Monday, 05 January 2015 07:00

To analyze the current situations of Kubani and the regional countries’ positions toward this crisis, JARAS went to Nazem Dabbagh the official representative KRG of Iraq in Iran. The main says as followed:

In the response to the first question he answered: the concern of Kubani is sensitive and the governments wanting ISIS to win should consider that if it happens so, it will cause insecurity in their countries. It is already experienced that when the security and intelligence agencies look for to create a crisis the outcome of it does aim themselves, since after the coalition formed the attacks of ISIS have got more. He alerted that the fall of Kubani will follow critical results. Thus the regional countries have to become alert and know that the terrorists just work for their benefit and cannot meet the countries’ needs supporting them.

Concerning the helps from Kurdistan Region of Iraq to Kubanian people, Dabbagh said: there are two concerns about this. One is the geography of Kubani which the only way to reach it is through Turkey borders but Turkey has shut the Kubani entrances, whereas, in letter the president of the KRG of Iraq has asked Turkey to give the permission to help Kubanian people.

Dabbagh considers Turkey policy to close the borders and to prevent P.K.K Kurds from entering Kubani as binary policy. On the one hand Ahmad Davoud Ughlu the prime minister of Turkey said they will not allow Kubani to be occupied by ISIS. On the other hand the president of the country states that Kubani has fallen and ISIS has occupied it. In addition Dabbagh know it illogical and unfair of Erdugan to consider P.K.K and ISIS the same, since Dabbagh belies that they are naturally different.

As continuing Dabbagh said: the airstrike simply cannot cause ISIS to be defeated so land attack is needed. These attacks don’t have to be just superficial and to weaken ISIS but it must be strictly and aim to completely destroy it. At last Dabbagh Said: As I.R.Iran has not failed to help Syrian and Iraqi people, it should also interfere in Kubani concern.



Wednesday, 01 October 2014 07:00

Concerning the recent changes of Iraq after ISIS attacking to Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Mojgan Modarres Olum, from JARAS Press held a talk with Mr. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran of which the main points follow:


About serious international danger of ISIS he believes ISIS is a danger for all civilization and countries. This group is the people who possesses a country and that is why it leaves nothing but killing and violating. In his view the growth of ISIS is for mismanagement of governments and their incorrect performances.

While some of them are European and are supported by European countries. Thus it is not a danger just to Iraq and Syria but all countries. That is why should begin to fight this group. Kurds have been the only group fought them sincerely.


Mr. Dabbagh in a response to a question concerning the presence of potentials for international coalition against ISIS said that the USA’s attack to ISIS has been made when the danger of ISIS got clear. ISIS follows the goals just the as Ba’aths, namely, to unify Iraq, Syria and Egypt. The west, Turkey and Saudi Arabia supported this group sometime now they have found out the danger of ISIS.


Undoubtedly if ISIS overcomes Iraq, it will attack to those countries. Nevertheless the coalition for confronting ISIS is affective when it will not superficial. He continued if international coalition does not form against ISIS, in the future ISIS will endanger them in their countries. Therefore, superficial acts does not work but deep so that after being diminished of this ISIS, another ISIS cannot substitute for it. Iran’s position indicates that it is determined to confront ISIS he said.      






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