Nazem Dabbagh Talk with Iranian Diplomacy: Kurdistan Independence Means not Separation from Baghdad

Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, answered to question by Iranian Diplomacy about recent changes of Iraq as follows.


Mr. Nechrivan Barezani, on his way back from Iran during the talk with medias said phrases about Kurdistan region of Iraq in order to final solution for as an exit to Iraq crisis. Is Kurdistan independence the solution? Or the region wants to keep distance from the created challenges?

I have not heard such an opinion; therefore the present condition of Iraq is in a way that probably it can return those days before Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) entrance and its occupation of Mosul. While there are some opinions concerning dividing Iraq into three parts Sunnis, Kurdistan and Shia. These options relate to ultimate decision of political leader in Baghdad, whereas it has continuously been believed that all Iraq problems should be solved in the frame of the Constitution, respect to each other and the rights and real conditions of KRG in Baghdad.


Mr. Nechirvan Barzani stated it seems Iraq will not return the time before Mosul occupation and said Sunni the same as Kurdistan seeks for a region. What do these phrases mean?

It means presently Iraq is critical. While, there is just one region of Kurdistan. In the constitution it is stated and declared three provinces can present themselves as Federal or Region.


Mr. Masoud Barzani stated in a call that retired Pishmerga also return their units, and announced there is a bright future ahead of Kurds. Does bright future mean the independence?

I do not think so independence means separation. On other hand asking retired Pishmerga to come back does not mean there are lots of Pishmergas or people demanding to join us to protect benefits against terror.

Bothe Kurdistan region and Maliki’s government knows each other the guilty about the present condition of Iraq. Maliki’s government claims that in recent events Kurds collaborated with terrorists. On the other hand Iraq knows the weak operation of government as the guilty about the current crisis situation.


I am afraid of those who charge Kurds with collaborating. Why do they not say the wrong policy and having not participation of political groups of Iraq caused this concern?

This is the outcome of Iraq government policy. Since it is not just we Kurds. What agreement now does occur among Shia? No agreement exists not only between Shia and Sunni but also across whole Iraq. It has long years been produced not today. Those who were in the government they took the constitution performance and the agreements in whole parliament as granted. Making accusation is easy but it should rely on truth and evident.


What policy does Kurdistan region take concerning Iraq crisis?

The policy of KRG is realistic. Our policy is to return to dissolve problems in the frame of the constitution and obedient to government of public, participation and reality. All political groups have got to present in future government of Iraq based on their power and role they have and have to keep distance from personal, fanatical, party and tribal desires.     

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