Tuesday, 20 May 2014 18:00

Dr. Jegarkhowein (Muhammad Seddigh Ahmad) the Deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional government of Iraq in Iran in talk with Iranian Diplomacy says undoubtedly it is apparent that the presidency of Iraq as the three position of Iraq leadership is under our authority, in fact it is our least expectation.

Iranian Diplomacy: Nuri Maleki, the prime minister and one of the pretenders of this post for third continuous time, in following elections he hopes the future Iraq government makes an alliance. Therefore his operation during prime ministry period and his way of interacting with Kurds leaves no hope in this field. Kurdistan Region relation with Federal government of Iraq is so dismal, so that Masood Barzani has put the independency of Kurdistan. Although this position from the leader of Iraqi Kurds is pressure tool over Maleki government to achieve their desires, the darkness of the relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad is so high that all travels of Kurdistan authorities were useless and also it is about one year that Maleki has cut the Kurdistan Region budget from Iraq’s. Many say that by doing so Maleki is looking for opportunities to deal with Kurds. To block the financial resources of Kurds from Iraq budget can be one of Maleki dealing bill with Kurds. Considering this, the following elections according to published reports in media expresses is much more complicated than we think, and the possibility of new alliance for achieving the fraction of the majority followed by the change of Iraq political equations is high. To state the position of Kurds their attitude toward Maleki government and personification in elections of Iraq as well as Kurds’ interactions with central government caused us to talk with Muhammad Seddigh Ahmad (Jegarkhwein), the Deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the representative of list of democrat party of Kurdistan in Parliament elections of Iraq in Iran as followed:


The most important concern in Iraq is to form the future government. Nowadays it has changed in the centre of regional and extra-regional political topics. What are the plans and goals of Kurds of Iraq in following elections?

Presently Iraq suffers from common political and security concerns. In such circumstances our plans are like other minorities and active groups in political fields to have an impressive and broad presence on elections and to play our special role. Federal government is the representative of all tribes and political parties and the symbol of esteem and views of all Iraqi people. A government which thinks of Iraq progression, perform the constitution and synchronize the ballots and view of Iraq groups. As Kurds had an important role to form a new Iraq, also they will participate on elections. Elections are the true example of democracy by which people state their fortune and destination. Our aim is to establish a full democratic, propagating, legal and responsible government; such government put Iraq on the developing direction in all aspects of policy, economy, society and culture.


Kurds have differently viewed to central government and share with it by special approaches. But, it seeme, not to achieved the expectations of them by central government cause the disappointment and despond, so that it changes situation to attend Kurds in political arena of Iraq. What is the Kurds program about future of Iraq?      

After Ba’ath regime fell, there were new political conditions Iraq. Namely, this almost the first time that people participate in a free election and they are free to state their fate. The government arising from such elections undoubtedly will be desirable for people. After Saddam falling and a transitional government establishment, for the first time an advanced constitution was written. Following political groups’ talks and discusses, they came to an agreement to manage the country according to the federal structure. Our plan was to perform the constitution as whole, to participate, to make a new Iraq, to establish a legal, considerable and responsible government, to create an equal right for all citizens and to establish a democratic society. Iraq now lies in a transitional position; thus, we plan to transit Iraq successfully and make different aspects of policy and security stable.


What has decreased Kurds’ effectiveness, frankly speaking, minimized the usage of chances for them is that they have a different perspective of the future of the Region relations with central government. Will not these differences among Kurds cause to weaken their position on elections and at last to miss the presidency post?

Political atmosphere in the region is fully democratic, so generally in such atmosphere all political groups can put their opinions and take parts in political activities. It should be considered Kurdistan Regional of Iraq has represented the most developed democratic system in the Middle East, the fact that shows the development of political awareness and social-political culture of Iraqi Kurds; about political groups almost all of them considering the quality of relations have a same view and thought; on the other word they have common position about relations with federal government so it causes to stabilize Kurds position. Apparently among three positions of Iraq leadership, prime ministry and parliament chairman, the presidency of Iraq is under Kurds authority and this least we expect. Iraq Kurds do not feel to be threatened if they miss this position.


What are the origins of inter-party differences of Kurds?

It is usual to observe different views and opinions in any political society, so political groups of Kurdistan may put different views about domestic and foreign policies. This is a sign of respect to the majority on the behalf of region government and undoubtedly helps to make the society dynamic.


What is Kurds position against Maleki as a candidate? Will you begin to disagree with him?

As our leaders have said again, we have no problem with anybody, so our position toward Mr. Maleki is in this direction. Our disagreement is not due to his Excellency, but his policies as the prime minister of federal government. If the policy is directed to a place where Kurdish people rights are considered we will not have any problem with him. It seems better to vote for a clause in Iraq parliament by which it can create an elite change on presidency position of federal government; it causes to move the new ideas and make the society dynamic. It is better to pass rules to consider a definite time for the person on triple positions; again as we said our problem with Mr. Maleki is just his policy; if the policies reform, the problems will be remove automatically. We will accept whoever is selected by our Shia allies.


Mr. Maleki hopes to convergent with Kurds to form the future government of Iraq after elections and achieving a minority of Parliament seats. For this Maleki will use both chances, first the repetition of presidency position for Kurds and second pass of a budget in which considerable financial points are given to them. Will the donation of these points cause Kurds to convergent with and to fully present in Iraq government and to avert the dependency of the region?

Our desire is the mere true right of Kurdish people of Iraq and it is not inappropriate. Our main desire and actually our priority is to perform the constitution of Iraq, the Constitution of which some principles to be left in suspense, Iraq government are required to be obedient to all its clauses including the clause 140 completely discarded by government; This clause expresses a definite and clear condition to solve the problems about Kurdish regions located out of Kurdistan Region sovereignty; however, the share of Kurdistan region is 17% that has not paid completely and this has always been used as political tool to pressure us. These above-mentioned concerns still exist. Simply put, these are our true right but points. Obviously Iraq is composed of two major tribes, Arab and Kurd. Thus one of the leadership position of Iraq is dedicated to Kurd as the greatest tribal minority. About the independence of Kurds of Iraq I should say all nations have the right to state their fate which was passed in international treaties especially Universal Declaration of Human Right, 1984. In addition, the federalism law of Kurdistan, act of Kurdistan parliament of Iraq in1992, defined our unification with Iraq optional which is apply in the frame factual and practical participation; Kurdistan Region consider it unnecessary to choose other way. The respected prime minister of Iraq in his recent talk said when Kurds voted for the constitution actually they did for the unity of Iraq. Of course this is true if he as the top of the executive power, above all, is commitment to completely perform the constitution in the direction of keeping country unified. Therefore it has to be considered such circumstance needs its own conditions and it is the equality of all minorities and political groups willing to participate. As the honorable chairman of the Kurdistan region government, Mr. Barzani, said our will is to have an actual participation and active presence on Iraq affairs. Of course, I should admit that first of all it is the prime minister who can prepare the opportunity for Kurds, as a the greatest tribal minority of the country, and other political groups and different population combinations of Iraq to participate, considering a moderate, proper and democratic policy.


The prime minister of Iraq has not presented the budget 2014 yet, there are lots of reason to be put. Some say he keeps the budget to deal with Kurds after election. If Kurds accept his Prime ministry, their financial points will be considered or else no points will be donated. Will Kurds accept such deal?

The matter is not the deal at all, what we desire is a series of usual rights which were declared in the constitution and Kurds leaders agreement with other allies. This is the true right of Kurd people and we never make a deal on our rights with anybody. We have convergent with Shia allies to have a good and affective agreement to found a new Iraq. The Kurd rights put on the constitution is natural and inherent and cannot be the subject in bargaining with the federal government.


What is Mr. Barzani’s view toward Kurdistan relations with Iraq and Mr. Maleki in special?

We want to establish stable relations with any government coming to power, of course the base and foundation of these relations should be the mutual respect, consideration and respect the right of all people of Iraq.


Have any suggestion or deal or a design been presented by Kurds to Mr. Maleki to reach a convergence?

As far as I know, there is nothing, the current convergence is just with Shia. We have long same history of fight as well as common democratic and advanced attitudes about managing the society and a good relations and closeness.


Mr. Barzani has recently said if the problems were not solved he would declare the independence of Kurdistan region, can it be possible? What aims does Mr. Barzani’s idea about confederation system have?

As far as I know, Mr. Barzani spoke about the right to state the fate of Kurd nation in Iraq, but about the independence of Iraq within following months he said no words. We are on the threshold of elections. The political abilities and population combination and the will of Kurdistan people guarantee to take definite seats in Iraq parliament. Thus the idea of a confederation government was not an election tactic. It aims to present an explanation for Kurds right accordance with new Iraq.


Similarly Mr. Barzani said Iraq is on the threshold of fall and the future election may be determinant, if there is respect and true act of the constitution, Kurds will cooperate to found new Iraq. Accordance with this should the relations between Kurdistan and iraq be federation or confederation?

Your question is about Mr. Barzani position. As he said new Iraq has been created by people participation. Kurdistan region under region government control progresses through development direction and experiences outstanding changes. It is twenty years or so that Kurdistan region government was born. Autonomic government controls Kurdish Regions, and it shows, itself, as an advanced pattern of a safe and democratic society and creates desirable regional and international relations. We said many times we are ready to share these experiences with other parts of Iraq, thus not only we are not a threat to central government but also we can be considered a good chance full of experiences. 


What effect can the independence of Kurdistan have for Iraq? Will not this aggravate Iraq separation?

Independence has its own condition, apparently there is no event without effect. Since 1992 we have managed the domestic and foreign affairs independently, in fact there has been a political independence of de facto in the Region and the central government played no special role in these affairs. In spite of this fact, we prefer to stay as a part of free Iraq. As already said, there has been a relative independence on domestic, foreign and economic affairs. Thus this is not Kurd willing to be independent. In fact it is the monopolist, illegal, centralized policy which leads Iraq to separation. It is important to be said that our alliance with Shia is not limited to personification. In our view this alliance is strategic formed according to years of fighting against racist Ba’ath regime and our common innocence.


Are Kurds prepared to transit from federalism to independence? Is that only wish that Mr. Barzani makes or it is prepared to change into a fact?

At that time when Kurds selected federalism, there was no such thing and now we also insist on to be obedient to the constitution and a true federalism system. Therefore the centralized policy clearly shows it do not believe it. It seems the federalism transition has begun.









Thursday, 15 May 2014 22:30

 Dr. Ruj Nouri Shawis, deputy-prime-minister of Iraq in economic affairs, accompanied by high-ranking delegation participated in the banquet by representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Tehran.

Tuesday of May 13th, the representative of KRG of Iraq, Nazem Debbagh gave a big party honouring Dr. Ruj Nouri Shawis, deputy-prime-minister of Iraq in economic affairs accompanied by high-ranking delegation of federal government of Iraq including Minister of  Finance,the Chief of National Investment Institute, the Chief of National Custom and the deputies of other economic ministries of Iraq along with Muhammad Majid Al-Sheikh, the Ambassador of Iraq in Iran as well as a number of the embassy.

In this party, Dr. Jegarkhowein, deputy-Representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran accompanied by Hiva Rasul Rashid and Dr. Ramazan and a number of stuff from KRG office presented as well.

During two-day journey, Dr. Shawis accompanied by the high ranking delegation of Iraq Federal Government entered Tehran in order to develop economic and investment relations between two countries and to sign several economic cooperation agreements; and they also welcomed by Hussein Amir-Abdullahian, the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iranin Arabia and Africa Zone.

In his two-day journey to Tehran, Deputy-Prime-Minister of Economy visited and talked to Ishaq Jahangiri, the first deputy of the president of Islamic Republic, Dr. Ali Larijani, Chairman of Parliament, Dr. Ali Tayyebnia, the Minister of Economy and a number authorities of economy of Iran; a contract of economy relating to investment, custom, tax, bank and standard was included.










Saturday, 15 March 2014 04:30

Dr. Jegarkhowein, Deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran:

Norooz has an outstanding and beautiful role in the cultural texture of Arian nations. Great celebration of Arians, at the beginning of the New Year, accompanied by brilliant and magic colours, is the symbol of fresh and anew life of human along with nature and its being. This new day sings the symphony of love and amity; it is the harmonic message of peace and freedom and a witness of magnificence and nobility of Iran nations. On the threshold of the New Year of the nature, it is appropriate take an advantage of Norooz celebration, having a special place among different Arian tribes, as a precious opportunity to high peaceful coexistence of nations.

For when Norooz besides other enriched sources of culture and religion can be the planner and messenger of peace, cooperation and unification to build a world without injustice and to move to a growing and ideal society.






Saturday, 15 March 2014 17:30

With the presence of Representative of Kurdistan region Government in Iran and political and literary personages of Kurdistan in Iran, a meeting and commemoration held in honour of martyrs of chemical bombing tragedy of Halabcheh and Sardasht in the faculty of sociology science of Tehran University.

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