Economic Requirements for Iran and Kurditan Region of Iraq


Nazem Dabbaghm the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iran

  In base of political ad geographical maps of the Middle East, there are long border line among Iran Iraq, Turkey and Syria that Kurdistan Region is these countries neighbor in each side. Clearly, during the times there have been ethnical and cultural widespread linkages among region nations. Kurds have acted, in all aspect, together them in disastrous and or in ordinary situations or times.

 At this time we mention to one of the aspects that has affected on my fellow citizens and region’s people revenue and livelihood. 

If in this approach we consider Iran, whether by the Silk Road (Haj Omran Road) or by Sardfasht and Ghale Dezi corridor and also most of the common boundaries point, such as Bane and Tavile, all of them have been the commercial lines among Alleppo, Lebanon, Musel, Baghdad, Tabriz, Tehran and Esfehan (est). This road and gates have greatly affected on activating the commerce and interactions among fellow citizen around the borders. This caused to hold a kind of good intention and extent kinship together. Because of oppressions of Ba’asist government, Iraqi Kurdistan people have resisted and struggled almost all the times to keep themselves and fulfill their rights.

Because of this, regimes intensely and tyrannically try to overcome and drown these movements and risings. This events caused Kurds seek asylum to boundaries. So they could hold their living and relatives and relatives. One of these locations was common boundaries of Iran and Kurdistan Region. By this common boundary they were able to provide their daily requirements and people in this region as well. Iranian people have effective role in this process and common boundary of two side in fact was a gate for transit the commercial goods. Previously, transit of goods was in an illegal manner and smuggled way.

At present, if we consider newly revolution in Kurdistan Region, we found that I.R.Iran has had important role in contesting against the Ba’asist regime that one of this has been opening the boundary to provide good requirements of Kurds several shells. So that in arduous days seek shelter to Iran as a refugee and also they were intimately welcomed by Iranian government and people.

After regions under Iraqi Kurdistan was spread more, economic motion between Kurdistan Region and Iran was developed, so that after collapse of Saddam’s regimes and establish of Kurdistan Regional Government business relations between two sides were spread day by day; and several small markets were founded in common boundaries, such as HajOmean- tamarchin to ParvizKhan- Khosravi boundaries.

Spread of business relations and exports for Iran to Kurdistan Region has caused to we seek other way to fulfill this relations. Iranian officials and Kurdistan Region officials trying as well as the representative of Kurdistan Region operations caused at the first steps, this plan started in common boundaries and Bashmagh- Marian and ParvizKhan- Khosravi boundaries and after that HajOmran- Tamarchin boundary were formal for business relations. More, several other boundaries markets one after another is developing. Moreover in 1999 extent of business relations between two sides was 100 million dollars, but at present according to statistics it amounts to 4 billion dollars. So it is happened because two countries common boundaries change to formal boundaries for business, transit and tourism.

This economic development caused two side prioritize to construction plan in common boundaries and so establish office and institution for making security, establish police, custom, checking the quality, healthy and so on in this location. Nowadays we witness widespread progress and development in construction and exchange of goods and business as well.      

Now, we can mention to all these actions and development that change business relations between two sides to important and essential factor, as far as the Kurdistan Region shaped as a bridge for Iran to access to other neighbor of Kurdistan Region and this actions and attempt will result security and calmness. Also activities in business have many effects on strengthening the cultural, sociological and, ultimately, political relations between two sides that all of us found it and take priority over it as well. We hope these activities go on more progressive road.

In continuing of this cooperation, high board from Kurdistan region government under head of Karan Ahmed, Housing and Reconstruction Minister of Kurditan Regional Government, traveled to Iran and conclude a contrast in commercial affairs at the first time in history of two sides’ formal relations. About this contrast, last year in Dr SaeedLu and Nechirvan Barzani, head of cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government, agreed upon it. In high level, it was the first formal contrast between Iran and Kurdistan Regional Government in order to spread economic and business relations.


Source: Vatane Emrooz Newspaper,










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