Mohammad Sadigh Ahmad Mahmud’s press conference, Assistant of the deputy of representative office of Kurdistan region of Iraq, with Shargh Newspaper:

The central government ofIraq can follow the successful pattern ofKurdistan region for other part of the country

 Dr. Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad Mahmud in an allocated interview with Shargh Newspaper explained some aspects of and political conditions of Kurdistan region of Iraq.

In answer to the first question, Dr. Ahmad Mahmud depicted a picture of the factors of success and achievement of Kurdistan region of Iraq and considered it as a result of interaction of domestic, regional and international realm. In domestic scale, emphasizing the democracy reproductive government and believing human rights in Kurdistan region, he mentioned Iraqi Kurdish people’s interest and trust in this state. He continued to state Kurdish people fighting nearly one hundred years against dictators of Iraq as well as holding the 4th   parliamentary elections in the region showing the unconditional place of people in current political regime of the region, the institutionalization and legitimacy of power and the creation of growing in order to rebuild and reform policy. In Dr. Ahmad Mahmud’s view, in regional scale, Kurdistan region of Iraq by exploiting its political firmness and permanent security and by offering conciliation-like discourse with the avoidance of any violence and radicalism has taken steps to create a feeling of regional convergence and cooperation. In world-wide scale, therefore; considering a few processes like globalization, human right, spreading universal civil society, it has started to interact with the societies of the world and has made an attempt to quote the disasters suffered by Kurdish nation.

 Also Kurdistan region has made a firm decision to develop the capacities in energy and other realms, as it could achieve some outstanding successes.

In an answer to a question about discord between Kurdistan region and federal government such as the sovereignty over Kirkuk and Taregh Al-Hashemi’s matter . . .   has stated these discords have a historical background; it is thus since long time ago Kurdish people of Iraq have been exposed to oppression and cruelty of central governments. They have basically been taken into account as a second- or third-class citizenship and their language and cultural characteristics have been offended. In Dr. Ahmad Mahmud such attitudes still exist in central government.

Dr. Ahmad Mahmud refuted Kurdistan region’s support of Sunni fundamentalist forces and Sunni armed tribes to prepare to separate strongly and believes that the central government of Iraq has not managed to have a realistic look on the conditions. The central government of Iraq can, rather than accuse others, follow the successful pattern of Kurdistan region for other part of the country. In Dr. Ahmad Mahmud’s opinion, the central government of Iraq did not manage to affect his work on establishing security and preparing people necessary need.

Another discord between Kurdistan region and central government of Iraq was the case of Tareq Al-Hashemi. In Dr. Ahmad Mahmud not did a court bar Taregh Al-Hashemi from leaving the country or ask from Kurdistan region to surrender him. In addition, the high officials of Kurdistan region, like Masuod Barzani, regarding inflamed political situations of the country emphasized not to enter the case.

About the matter of Kirkuk, also, Dr. Ahmad Mahmud believes that the article 140 of the constitution low will resolve the problem through a democratic approach. From the establishment of Iraq to Saddaam’s dismissal from power, with the aim of changing the tribal pattern in Kirkuk, the central government of Iraq started to expel Kurds and export Arabs to this region. Thus in current condition the best work is to return dismissed Kurds, to prepare optional return for Arabs, then to conduct a census and to hold a referendum for the residents. Dr. Ahmad Mahmud considers all claims about Kurdistan region’s trying to create disagreement among political groups in order to weaken central government and to rule Kirkuk fully groundless; and implicitly has criticized the central government’s delay in conducting the article 140.

Dr. Ahmad Mahmud about political death of Mr. Talibani said that had a long fight record and an outstanding role in resolving discords out of region and Iraq; however, his absent did not effect on the patriotic union party and Kurdistan democrat party agreement.

 About the possible formation of independent country of Kurdistan he said that the political will of Kurdistan region is in unity of Iraq in the form of optional unity with other Iraqi tribes as a federal government; it will continue provided that Kurdish people are considered as other Iraqi people and real partners in this country.




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