Tuesday, 03 November 2015 03:30

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Iran, notified Nechirvan Barezani’s travel to Iran. According to the international report of Ana News Agency, Nechirvan Barezani, the P.M of KRG has gone Iran to attend in Munich Security Conference (CGM).


The primary meetings of CGM, with the cooperation of Political and International Study Office of Department of State will be held on Saturday, October 25, to study the concerns of the region for one day in Tehran. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran notified on Thursday that in the response to the official invitation of Iran to attend in primary meeting of CGM held in Tehran will go to Tehran on 9 of this month. In addition Dabbagh said that the P.M of KRG will most likely visit a number of authorities of Iran and consult with them. 

Friday, 06 June 2014 13:30

Dr. Jegarkhowein (Muhammad Seddigh Ahmad), the deputy-Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, gave a speech in 11th anniversary of the Phili Kurdish Martyrs in Tehran.

 The speech says: today we all are here to pay respect to innocent of Phili Kurd and to remember the memory of these symbols of resistance, standing and liberty.


 Phili Kurds is a part of Kurd nation of Iraq whose places of resident are away from of birth, the racist regime of Baath committed lots of oppressions and crimes against them and most brutal acts against Phili Kurds like destroying towns and countries, Anfal operation, chemical bombing, and so on.


In 1970 Baath regime started to force Phili Kurds to migrate, and in this way ten thousands of them were arrested, their houses and belongings confiscated and expelled just for their being Kurd and Iranian-origin of their being a danger against Iraq and Arab security.

In the frame of racial oppression and elimination, in face of Phili Kurds, over 20000 people were arrested and disappeared, and there are no news yet concerning how they were killed. It was said lots of these guys were used as test samples in Saddam’s chemical and biological weapon generating labs and then were all buried en masse cemeteries.


Crimes committed against Phili Kurds accordance with international rules and treaties and international law are considered in the frame of ant-human and en massacre. For in any form facing them like arresting, compulsory elimination, broad hanging, obligatory migration, and confiscation of their belongings as a definite religious and racial minorities are a clear instance of massacre and anti-human crime. However, he asked Iraq government to act properly to pay material and spiritual damages imposing Phili Kurds as well as returning their certificate and apologizing.


Dr. Ahmad, at last, hopped in the frame of new federal and democratic Iraq, in which all population combinations have equal rights, all varieties of classes of people together, by obeying the constitutes as national treaty, get to make society far away from oppression to people rights, a society after painful years of fighting, bleeding and being victimized can be free, progressing and prosperous in which all feel security and independence.            







Friday, 10 January 2014 14:00

Mamosta Ali Bapir, the leader of Islamic Society in Kurdistan Region surveyed the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran. On Sunday’s midday, January 5, Excellency Mr Bapir surveyed the Representative of the Region in Tehran and welcomed by Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of the KRG and Dr Mohammad Seddigh Ahmad, the Assistant of the Representative of KRG in Tehran. At that meeting, two sides discussed the situation of the region, Iraq and especially Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The leader of Islamic society of Kurdistan region positively evaluated the role of the representative of the KRG and attending of the representative of parties and political groups at the center of the representative of the KRG and also he wished to desire for them. Moreover, two sides discussed and dialogued about the attempts after parliamentary elections and establish new cabinet in Kurdistan Region.        






Monday, 02 September 2013 17:00

International Group: following offering Bulletin News offer on attending in elected president oath of office, Nechirvan Barzani, pick of a board, presented in Islamic Consultative Parliament of Iran and shaked hand with the elected president as a Kurdish governor.


According to Bulletin News, in this travel, Nechiravan Barzani, was accompanied by Kamran Ahmed, minister of Housing and Reconstruction of Kurdistan Region, appointed to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Party.

At first, He was welcomed by Ali Jannaty, proposed for the Culture and Islamic Guidance ministry, and then he went to parliament in order to closely present in ceremony.


Undoubtedly, this act should be considered a step forward in relations between Iraq’s Kurdistan and I.R.Iran. Especially above-named has had an important role in development of Iraq’s Kurdistan with I.R.Iran.


Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and Massoud Barzani, KRG president, as two Iraqi Kurd leaders, today are counted well-known characters that have tried to develop relations with I.R.Iran because of their interests to Persian language.


Massoud barezani was born in Iran and also Nechirvan Barzani studied in Iran. These are apart of memories of two well-known Kurds as essential pillars in their country (Iraq) that have been able to make an attempt to solve the problems.


Simultaneously as Nechirvan Barzani attending in Tehran, Iraqi Kurdistan Government declared that they prepare to help Baghdad for solving security problems and so as to do, a serious negotiation has been started by two sides.


Today, Iraqi Kurds not only in Iraq era, but also in the region, especially about Syria, are the key actor to solve the problems. So by put these abilities into operation, not only some Iraqi problems can be solved, but also to help solution of Syrian crisis reasonably.

Western and Arab states correctly found that how much effective the Kurds are in regional changing and therefore they have highly attempted so that Iraqi Kurd not have any relations with I.R.Iran. But these attempts have been defeated for two reasons.       


Firstly, as mentioned above, like their leaders, many of Iraqi Kurds grew up in Iran and so they engaged themselves to preserve national Iranian Interests.


Secondly, Iraqi Kurd leaders have experienced relations with I.R.Iran as long as Islamic Republic lifetime. They have seen Iranian accompanying by them in difficulties and burdensome and, they have truly known that constitution law of Iraq which recognize federalism for Kurds is for Shia and Kurds coalition in Iraq that provided by Iran helps.


As mentioned before, Iraqi Kurds have never sacrificed its strategic relations Iran to its relations with other Middle Eastern countries.


Then Barzani attending in Tehran should be consider as an omen of good future, especially regional crises are broadened day by day and people get involved and victimized by them.

The Rohani’s cabinet could make excellently use of this potential and employ it to establish peace and reconciliation in the region.


Particularly, in discussion with high-rank officials of Iran, Iraqi Kurd leader friendly welcomed Iranians political epic and stated it formally and informally.


New cabinet could take Kurds card into account of regional interactions. They are important keys that have not being seen in Iran, but it seems new cabinet trust in current potential by inviting Barzani to Iran. Undoubtedly that Iraqi Kurds leader can properly respond to this trust; especially regional people need men who are peace-seeker and believe in a real negotiation.








Friday, 20 December 2013 01:30

Dr. Mohammed Seddigh Ahmad, the vice-representative Kurdistan Regional (KRG) in Iran, in a say printed in Etemad Press, mentioned different aspects of KRG and Islamic Republic of Iran relations. In his opinion both Iraqi Kurds and Iranian nations share many things. There many kurds know Iran (land of Arians) as their fatherland and grant it a grave place in their minds and hearts. Some of those commons are common archeology traditions, language, similar sociology ceremonies specially Eyde Noruz and . . . . several Kurds poets have composed many Persian poems, and had roles in opulence of the deep-rooted culture.

In Dr. Ahmad’s view, till Iraq Baath government downfall, Iran had been a shelter for fighters and nation of Iraqi Kurd. Iranians played a unique role in popularizing lots of cruelties imposed on kurd nation of Iraq like chemical bombing in Halabcheh and helping injuries and victims of this bitter tragedy and sheltering millions of refugees in the most tough situations of oppression, genocide and anti-human behaviors of Ba’th regime. Some of present outstanding politician personages lived in Iran for ages.

In Dr. Ahmad’s view, despite of lots of commons and aside from political and security aspects, Iranians have not taken reasonable advantages of economic and cultural areas in Kurdistan Region. In the field of economy the role of western countries, turkey, Arabian countries even far-east countries more highlighted.  In Dr. Ahmad’s view the reason is Iran’s having no strategic and outstanding perspective toward security attitude to the affair of Iraq Kurdistan as well as overly approving and concentrating on less important and negligible issues. Even so it can be said there are different opportunities for developing joints such as directing to better face with interior problems of Iraq and regional crises. Also Iranian economy corporates can act in different projects in this area. Another area is science to be considered. Exchanging scholars, students incorporating, founding Iranian Universities’ branches in Kurdistan region and cooperation between researching institutions of both sides can mentioned as well. In Dr. Ahmad’s view, for developing above-mentioned areas it is essential Iranian authorities’ security and economic attitudes toward Iraq Kurdistan change and a new one based on a trend of cooperation of multi-aspects is replaced.  









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