Wednesday, 01 October 2014 17:30

After Vietnam War in 20th century Iraq-Iran’s war was the second longest one. It began in 1980 September 1980, and lasted for 8 years, an unfair war which shocked Iran nation and government. As though this war of attrition imposed on two nations and affected all aspects of their lives.


Mainly wars remain undesirable results. Many a countries were destroyed as a result of them, however what is more important is the costs nations bear. During eight-year war against Iran unpleasant and tragic events happened showing unpleasant results of war on different aspects of citizens’ lives of both countries. One of these events was chemical attack of Ba’ath Regime to Sardasht.


Unfortunately the more science has grown, the more military technology has developed. That was why armies continuously managed to manufacture new weapons which included more killing destructive power. The peak of this process was to generate nuclear bombs, chemical and microbiological.

As human conscious is against the generation and using such weapons, however during 20th century they have been used as massacre weapons against military and non-military aims in wars. Historically the first case of using chemical massacre weapon dates back to first-world War, whereas in Iraq-Iran war this weapon were broadly used under the Ba’ath Army mandate during which many military forces of Iran and first of all the citizens of  both countries got seriously damaged. Saddam used this weapon not only against Iranian people but also against his nation.


Undoubtedly Ba’ath Regime of Saddam was a dictator, authoritarian, racist and expansionist. Saddam deemed all his opponents as enemies whether or not they were Iraqi or not and suppress them by any kind of both normal and abnormal tools.

A review of Saddam behavior toward the nations of these two countries make everyone draw an undeniable conclusion that this dictator did not even respect the primary and absolute rights of the nations. As if nation did not institutionalize in Saddam. It is necessary to remind that the nations of both countries share commons and long years have been living together and had broad relations.


Using chemical weapons by Baath regime was manipulated in a condition that many different international treaties and conventions banned the generation and usage and improvement and export of it. One of these cases was the Geneva protocol in 1995. Interestingly Iraq itself joined the protocol in 1931.

Saddam action clearly was versus the principles and material of mentioned treaties and conventions. The usage of the weapon by Saddam against Iran was so broad that universal society was primarily engaged to form and international treaties early in 1990s. The treaty was signed in Paris in 1993 and got binding in 1997.


Many border cities of Iran and Iraq were chemically attacked by racist army of Ba’ath. One of those cities was Sardasht in June 27, 1987. This attack above all aimed to massacre usual people residing in the town. Thus due to the loss of necessary preparation to confront such cruel act seriously damaged them.


According to available information 130 people lost their lives in this attack and 8000 got injured. This action was an apparent cruelty on the behalf of a wild regime against typical citizens which violates anybody’s conscious and makes him react.


We, the government and people of Kurdistan Regional of Iraq, deeply sympathize with Iranian people especially the victims of Sardasht tragedy like the injuries and survivors and share the pain with them. We also experienced the bitterness of Baath army chemical attack and lost our beloveds in the attack. Now I consider it necessary to mention generously and humanitarian contribution of people and government of Iran to the injuries of Iraq since these contributions relieved out pains and sad.


The imposed war of Iraq on Iran ended long years ago, but it is vital to try describe and analyze the aspects of the dreadful tragedy for the nations of both countries and even for universal society, for there are many people not knowing some aspects of this important event.


Many merely know Sardasht was chemically attacked but they are not aware of other aspects of the case. Thus it is important the actions of the organizations interfering in Kurdistan region of Iraq and Islamic Republic of Iran and even citizens interested in the case spread and necessary cooperation should be prepared and managed to reach the given goals.


Undoubtedly through institutionalizing humanitarian attitude, we have to take basic steps to react massacre weapons in general and chemical weapons in special, and spread these tries for high goals like keeping peace in the region and especially in the relations between both countries.

Iraq and Iran share religious, cultural, civilizational and racial commons; it itself is a potentiality to reach given human goals. We hope nowhere in the world will nations bear the cost imposed by hegemonists’ policies on themselves and neighboring countries.





Saturday, 15 March 2014 17:30

With the presence of Representative of Kurdistan region Government in Iran and political and literary personages of Kurdistan in Iran, a meeting and commemoration held in honour of martyrs of chemical bombing tragedy of Halabcheh and Sardasht in the faculty of sociology science of Tehran University.

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