Thursday, 15 May 2014 22:30

 Dr. Ruj Nouri Shawis, deputy-prime-minister of Iraq in economic affairs, accompanied by high-ranking delegation participated in the banquet by representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Tehran.

Tuesday of May 13th, the representative of KRG of Iraq, Nazem Debbagh gave a big party honouring Dr. Ruj Nouri Shawis, deputy-prime-minister of Iraq in economic affairs accompanied by high-ranking delegation of federal government of Iraq including Minister of  Finance,the Chief of National Investment Institute, the Chief of National Custom and the deputies of other economic ministries of Iraq along with Muhammad Majid Al-Sheikh, the Ambassador of Iraq in Iran as well as a number of the embassy.

In this party, Dr. Jegarkhowein, deputy-Representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran accompanied by Hiva Rasul Rashid and Dr. Ramazan and a number of stuff from KRG office presented as well.

During two-day journey, Dr. Shawis accompanied by the high ranking delegation of Iraq Federal Government entered Tehran in order to develop economic and investment relations between two countries and to sign several economic cooperation agreements; and they also welcomed by Hussein Amir-Abdullahian, the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iranin Arabia and Africa Zone.

In his two-day journey to Tehran, Deputy-Prime-Minister of Economy visited and talked to Ishaq Jahangiri, the first deputy of the president of Islamic Republic, Dr. Ali Larijani, Chairman of Parliament, Dr. Ali Tayyebnia, the Minister of Economy and a number authorities of economy of Iran; a contract of economy relating to investment, custom, tax, bank and standard was included.










Friday, 16 May 2014 18:00

The Iraq elections Parliament has not been revealed yet; in addition Iraq Shia’s coalition has not got same opinion about its candidate. However, accordance with the agreement reached at time of Saddam Hussein fall, the former Iraq dictator, for the arrangements of Iraq, three major responsibilities are divided among Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. According to agreement, prime ministry is assigned to Shias, Presidency to Kurds and Parliament chairman to Sunni, therefore in Sovereignty division the presidency is assigned to Kurds and other posts are divided between other two groups. Nevertheless Kurdish groups are duty-bound to agreements and we expect so are all groups and political organizations of Iraq. To unify Iraq nationality, all parties and groups should be obliged to the Constitution and the reached agreement. Thus; we ought to wait for the final outcome of the elections, presently we cannot consider Nuri Al-Maliki definite as the prime minister yet. It is absolute right of all Iraqi political parties and groups to have a partnership-like government. We are duty-bound to a real partnership but those making lots of problem for Iraq before. Anyway we, Kurdish nation, of Iraq respect the Constitution, if Shia organizations gain more seats in the Parliament, it is their right to have prime minister from their own organization.









Monday, 19 May 2014 09:00

Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran, visited the injuries of Khanegheyn Terrorist Attack an closely inquired the last steps of their remedies.

He visited injuries in one of the hospital of Tehran in May 6 and wished health for them and told that the representative of KRG was prepared to give them any possible helps. Also injuries stated that they were delighted to visit Mr. Dabbagh.





Monday, 19 May 2014 13:30

Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran, welcomed Salah Al-Zawari,the Palestinian Ambassador in Iran in May 6 in the Office of the Representative of KRG in Tehran.

They discussed the situation of Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Al-Zawari asked about health position of Mr. Jalal Talebani and wished safety for him. Al-Zawari emphasized the role of Jalal Talebani and other Iraqi Kurds leasders such as Masoud and Nichirvan Barzani.





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