Sistani have supported and astonished Kurds and the leader of Kurd, Jalal Talibani. Ayatollah Sistani also said: whoever takes over the leadership of Kurds, Iraq must accept it. In Iran the conditions for Kurds are different. In Iraq, Syria and Turkey Kurds do not want their rights more than what is specified in the constitution and governments has to admit this.

About I.R. of Iran Dabbagh said: Islamic revolution was a positive point for us since one of the enemies of Kurds was former Shah of Iran. After Islamic revolution’s victory, Iran has turned out to be a strong and safe shelter Iraqi Kurds and poor people of Iraq. Indeed it is a shelter for Iraqi fighters. Generally speaking I deem Islamic revolution as an event of the century. We Kurds owe to Iran, for Iran’s support has helped Kurds to be strengthened. About imperialism Dabbagh said it is we that lay the ground for them to penetration. About how to establish security in Iraq, the most strategy is to strengthen the unity, Dabbagh said. To justify this claim he mentioned the historical witnesses at the time of Saddam and occupying Mosul just by ISIS’ 300-400 forces.                    



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