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Nazem Dabbagh

 In recent month Iraq has confronted changes and divergences. Following writing by Nazem Dabbagh is about current approach and attitude of Kurdistan region toward domestic events and foreign relations of Iraq.

Key words: Kurdistan region’s attitude toward domestic events of Iraq, Iraq Kurdistan region’s approach toward domestic events of Iraq, the relations between Iraq and Iraq government.


 Kurdistan region and domestic issues of Iraq:


Having start taking actions especially in Iraq and Kuwait fight, Al-Qaeda and terror spread and extended day by day. Besides Taliban regime in Afghanistan and Ba’ath regime in Iraq fell; but the remains of their forces tried to defend themselves and expanded in the region. After revolutions in a few Arabian countries after each other so-called Arabian Spring (also can be called Fall Spring) Muslims Brotherhood (Ekhvan-Al-Moslemin) related forces, Al-Qaeda and Salafi possessed these upraises in most of these countries and spread in a different approach. At last in the name of opposition they rose against Syria and ant in the name of An-Nosrah Front, Al-Qaeda and The Army of Liberty entered the battleground. In this direction the region countries and a few Arabian countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia cooperated with them. Turkey’s aim was not only to destroy Syria but also to weaken and to exterminate Kurd national move in Syria and then to create a style of Sunnism with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to fight against Alavis and Shias in the region. Thanks to these cooperation and campaign against Syria, An-Nosrah, AL-Qaeda and Salafi forces grew. It is evident that they did not consider it sufficient, Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq altogether incorporated Islamic government of Iraq and Syria called Islamic State Iraq and Sham (ISIS) that had forces in both countries. Meanwhile Syria government and Iran support heavily squeezed on ISIS and An-Nosrah. We should not discard that Kurds could shrewdly take this opportunity to defend his regions against Syria and prevent Nosrah and Al-Qaeda to penetrate.


Three years ago turkey and other countries believed that Bashar Asad would have fallen within one month; but it did not came about after three years. I should point out here that in Iraq it was only Jalal Talibani, the President of Iraq, who anticipated Syria would not fall and alarmed the threat of Al-Qaeda and Salafi. In addition to put the issue of using chemical weapon from Syria and super-power countries’ threatening and applying force against Syria, and the threat of Salafi, terror and Al-Qaeda changed a kind of problems for Syria’s benefit, particularly with cooperation of Russia, Syria agreed to vanish chemical weapons in this country. These all caused that the battleground and ISIS’s rebellion spread from Syria to Iraq and the ground was prepared due to Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Iraq. Additionally benefiting this security disorder in Iraq and the disharmony and difference among religious, political and governmental sides made ISIS, terror and Al-Qaeda strength; it caused that America and foreign powers nourished another approach in their mind to support Syria opposition and An-Nosrah forces and the Army of Liberty. Namely extremists of Al-Qaeda and An-Nosrah are more dangerous. For this, if we want to stand up against terror, we have to prevent ISIS to spread. It is necessary that Iraq government first of all cope with right needs of people such as welfare, prosperity and security safeguarding compatriot. This important thing will be fulfilled by political intellectual agreement and solving problems engaged in talking and correlating political forces and religious movements; and this will be met by a federal, unified and democrat in which there will be a government composed of sides and groups far from egotism, personal and side benefits. So we should return to principles which we were obligated at the beginning of incorporating the new Iraq with allies of Kurds, Shia and Sunny brothers incurring a lot of losses due to their fighting at the time of Ba’ath, The unification that was formed between Kurds and Arabs to safeguard Iraq. It is evident that the Iraq and Kurd unification for safeguarding Iraq today and future plays an important role and this is preserved by Shias and Kurdish sides and groups. So I believe that any disorder forming in this ally, the present differences will end Kurd and Shia’s enemies’ benefits.


The perspective of the place of Iraq presidency


The new Iraq was composed by attempt and aid of Kurd, Shia and a part of Sonnies; and the main posts were divided among Kurds, Shias and Sonnies according to the place of political sides and the constitutes of Iraq. As the post of presidency of Iraq was possessed by Jalal Talibani and he even took this post among Kurds as well, this refers to their view to defend unity of Iraq and relation between Kurds and Arabs. It is necessary to assign this post just to Kurds; the loss of Mum Jalal is well felt. There has been a change in the place of Kurds in Iraq and Baghdad, and the problems between Iraq and Kurdistan region is added day by day. For this a Kurdish president is needed for Iraq to solve the problems and keep unity of Iraq.


The relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad government


Upon disagreement on the law of oil, (Pishmargeh ), budget and the article 150 between two sides, the way of Kurdistan region and central government of Iraq connection shows that the disagreements on the Law of Oil is more prominent than any other problems of both sides the can be solved through political talking and the constitute. For this, in emergency situations, the board of Kurdistan region government travels to Baghdad and try frequently to come up with a solution for this through talking and discussion.

Kurdistan Region, protests and objections in the Sunnite regions of the west of Iraq

Kurdistan region government has a cooperation and responsible view to problems. Nowadays, especially, in Iraq in opposition to the government, dissatisfactory and opposition can be observed, these show us two things; firstly, people needs for supplying welfare and prosperity and the unification of political behavior of Iraq supported; secondly, separating absolute and real desire of people from terror and violence in which ISIS and Al-Qaeda and Salafi are on top. Thus, we definitely stand up against it; therefore, it is better that Iraq government realize and distinguish them.


Kurdistan region government’s view to foreign relations of Iraq


Kurdistan region government’s view concerning its relations, generally is a way in which it has understand the liberalism movement of Kurd nation has understood this necessity that it should have good relationship with its neighbors whether Iran, Turkey or Syria and also international relations with other countries in the world according to its geographical position. However, it is met by safeguarding the dependency and considering the interests. So we can say that nowadays Kurdistan region government according to the law and strategy of Federal Iraq as well as the vital and national interests of Iraq has a god relation with neighbors and the world outside.


Iraq role in Syria and Kurdistan of Syria


Kurdistan region government is obligated to its interests in the frame of federal Iraq and never interferes in other countries affairs whether in national or regional form. What nowadays has come about in Syria has spread to Iraq as well and it is expected it spreads to Kurdistan, so we should not hesitate to confront terror and Al-Qaeda, this is why Iraq has a role in this frame. Here a question arises that what is the role of Kurdistan region government on Syria Kurds? It is evident that the only role we play meanwhile is to spiritually and humanly cooperate and to show the way how to defend and to unify them against terror and Al-Qaeda; and At last it is the who come up with a solution for it in the frame of the constitute.


Iraq relations with Arabian countries


Unfortunately we cannot say that Iraq relations with other Arabian countries are in a normal position. Iraq is trying to develop the relation and return it to its pleasant and standard position, unfortunately religious and national attitudes have influenced it as of a yet, though. To develop this relation, in my view, almost all Arabian countries behave like collapsed Ba’ath regime of Iraq, and they pretend that Kurd and Shiite have seized the power in Iraq and has fringed Sunnite and believe that the country should be governed by the minority of Sunnite, and once more again Iraq comes backward, while a federal, democratic and multipolicity, but a maverick and dictator can stand on its own foot.


The relation with great power and the United States


As it has been said for Iraq and Kurdistan region, foreign communications in the frame of the constitutes of Iraq and a determined strategy besides safeguarding the dependency, strengthening and developing all kinds of equal relations with powerful countries, the united States and neighbors have its own place and special importance. As with all cooperation new Iraq has been formed and Ba’ath regime of Saddam was collapsed. Because of this, for animate and reconstruct Iraq, prosperity and safeguarding calm and security of the region, an equal relationship with neighbors the out world is important and vital.






Friday, 10 January 2014 14:00

Mamosta Ali Bapir, the leader of Islamic Society in Kurdistan Region surveyed the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran. On Sunday’s midday, January 5, Excellency Mr Bapir surveyed the Representative of the Region in Tehran and welcomed by Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of the KRG and Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad, the Assistant of the Representative of KRG in Tehran. At that meeting, two sides discussed the situation of the region, Iraq and especially Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The leader of Islamic society of Kurdistan region positively evaluated the role of the representative of the KRG and attending of the representative of parties and political groups at the center of the representative of the KRG and also he wished to desire for them. Moreover, two sides discussed and dialogued about the attempts after parliamentary elections and establish new cabinet in Kurdistan Region.        






Monday, 09 September 2013 13:30

Nazem Dabbagh

Masoud Barzani, Kurdistan Region President (KRP), declared the government under his leadership will make use of all instrument for defending Syrian Kurds, are they threatened by Al Qaeda. It should be noted that Barzani’s statements does not means Iraqi Kurds want to enter directly to Syrian civil war, the aid would not be merely military; however it contains humanitarian and spiritual aids. For instance, they could take the ground for Syrian Kurds refugees. Today in Syria, we observe some Salafist, Al Qaeda and Islamic extremist groups have killed Kurds. Therefore Mr Barzani has commanded to investigate this problem by a commission and to declare the exzact results.

After results having declared, Iraqi Kurds proclaimed that they are prepared to help spiritually and operationally the Syrian Kurds under Iraqi central government law. Where as, afterward, Syrian Kurds issues can be protected and their main problems can be presented internationally. In recent days, also problems of Salafists and Al Qaeda in Syria caused other countries react and object to their actions. Extremist actions of Salafist and AlQaeda in several countries, especially now in Syria, have being changed to serious danger, because we has witnessed multifarious terrorist actions in Iraq and Syria. It should be noticed the declaration of getting ready to help is for Iraqi and Syrian Kurds that have the same nationality and language. Of course, irrespective the matter, all mankind and Moslems would react in this situation around the world. Human society should protest Salafist and AL Qaeda actions and not let them to kill the kurds and non-Kurd innocent people. While a Kurd is murdered in the Middle East, other Kurds in the region like Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan Region are not expected to be indifferent to that. Now the decision made is to protect the Syrian Kurds by diplomatic and civic actions. Today Islamic government of Iraq is overshadowed by Al Qaeda and so we generally can not be indifferent about their activities. About the Syria, it should be considered that Kurds present situation is in parallel with Syrian states interests, because Kurds region in this country has especial situation in wich Syrian political system has not many activities and therefore Syrian Kurds themselves have controlled their region. Thus, we should see what the Syrian government’s policy is about Kurd matter. Whether they try to fulfill the kurd’s civil rights, allegiance and fellow citizenship rights or not. For nobody as Syrian government can perform an act against AL Qaeda and Salafists violent acts to defend Kurd’s rights who are their fellow citizens. 


Ghanoon Newspaper, 21 Mordad 1392 in current Iranian calendar year.

[a] ) The deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran.








Wednesday, 01 January 2014 07:00

Nazem Dabbagh, the deputy of Kurdistan regional government in Iran and expert of Iraq affaires in conversation with Diplomacy Irani, noticing to currently terrorist attacks in Iraq believe that if political partial disputes among Iraqi groups are not solved there is no hope to decrease violence in Iraq.


Diplomacy Irani: yesterday explosion of eight car bombs mostly Shia zone of Baghdad, capital of Iraq, caused the death of at least 23 citizens. This year has been the bloodiest one since Iraq was attacked in 2003. Only in current month (July) more than 700 people have been died around the Country. It is said that tension between Shia and Sunni community in Iraq has been raised in recent months and so this country witnesses increasing of violence. Moreover, fir has been got on in Syria proceeding amongst neighbor countries day by day, especially to Iraq. Are we going to witness another serous crisis in Syria? Is this war between Shia and Sunni in Iraq coming up? These are questions shared with Nazem Dabbagh, the deputy of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran and expert Iraq affaires that you read in following.


Dipolomacy Irani: Explosion of eight car bombs in Baghdad showed that security situation in Baghdad is going to worsen day by day. Just in this month (August) more than 700 people were killed through bombing around the country. What is the reason of this insecurity from your point of view?


Dabbagh: Bombing and violence in Iraqis not a new problem. It has been existence from Saddam collapsed. Nevertheless, from time to time this violence is reduced from reasons bombing are increased.


Diplomacy Irani: Ok, the problem is increase of the bombing. According to the report published by United Nations, just in April, May and June, this violence left more than 2600 killed people. So, current year is one of bloodiest one since invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Dabbagh: recent insecurity in Iraq has several reasons. One relates to political problem. Look, rivalry in Iraq has not yet solved correctly and groups have not learned not to sacrifice national interest for personal, political and group interests. Current disputes and gaps among Iraqi political elites and groups bring about to security making. Consequently, lack of unity among Iraqi security forces, in my view, is one of the important problems in this region. Unfortunately, wing making and political rivalries seen in Iraq, affect on security forces and party forming and nepotism have had an extremely negative effects on condition of security organizations. Furthermore, Syrian crisis affects ongoing insecurity. Therefore not only currently bombing, in my view, is not for a new matter, but also it has enhanced the mass of explosion.


Diplomacy Irani: you pointed out to Syrian crisis and named it as one of the roots of violence in Iraq. What was this effectiveness like?


Dabbagh: look, political, military and security condition of the region are all interrelated. When insecurity coming up in any neighboring country, surely, it has an affect on Iraq security situation. So the more Syria crisis is enlarged, the more insecurity and dispute around the region are aggregated, especially in Iraq. Apparently after beginning of crisis in Syria and spreading to civil war in that country, extremist groups, especially Al-Qaeda, found proper opportunity to emerging and appear. By establishing a group named Emarate- Eslami_Iraq and trying to connect this group to Sham Region (Syria and Lebanon), Al-Qaeda is going to dominate in that arena. They have close link with Jebhato_Nosrah and whether in Iraq or Syria acts according to same goals and motive.


During years and centuries religious and sects have been living together without any problem. Whatever is happening in Iraq can not be defined and described as a battle between Shia and Sunni, but this is opportunism of special elites and groups, in my view, trying to abuse this atmosphere and battle between Shia and Sunni to achieve their own benefits.


Diplomacy Irani: what measures have Iraqi government taken for preventing from spreading of insecurity?


Dabbagh: Iraqi Government tried not to enter in Syrian Crisis and hider of spread of insecurity to Iraq frontier. Nonetheless, it has not been such successful. Since Iraq is getting into serious troubles and Iraq interior battle cause the entering of foreign and extremist forces into the country. One of the important actions should be done, from my point of view, is to unify and give individual and group interests up. If it happens and political parties unite on the pivot of national principals and interests, security forces will come together. Too, security Forces in Iraq should see themselves as colleague and unanimous, not rival. As long as this gap is existed in Iraq, Al-Qaeda troops misuse from power vacuum byplaying among groups and make an attempt to intensify insecurity in Iraq.


Diplomacy Irani: in your view, how much the clash between Shia and Sunni is serious?


Nazem Dabbgh: From my point of view this is not serious. During years and centuries religious and sects have been living together without any problem. Whatever is happening in Iraq can not be defined and described as a battle between Shia and Sunni, but this is opportunism of special elites and groups, in my view, trying to abuse this atmosphere and battle between Shia and Sunni to achieve their own benefits. In my view, the difficulties we’re seeing in Iraq is impacted and reflected as Shia and Sunni disputes, while problem is related to political leadership in Iraq that tried to rule the kinsman thaughts and ideas, however it should make security in the country and give up individual benefits.


Diplomacy Iani: So, does root of these problems Iraqi political elites, in your view.


Dabbagh: sure. Current troubles show that political elites and security forces could not resolve the problems successfully and keep the country safe. Just as I told, there is no dispute among Iraqi People. Partial and political problems and discrepancy among positions develop scope f disputes. These complications come to being when this dispute spill over to security forces.


Diplomacy Irani: What actions should be taken by Iraqi political elites?


Dabbagh: The main action that should be taken is to unite. Disunion is the most important problems of Iraq today. When you look at to political area of Iraq you find that every one makes own way and try much and much to provide his especial benefit. In this situation we have not hope to countries problems, especially in security issues.


Diplomacy Irani: What is the role of foreign countries in insecurity situation in Iraq?


Dabbagh: It seems we can not ignore foreign countries’ effects on Iraq’s political and security situations. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these countries are directly engaged in Iraq, but usually intervene in Iraq through the group are acting in this country. Several countries support several groups in Iraq and these supports intensify contradiction to these groups and dispute among them in political arena. Thus, this issue is one of the insecurity factors in Iraq.  





Thursday, 02 January 2014 07:30

Nazem Dabbagh met Mr. Evgeny Kofaliev, the secretary of Russia embassy, in the office of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran yesterday.

Yesterday Kofaliev visited the representative of Kurdistan region in Iran and was friendly welcomed by Mr. Nazem Dabbagh. In this visit, historical relations between Kurds nation and Russia federation and, regional situation, in general Kurdistan Region were reviewed and discussed.

Mr. Dabbagh informed Kofaliev the progress and development in several sections of Kurdistan region. In this visit, Syria crisis and its impact on the region, especially on Kurdistan Region, caused the displacement of many Syrian Kurds to Kurdistan Region and people and officials of Kurdistan Region endeavored to settle them, making provision and other essential and necessary requirements were other section of discussion between the representative of Kurdistan Region and secretary of Russia embassy in Iran.

Mr. Kofaliev highlighted his fellow country on deterring of military attack to Syria and increasing of violence and war in the region          






Wednesday, 01 January 2014 07:00

Both Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iraq had a joint coalition to take part in election in form of joint list. But this time and they have appeared in rivalry by two separate lists. Clearly, in this election political groups have more freedom.


International Groups: As long as Kurdiatan Region of Iraq inaugurated its representation in Tehran, ever since it has been the representation of that authority; however its political loyalty has tended to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. This was indicated in the photo with Jalal Talebani that took in election rivalry. Parliamentary election of Kurdistan (Iraq) assigned in September 30 is the excuse to interview Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Tehran by Bulletin News. This interview follows:


* At the beginning, please what is your point of view about parliamentary election of Kurdistan Region of Iraq that will be presented in September 30?


 In deed election is the democratic process per se and it helps a party come to power by which that gets majority, independently or jointly by coalition. Parliamentary election is presented once every four year. In my view, this election is one of the main results of the Kurds resistance in Iraq and it helps both people to take independent part in election of its representations and to approve appropriate rules to manage the (Kurdistan) Region.


* A side from the feature of formation that every election can have, tell how different is this election as comparison with other election held?


One of the differences of pervious elections is a movement called opposition came to being in Kurdistan. This movement is active by now. Mentioned movement has had great role in criticize of the Region Government and even accuse the government and by this experience and skillfulness come to political engagement of Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


The second difference refers to this topic that beforehand Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iraq had joint list to take part in elections, but in this election it is not so and they come to election rivalry by two distinct lists. Clearly, at this election political groups come to rivalry more independently. They publicize in more freely sphere that this point is another differences of this election from previous ones per se.


* With regard to your speech that this time Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iraq come to election’s rivalry by two distinct lists, does it means that two parties’ (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iraq) coalition is probably changing?


There is a reality in Kurdistan of Iraq that some parts of it comes from the past events, some parts of it comes from the period that two parties cooperated together and some parts of it comes from the obligation of having the majority of Iraqi Kurdish votes that its requirement is alliance between two parties. Moreover this alliance does not mean any other coalition. Therefore, another result the election is that opposition would take part in next cabinet as many as seats they get. That is of why coalition between all groups is needed in Iraq today and also Kurdistan today so that they can protect to current experience of Kurdistan of Iraq. In this way, one of the coalitions that have been fulfilled by now and would be fulfilled in future, too, is coalition between Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iraq. Because of this, I think that coalition between two poles need to reform and revision in some parts of regional stages. Just as we saw this time two parties independently enter to rivalry of election, hence it is being predicted that reform will be done, but it is not meant that Patriotic Union wants to push aside Democratic Party vise versa. So cooperation of all groups to form the Kurdistan Regional Government after election is necessary.


* Just as mentioned, opposition this time enters to election rivalry more active than before. Do you predict that opposition is able to get more seats in parliament and change component of authority in Kurdistan of Iraq?


Frankly speaking, in this election I have avoided to predict each group has been able to get how many parliament seats. Since, naturally, every one considers his party in majority based on his political attachment. But I feel vote would be changed. But there is a question that is which groups get more votes this time? In deed 111 parliament seats that are unchanged but votes would be changed. It is not clear that this time how seats will be distributed this time. Some sections of this process refer to participation of Kurds of Iraq in election that I think we can learn from current presidency election in Iran. It was that Iranian people took part in manner of epopee. Also, in Kurdistan of Iraq both war and conflict for solving the problems come to an end and, now, it is election time. This is responsibility of Iraqi Kurds whom they vote for. Parties having length resistance precedent will surely get their vote and parties that currently enter to political arena will get votes in base of its plan for developing of Kurdistan of Iraq. This refers to how many the Kurds vote to their propaganda. Moreover, we should know that collection of factors will meddle in election and people familiarize this propaganda just as their consciousness growing. Therefore, undoubtedly, votes would be changed, but it does not mean that a group would be able to omit other groups. The period that a party could get 51 percent of votes lonely no longer exist. I, in total, think that the Union and Democratic Parties will be main actors that get more votes.


* Does Lack of Mr. Jalal Talebani president of Iraq and secretary general of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in your point of view, affect on the results of election?


Absolutely Mr. Jalal Talebani as a charisma will affect in election arena for Kurdish movement and even in world policy arena today. Undoubtedly, attending of Mr. Talebani is like a deal and or ongoing political strategy and mirth. I, therefore, think the loyalty of Iraqi Kurdistan people and old and new institutions to Mr. Talebani have positive effects.


* We, in current Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, consider attending of Mr. Barham Ahmad Saleh as one of the Mr. Talebani assistant less often. Does this unattending have especial reason?


I do not find for Mr. Saleh un-attending and, more, this is technical issue. More, there is along time to present the election. Some part of this untending refer to the nets’ program in propaganda that could result one attends more and one attends less. Some parts of it refer to this matter the persons in Patriotic Union political office avoids to activate for especial candidate. In previous election, Excellency Dr. Saleh was head of the list and so he had the most attending. But in this election different spectrums enter that cause limitation of Mr. Saleh’ direct attending. Mr. Saleh just is able to propaganda for green list and of course there is no problem by now. A member of political office would be in mistake if he emphasizes on especial candidate. He just should be missionary for plans of Patriotic Union Party. I consider Mr. Saleh unattending to his inclination that does not be a part of the merely a person play in green list.


* You are informed that the US wants to limitedly attack to Syria. What is Kurdistan Regional Government about this matter?


Kurdistan Regional Government has had clear and explicit position since start of the crisis by now. It always opposes to any kind of war, because it will not beneficial to any one. Meantime we should aware that war in Syria would differ from war in Iraq and Afghanistan and even style of war will have many differences. Therefore Kurdistan Regional Government has wanted to solve the problems in peaceful means and the representation of people has real authority and election is presented. While Kurds don’t accept Salafists and AL Qaeda in Syria, because Kurds know that they will not hold any right for them, even they religiously proclaimed to wipe the Kurds up. In the past, Asad regime did not maintain rights of Kurds and so it is not easy to us that say this kind of actions is useful for us or not. Just we oppose to war because if that war happens Kurdistan of Iraq and Iraq would be affected.


* Currently some young Kurd have jointed to Al Nosrah Front- Al Qaeda Branch. It is cited that they are about 150 people. What is the Kurdistan Regional Government position about this topic?


First of all, Kurdistan Regional Government is not aware that who comes and who goes. We hear this topic from media and Kurdistan Regional Government also engaged to this according to neutral policy taken. Undoubtedly, in Iraqi Kurdistan any formal and informal institution does not accept its responsibility. But we should not forget that Kurdistan Regional Government’s position about both Al Nosrah Front and the young Kurds joining to it are the same. In this base mentioned organization will engage to this topic according to this approach.  


* After recent presidency election in I.R.Iran Mr. Nechirvan Barzani as the prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government attended in oath taking ceremony of presidency. What do you think about perspective relations between Rohani’s cabinet and Kurdistan Regional Government?


Undoubtedly during previous cabinet we have witnessed the growing relation between two sides. Although the relations have not been going forward, they have fixed; so will Rohani’s cabinet. Especially one of the main responsibilities of this cabinet, according to supreme leader of Iran, is to solve the Iranians problems and to fulfill the Iranian hopeness and wishes that should be in high priority. In my view this cabinet not only should consider to hopeness and wishes of Iranians, but also should regard to hopeness and wishes of Kurds. Especially I.R.Iran always has had positive role in matter of Kurds. Therefore I predict that this time the relations between two sides will grow especially to thrive and flourish of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and security sections this relation would developed.


* Assigned that National Congress of Kurd present in Kurdistan (of Iraq). Do you invite I.R.Iran to mentioned congress?


I personally believe that national Congress of the Kurd should send the message of peace and friendship. This congress should shape law and legal mechanism to solve Kurds problems. Experience of Kurdistan today and political leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government should be follow to hold balance, and keeping touch relations with other countries of the region would be factor so that Kurd National Congress send the messages in form of their constitutional law. Therefore I evaluate that participation of Iran, Turkey and even Iraq, that Kurds live in their territories, in Kurd National Congress as a benefit to their strategic plans and Kurds in these countries as well. Undoubtedly, as Kurds in Iraq desires to maintain the solidarity and union of Iraq, they wish independency and union for their neighbor countries. Should present that congress, it has positive outcomes and I positively evaluated participation of these countries in frame of their constitutional law. However it is depends on I.R.Iran position. Undoubtedly, I want to say that Kurds are divided in two sides. Some of them are opposition and live in foreign and some other live in the country. Taking part of Iranian Kurds in current presidency election is to witness their confirmation and participation in political process of I.R.Iran.


* As the final Question, what do you think about the effects of attack to Syria on peace process in Turkey?


I have always said that Turkey has attacked many times to P.K.K but these attacks had had no especial result. It will be the same in future. If turkey is serious and sincere this process will absolutely same results. We hope that these dialogue are serious, however two sides have their own tactics in negotiation. In this way, regional change has directly and indirectly effects on this procedure.     









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