Wednesday, 01 July 2015 04:30

Mohammad Seddigh Ahmed (Jegarkhwein) the deputy-representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Tehran, on the occasion of Fuad Masum’s first travel as the president of Iraq to Tehran, gave a note to Taadol Press as followed:

During recent years, Iran and Iraq as two important neighbor countries in the Middle East have had broadly progressing relations. Meanwhile this travel had more positive outcomes so that Masum’s travel can be considered according to this. The importance of mutual relations and political meetings, concerning the general view of regional crises and the increase of tension in the Middle East have turned out to be more than ever. During last year the emergence of new version radical-terrorist group, ISIS, has caused Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan Region’s relations entered a new stage and period which leads to collaborate and cooperate more broadly and effectively as compared to before. Indeed it must be insisted that since the new government has gained the authority and Maliki, whose mismanagement caused Iraq more critical and ISIS more powerful, has resigned, the balanced and cooperative approach with Iran has been clear more than ever.

Ultimately Ahmed, after having mentioned economic, security, culture and political issues, summed up his discussion in a way that the progress of relations between Tehran, Baghdad and Erbil can be deemed more positive and closer than before if all three sides support the current political trend in Iraq according to the correct understanding of facts and present conditions as well as insist on democratic standards and norms to solve and transit these critical and special situations on the basis of establishment of peace and security in the region and save of the regional nations from the threat of greatly and destructively tribal wars and unlimited violent and homelessness of millions people.



Thursday, 01 January 2015 10:30

Ardeshir Pashang from Iranian Diplomacy conducted an interview with Dr. Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad, the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran concerning military confrontation of KRG with ISIS of which important lines as followed:

Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad (Jegarkhwein) the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq while mentioning that presently the war conditions indicate the strength and sturdiness of the deployment of Pishmerga military forces and their being strengthened with heavy weapon announced superiority Pishmega forces in conflict front with extremist terrorists and Takfiri of ISIS in present condition and said: the will and the ability of Pishmerga forces to defend Kurdistan, Kurdish and Iraqi people are so strong; these forces have lots of experiences of classic and specially guerilla wars; therefore the broad area of over 1500km of fronts and confrontation with suicidal attacks require special situations that luckily Pishmerga forces have gained the power. Whereas I should say this news that during recent days Kurdish Pishmerga have been able to inflict the most hit and human losses on ISIS which has been so considerable as compared with late couple weeks.

He continued to say by Mr. Barzani’s order to call reserved forces to support military operation against ISIS and then added that military operation of USA could inflict great hit on ISIS and we hope it to be continued.

Dr. Ahmad continued that in spite of public, military and political power KRG is not such powerful in economic and presently cannot accept refugees over 1million. He went on that all Iraq’s and the Region’s friends and allies including Iran have helped this government. Some Kurdish authorities appreciated Tehran due to these aides. In addition Dr. Ahmad while mentioning Mr. Yunosi’s talk, special assistant of the president in tribal and religious affairs said: I am so pleased that he as the representative of Iran government announced his position and opinion about sustained losses against Kurds and following dangers and this support has caused us to be happy and warm.

The deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran about the soon fall of Shengal and Zumar said firstly these two towns were under the control of Iraq army, secondly Pishmerga forces presence was limited in these towns and at last unusual kind of ISIS attack typically accompanied with unrecorded violence and cruelty against civilians was considered the reason of the fall.

He said major withdraws of KRG were in the regions which regarding military geography were less important and were carried out on a completely limited level and according to definite military tactics to save civilians’ lives. At last he deemed the civilians’ conditions of Shengal mounts so painful and bitter and said about the emergence of human disaster of Izadi Kurdish refugees in this mount. He added that this disastrous condition had a nationwide reflection; and even followed the announcement of Security Council. He said many of old people and children have lost their lives for killing heat, thirstiness and hungriness. Now most of them due to air-aiding on the behalf of the USA and Iraq forces have been transferred to a safe place.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014 07:00

Within Mohammad Javad Zarif’s travel to Iraq and his visit to Iraqi and Kurdish authorities, Arman Press had an interview with Dr. Ahmad the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran. In this interview he mentioned some aspects of the travel as followed:

About the decision made by the foreign minister of Iran to travel Kurdistan Region and its accomplishments he said Mr. Zarif’s travel is considerable for establishing a consensus between Kurdistan and the central government to confront with ISIS. Mentioning Masoud Barzani’s statements he said Iran has always supported the people, the government and Kurdistan Region of Iraq in tough days.

Dr. Ahmad concerning the charge brought by some foreign countries about Iran’s military interference in Iraq to confront ISIS said as far as he knows such a request has not been made from Iran. In addition Kurdistan region forces of Iraq especially Mr. Barzani announced that they need military weapons help and it was Iran the first country which helped. ‘As per the current situations in the region and the type of ISIS confrontation with KR of Iraq we do not need Iran to interfere’ he said.

About the option of military like Syria to confront ISIS he said basically the condition of Iraq is different with Syria. The crisis of Iraq has political root and Syria does security and military. Nevertheless Dr. Ahmad knows the root of these problems in mismanagements of Mr. Maliki. He continued to say that he does not think that military interference can solve the problem. International communities can confront this terrorist group by controlling the financial sources, commuting and their accessibilities of equipment.

In a response to question about the countries trying to fan Iranophobia he answered this roots in regional competition and the difference of countries’ benefits. Therefore he believes that if Iran can make a balance between political forces in Iraq it will be more successful. Accordance with the official policy of Iran the government preferred by Iraqi people, Kurdistan Region and any kind of agreements between both sides are supported by Iran which should be appreciated.


Thursday, 04 September 2014 13:30

Following Mohammad javad Zarif’s travel to Kurdistan region of Iraq Diplomacy Irani had an interview with Dr. Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad the deputy-representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran of which main points as followed:


Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad believes both sides have special place in their own foreign policy for each other and the foreign minister’s travel to the region at this time denotes Iran’s nation’s support from Iraq’s and Kurdistan’s people. KRG of Iraq has turn out to be the most important confrontation center with ISIS and Pishmerga forces more than any other groups have fought them. Thus to support Kurdistan’s people and military forces against this increasingly international threat is so much important to the neighboring country and I.R. of Iran as a regional power was the first country which in this direction gave precious help to KR.


About the outcomes of this travel he said I as an international researcher believe that despite of this suppress Kurds are a fact in the region. Nowadays Kurds concern is no longer an interior matter of Iraq but a regional and international. Iran is known as the origin of foreign Kurds. In spite of respecting the national benefits and the principle of foreign policy of Iran I have to say that Iran has not taken any advantages of this in spite of all these powers and effective equipment.  


Thus Dr. Zarif’s travel to Iraq at this time represents the relation of both sides as sturdy and inseparable. Definitely Kurds know Iran as their motherland wherever they are and appreciate the relation to be developed. Dr. Ahmad believes that KRG sees Shia as a strategic ally, nevertheless the occurred differences are between the Region and Iraq governments but the Shia. In the direction of solving these problems, I.R. of Iran regarding having ties with both sides can play a prominent role to converge them. Thus the important point about this is concerning establishing balance on the relations with Shia, Kurds and Sunni of Iraq in foreign policy of Tehran in Iraq.


In a response to last question, Dr. Ahmad believes that the matter of Kurdistan independency from Iraq is in the field of the right of self-determination. The policies of KRG also are according to keep peace and stability in the KRG and region. Our collaboration with Tehran is not limited to a period of time. So the short-time crises cannot create basic changes in our policy.            






Monday, 01 September 2014 13:30

Reporter: Dear listener, this is an interview with Mr. Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad, care taker of Iraqi Kurdistan mission in Iran. Mr. Ahmad, thank you for having this interview with us. As the first question Mr. Ahmad, earlier the leader the ISIL terrorist group has threatened that future goal is to capture Baghdad. In your opinion Mr. Ahmad, how much is this threat close to reality and is the ISIL capable enough in terms of equipment and manpower to put into action it treats?


Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad: Of course there has always been threat, but regarding to recent clashes between ISIL and the Kurdish Pishmerga forces and the heavy losses of ISIL forces, I think military power of ISIL has diminished. It means it doesn’t have the power and facility to launch a broad attack to a police, like Baghdad.  Capture of Baghdad is not an easy job and ISIL forces cannot do it. For besides the Iraqi Army there are popular forces. In my opinion the threat for capture Baghdad is not a real threat.


Reporter: You have red in the news that Yazidi’s of the northern of Iraq have evacuated the region after a number of them have been a kidnapped. Later we have that Kurdish Pishmerga manage to break the siege of Sanjar region which was used refused by Yazudis. Please tell us, how is the situation of the Yazidis at the moment?

Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad: fortunately, most of the people who lived in the mountainous region of Sanjar have been transformed to Dohuk province and stationed there. A small number of them have remained in the mountain and being given relief work. At the moment, the way is safe and secure to access them and assistance has begun and there is almost no problem. As per to the reports, a number of Izadi Kurds including women and children have been savaged captivated it. Of course, the figures differ. That is to say that we cannot present an exact figure. But what is certain is that some of the Izadi’s women have been taken as captive and will serve maiden according to illusive believes of the ISIL. The Iraqi Kurdistan government and its allies have taken all measures to defend Izadis and we hope that condition will turn in such a way that the captive, God willing, will turn to their families.


Reporter: as the last question Mr. Ahmad, the European Union approved they be all to send weapons for quenching terrorist in Iraq which in the case of west admitting the terrorist nature of the ISIL as a threat to the region and to the entire world. What can be expected from the world community which regard to the current development in Iraq?

Mohammad Seddiq Ahmad: Basically countering terrorism connot be limited to one country. Terrorism is global threat and international community should take wide measure to counter it. The EU and the Security Council statement were too helpful and effective moves in this connection to create the consensus, for struggling against terrorism, specially cutting the ISIL financial sources, blocking their access to these sources and prevent in their commutation are the measures can be affective.

We think that UN, EU, world community, regional countries, progressive forces that support democracy in Iraq should get united to eradicate and sinister phenomenon of terrorism in the region. This phenomenon is not threatful just to Iraqi and Syrian peoples, but it is a threat for the entire region. Furthermore, fortunately, there is a good unity on the regional forces and even inside Iraq to counter ISIL threats and has yielded positive threats. Withdrawal of ISIL forces in the recent days and staunch resistance of the pishmerga forces and with the support of the US air forces and the assistance of allies Kurdish and Iraqi people and have had positive results and we think the ISIL threat will not be a lasting threat. In sum, with the consensus that we expect the political sin of Iraq and the evidence that we witness of the designate of the new candidate for Prime minister and unity of Iraq people enforces supporting freedom democracy an law in the country and the region, God willing, we will be witness to removal of this threat from Iraq the region and the world. I would like to say that in any case there has always been threat in the region and the enemy should not be underestimated in the world. But, considering the recent defeat, inflicted on ISIL in north western front and the enervation of these terrorist groups forces, basically their military strategy will be focus on attack to preserve themselves. Therefore, the threat against Baghdad and other region can be evaluated in this view. Generally I do not think ISIL terrorists have such a power.

Reporter: Thank you for having this interview with us and appreciate you insight.  ,-a-threat-to-region-and-the-whole-world






Wednesday, 20 August 2014 03:00

With the presence of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative in Tehran and after reading the condolatory message by the president of Kurdistan Region, the celebrity of the singer Abbas Kamandi was held in Tehran.

With the presence of Dr. Jegarkhowein (Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad) the deputy-representative of KRG in Tehran and several political, cultural and art personifications of Kurdistan and Iran the 3rd day ceremony of the Kurdish singer Abbas Kamandi was held in Abulfazl Mosque in Tehran at 6:30 on Monday on Khordad 12th (June 2nd , 2014).

Dr. Jegarkhowein the deputy-representative of KRG read Mr. Masoud Barzani’s condolatory message in the occasion of Abbas Kamandi’s death. A part of the message says: as soon as hearing the news of the famous artist’s death Abbas Kamandi I got concerned. He gave precious services in the fields of singing arts, sign, painting, poem and play-writing for many years; so that his affectivity in these fields is sensible and appreciated.


The message continues: the loss of the artist is a great injury to Kurdish art, I offer my condolence to his family and the artists of Kurdistan I too share this tragic grief. I demand the Great God to grant his grace to this deceased and calmness to everyone. In addition Ezzatullah Zarghami’s condolatory message, the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, was read.

Furthermore personifications like As’ad Ardalan, As’ad Khoshgovari Kurdish program master and Behruz Tavakkoli the Kurdish singer, Dr. Ghotbeddin Sadeghi the play-writer and the instructor of the University of Tehran, Jalal Jalalizade the instructor of the University of Tehran and ex-representative of Sanandaj in Islamic Council Parliament gave speeches concerning Abbas Kamandi personality aspects.

Additionally the condolatory message of Kurds Society residing in the center, Culture Institute of Kurdistan in Tehran, the artists of Culture and Art Institute of Zagros Simagostar, the artists Kurdish part of Sahar Universal Network, the masters and staffs of Kurdish radio in Tehran, the artists and staffs of Mahabad and Sanandaj Television and Radio, the Society of Kurdish lawyers residing in the center, the Society of Uramani Kurds residing in Tehran, Wrestling Broad of Kurdistan, the artists of different towns of Kurdistan, the Society of Kermanshah’s people in Tehran, Engineer Seyyed Ehsan Alawi the representative of Islamic Council Parliament, the Society of Azeri and Lor, Mahabad Magazine and several other centers and institutions.   







Friday, 16 May 2014 09:00

The relations between Iraqi Kurds and Iran have had long history of precedent. But after establishment of KRG, two side’s relations have gone into new atmosphere. Hence, the conditions have been shaped to operate the regularized and stabilized relations by two sides. But, there have been several factors that cause the relations in economic and cultural aspects not to develop as very well as the relations in security aspect. In Dr Ahmad view, one of the main causing factors is that Iranian government has realistic-view and sense about relations by KRG, so these cause relations to get engaged in depression. Dr Ahmad believes the partiality policy of Iran about a special group has negative impact on ethnical equilibrium in Iraq. He stated that there are lots of similarities between two nations that are irrefutable and undeniable.

 To develop the relations to economic and cultural eras, Dr Ahmad tendered the strategy entitled ‘Public Diplomacy’. According to this strategy, relations by non-states groups is more emphasized. In fact, according to this strategy, the relations between nations than government are preferred and highlighted. So relations on scientific case, for example by university teacher, university students, research centers, exchange of teacher or researchers etc, are concern. Exchange of representatives of two side’s media is other tactic. From Dr. Ahmad’s point of view, existing good-will and opportunist view on Iran, mutual dignity in Iran about KRG would strengthen the relations and advance desiring level.    








Friday, 16 May 2014 13:30

Dr. Mohammed Seddigh Ahmad, the deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iran, attended at funeral service of Mohammad Bagher and Abdul-Aziz Hakim.

That funeral service was presented by Islamic Premium Legislative of Iraq at Andisheh chamber in Tehran in May 8. Dr. Ahmad and some personal of office of the Representative of f KRG in Iran attend at that funeral service.





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