Sunday, 29 December 2013 04:30

In this talk Dr. Muhammad Seddigh along with Dr. Jafar Haqpanah, the university instructor and researcher of tribes affaires, discussed some aspects of domestic policy of Kurdistan Region of Iraq especially after recent parliament elections and regional policy in the frame of relationship.

Dr. Ahmad stated although Kurdistan region has a Kurdish nature, varieties can be seen inside. For instance Soleymanieh area known as Kurdistan Cultural Capital has been the center of poets, writers and intellectuals and of course geographical proximity to Iran. The area of Erbil also has a religion nature more, so it is generally known by its mosques. In Dr. Ahamd’s view, Kurdistan democrat party in his initial forming had acted as a liberator party and reacted against Ba’s regime. One outstanding example was the 1975 uprising of blessed Mustafa Barzani leadership. This act, of course, following Aljeria 1975 contract failed. Indeed the task of the aspects of this contract was to play with Kurds fate.

Dr. Ahmad believes that Saddam signed this contract in a weak position and tended to save the time to come up with a solution for Kurds. For this reason, after signing the Algeria contract made an inhuman attempt on genocide. He burned 4000 villages and buried many alive. As result of the pressure lots of Kurds sought refuge Iran. Through this condition some other Kurdish parties and organizations emerged. Even though with Algeria contract Kurds travelling came to halt, it revived as Islamic Revolution became victorious. This time a series of Islamist party stepped onto the political arena and this caused Kurdish society to be multi-voices.

In Dr. Ahmad’s view, democracy in Iraq Kurdistan Region results from political relationship of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and current political groups so people can seek their demands. About formation of new parties in Kurdistan, he said that the emergence of these tribes depend on the structure of two current parties somewhat. For example Gooran Movement was one part of the Patriotic Union Kurdistan. As you know Patriotic Union is composed of several movements like Kumeleh and several other groups. Even after the congress held these gatherings remained in the form unions and was not structured as a party. As among members there is agreement about main lines, there are some intra-party and intra-union grounds of competing, especially the time when this completion appeared more after parliament elections. In Dr. Ahmad’s view, two parties (Kurdistan Democrat Party and Patriotic Union) have managed to create and control reasonably political conditions according to democracy in the Region. For criticism of current political structure of the region based on elections outcome is not considered a fair work. In his view, clearly the government may make mistake at any case or may act illogically.

We suppose that we have been able prepare a proper freedom so all critics can participate and act. Also some Islamite parties affected by deep-rooted Islamic tendencies like Moslem Brotherhood Movement in Middle East have stepped slowly toward power and have managed to obtain 17 seats of the parliament which is less than the former parliament.

All together Dr. Ahmad agrees with Dr. Haghpanah about this idea that people tend more to moderate movements than radical; that is why extremist parties like Gooran Movement have not managed to win the elections. He, about this party’s criticism, said I think the critics did not believe in such criticism the made.

About the relationships of the Region and Arabian governments, he added that these relationships are being sought in the frame of the law. Of course it has economical nature more. In his view, Arabian governments have realized that the identity of Iraq is not simply Arabian and should cooperate with non-Arabian part as well, Particularly the Kurdistan Regional Government that has an important place in interior part of Iraq especially in creating a balance and political stability.

Dr. Ahmad considers the duration of Kurds and Iraqi Shiites cooperation reasonable. He believes that the long record of cruelty and deprivation imposed on them by Ba’s party and geopolitics reasons put both sides in a position that their interests not only do not clash but also overlap. He regards Iran’s role as an intermediary in creating stability and synchronization for both sides.

Dr. Ahmad believes although the political relationship between Iran government and the Region is in good level, but the economic relationship has not managed to keep pace with it. The Region is in the step of economic constructing and in these circumstances many players participate in this work. One the most active ones are Turkish companies. Of course he stated that the wide relationship with Turkey is not harmless to Iran.

He, in other part, stated as you said Iran and Kurdistan are in the same civilization area. It can be said the interior cultural conditions and features of both sides have created a unique and proper grounds in order to extend relationship in all aspects; but strategic deliberation about improving these relations and its extension to varieties of levels, such as holding scientific meetings and like stuff, needs a political decision from both sides.

At the end Dr. Ahmad about a question of the Region relationship with Israel said such thing is not true. He continued they who charged us on this had already been already asked for presenting some evidence but nothing was presented. He declared generally since we move in the frame of our responsibility and commitments in order to defend Kurd people interests, and with regard to many ties between neighbors countries and us and understanding about them and common interests, we won’t, essentially and ethically,  act against our brotherhood and friendly believes and commitments.








Friday, 20 December 2013 01:30

Dr. Mohammed Seddigh Ahmad, the vice-representative Kurdistan Regional (KRG) in Iran, in a say printed in Etemad Press, mentioned different aspects of KRG and Islamic Republic of Iran relations. In his opinion both Iraqi Kurds and Iranian nations share many things. There many kurds know Iran (land of Arians) as their fatherland and grant it a grave place in their minds and hearts. Some of those commons are common archeology traditions, language, similar sociology ceremonies specially Eyde Noruz and . . . . several Kurds poets have composed many Persian poems, and had roles in opulence of the deep-rooted culture.

In Dr. Ahmad’s view, till Iraq Baath government downfall, Iran had been a shelter for fighters and nation of Iraqi Kurd. Iranians played a unique role in popularizing lots of cruelties imposed on kurd nation of Iraq like chemical bombing in Halabcheh and helping injuries and victims of this bitter tragedy and sheltering millions of refugees in the most tough situations of oppression, genocide and anti-human behaviors of Ba’th regime. Some of present outstanding politician personages lived in Iran for ages.

In Dr. Ahmad’s view, despite of lots of commons and aside from political and security aspects, Iranians have not taken reasonable advantages of economic and cultural areas in Kurdistan Region. In the field of economy the role of western countries, turkey, Arabian countries even far-east countries more highlighted.  In Dr. Ahmad’s view the reason is Iran’s having no strategic and outstanding perspective toward security attitude to the affair of Iraq Kurdistan as well as overly approving and concentrating on less important and negligible issues. Even so it can be said there are different opportunities for developing joints such as directing to better face with interior problems of Iraq and regional crises. Also Iranian economy corporates can act in different projects in this area. Another area is science to be considered. Exchanging scholars, students incorporating, founding Iranian Universities’ branches in Kurdistan region and cooperation between researching institutions of both sides can mentioned as well. In Dr. Ahmad’s view, for developing above-mentioned areas it is essential Iranian authorities’ security and economic attitudes toward Iraq Kurdistan change and a new one based on a trend of cooperation of multi-aspects is replaced.  









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