Thursday, 01 January 2015 10:30

Mizan News Agency: the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran deemed our country’s helps greatly influential and in time and said: the majority of these helps were logistical and consultative on the behalf of Sepah Pasdaran. Nazem Dabbagh in a talk with political reporter of Mizan relating to the role of the new government of Iraq about fighting ISIS stated: the new government of Iraq regarding the useful and on time moves in recent weeks has expressed its ability to solve the problems and concerns specially fighting ISIS.

He added: undoubtedly the formation of a comprehensive and cooperative government in Iraq is beneficial to all tribal and political groups in Iraq, and this can help all groups getting involved in fighting ISIS. He continued that: the government of authorities of Turkey has not got any definite and specific definition of ISIS, and as of a yet has not taken any stable and useful position about it.

Dabbagh added that the field changes in Kurdish regions of Kubani are getting better and said: in recent days up to 100 villages around Kubani have been swept out of terrorists which represents their weaknesses and withdraw from Kubani.

Nazem Dabbagh emphasized: this is only Iraqis that can construct their fortune and thus to form a coalition to fight terrorists in Iraq without them is nonsense. He considered former government’s mismanagement of Iraq in the field of policy and security as the current situation and added: presently more than one third of Iraq is taken under ISIS’s control representing the depth of the former government inefficiency. At last the representative of Kurdistan region of Iraq in Iran again deemed Iran’s role so decisive and on time and appreciated as mentioning other countries’ helps to Iraq to fight ISIS.





Thursday, 01 January 2015 21:00

The News Pavilion of ILNA in Medias Exhibition hosted Nazem Omar Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran. Visiting ILNA NEWS pavilion in Media Exhibition, Nazem Dabbagh in a talk with ILNA reporter stated the most recent details of Kurdistan region and the position of Pishmerga in Kubani. Mr Dabbagh also mentioned Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s phrases concerning extravagances of a number of Shia as one of the causes of ISIS to be formed.


Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:30

Visiting Rahe Dana News Agency pavilion in Tehran Dabbagh said: for economic problems the oil of the Kurdistan Region will get independence by 2014, and we will probably offer some helps to Iraq central government as well. Stating that Kurds have never cooperated with ISIS he mentioned: against ISIS we are alone regarding with forces and as of a yet we have been able to taken many of occupied parts back from them. The finishing reports will soon be released.   


Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:30

Concerning the phenomena of ISIS as a nowadays problem of the Middle East Dana Press carried out an interview with Nazem Dabbagh of which the main says as followed:

In Mr. Dabbagh’s view the phenomena of Takfiris have been created as a result of some events and accidents. Firstly it was due to religious differences and the west and east confrontation after the World War II. Western countries generated Takfiri groups to resist against the Soviet Union. In his view ISIS is the result of Taliban fall in Afghanistan, of Arabian spring soon changed to fall as well as of the survivors of Ba’ath party. In Iraq the mismanagement of Nuri Al-Maliki also played an important role for ISIS to emerge. To put aside the Sunnite from power and the political differences with Kurds laid the groundwork for those to tend toward ISIS so that the one hundred-thousand army of Iraq could not prevented them to enter Mosul and Takrit. The increasing power of ISIS caused Iran and Europe cooperation with Kurdistan Region of Iraq against ISIS.

ISIS is outcome of Takfiris, Ba’ath and Ekhvanis. Ekhvanis have a post in Iraq and are supported by neighboring countries like Turkey and Qatar. He added that the members of ISIS have come from different countries to Syria and Iraq. Since they have not any attachment and relations they begin to act criminally. Ba’aths also want to take revenge from Kurds and Shia, nevertheless they accompany ISIS. Thus he believes that ISIS is near to fall. Therefore he does not know useful to form the temporary coalitions, but confronting with ISIS should be permanent. Dabbagh believes that the countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel tend Iraq to be weakened. Nevertheless to improve the conditions the political thoughts in Baghdad must change. Indeed as Haydar Al-Ebadi coming to power than Nuri Maliki the conditions of Iraq will not change. In Dabbagh’s view Nuri Al-Maliki mistake was his unification with Ba’ath. Therefore the same Ba’aths accompanied with the Army for which $27 billion was spent could not resist against ISIS. It is nine months that Maliki has cut Kurdistan budget while Pishmerga forces are resisting bravely against ISIS. However, Dabbagh is not so optimistic to thought changing in Iraq. In addition concerning Mr. Barzani’s phrases about holding referendum to get independent from Iraq, he said this is Kurdish nation’s desire. Therefore Mr. Taliban wanted to correctly perform the Constitutes of Iraq than the independence. If not so, Kurds have the right to state their fortune. Dabbagh said this time is the Arabians’ turn to try for unification. Dabbagh also added that in spite of Israel tendency to have a relationship with Kurds we have no relation with them, though. At last Dabbagh said the conditions of confrontation with ISIS will change to the benefit to Pishmerga.




Thursday, 01 January 2015 07:00

The pavilion of Etemad press in the publication exhibition had an international guest. Mr. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran continuously having clear and sharp literature in analyzing the conditions of Iraq as presenting in the pavilion of Etemad in a short talk proceeded with describing the conditions of Iraq after the new government having formed, the practical positions of fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as analyzing the recent political moves in the crisis of Syria as followed:

In Dabbagh’s view Kurdish, Iraqi and Arabian political leaders’ endeavors was effective. The new government was formed by the participation of powerful Sunni, Kurdish and Shia personifications and that is why a new stage has occurred in Iraq policy-making and peaceful power-transition. Therefore these positive political accomplishments must be accompanied with thought-changing. New political thought should represent itself in political-administrative policy-making.

About hopeful results of bilateral negotiations Dabbagh said: in spite of visiting authorities and leaders and Fuad Masum himself in special, the president of Iraq, as of a yet the negotiations have not gained any result though. He continued that the KRG does follow constitute of Iraq and the promises being made and to solve the problems cording this. Therefore unfortunately after two months we did not observed the useful results. About the promises neglected by Baghdad government he added: the problems will be solved at some points; 1- the oil regulation 2- Pishmerga regulations 3- the article 140 and 4- the regulations of the relations between KRG and Iraqi United government. Seemingly to solve each problems it was agreed to do so within three months but for the article 140 four months. Therefore after two months nothing special has happened. He considered the root of this crisis in mismanagement of former government of Iraq.

In a response to a question about the lack of equal opportunity among the Region’s forces to exploit international aids according to the policy of Kurdistan Region and of the secretary of Iraq there is the necessary synchronization or else they could fight ISIS. Finally, concerning the Kubani news, Dabbagh said: the condition of Kubani has greatly varied when Pishmerga forces joined it and ISIS have been obliged to withdraw which surly have resulted from the people of the region specially Kubanian women.



Friday, 02 January 2015 07:00

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran mentioning the conditions of Iraq said of ISIS to stay in this country. According to the report of Dana News Agency Strategic Group (Dana News) the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in the response to question that why as new government if Iraq has been formed, no special move has not been made to react ISIS said: the concern of ISIS is not just for today, but it has a root in the past. The appearance of ISIS is a result and till the causes occur ISIS will remain. It is not just Shia or Kurds to be able to fight against ISIS. Now in Iraq, in practice, there has been tribal struggling. This group will be vanished only if the Sunnites of Iraq has a serious participation in it.

About Haydar Al-Ebadi’s government he said: something important that has happened is the outstanding presence of Sunni beside Shia and Kurds in his government and the condition of Sunni has got better. But notice that this participation is the first step and the presence of them in the Army is the next. About the future of ISIS he said: in my opinion ISIS will not be vanished soon as it may get smaller.    


Thursday, 01 January 2015 14:00

ANA Press: according the report of ANA press and of Kurdistan Region Office of Iraq in Iran, the representative of KRG in Iran accompanied by several people from Negara Press of Kurd came to visit Seyyed Ali Salehi, the famous Iranian poet yesterday and appreciated his spiritual support from Iraqi and Syrian Kurds.

After ISIS’s attack to Kurds of Iraq and Syria, Seyyed Ali Salehi made hid poets ‘’Till Shangal  ’’, a lament for Shangal   Kurds, ‘’ With Kubanian Mothers” and “Oppression of Kubanie” for Kubanian Kurds resisting in Kubani as well as “The Uncle of Rains” for Jalal Talibani public. In this visit Seyyed Ali Salehi reminding some memories of his journey to Kurdistan and his relations with Kurds of Iran Iraq astonished Kubani resistance. In addition after an analysis of how ISIS appears and some regional countries affected in forming this terrorist group praised his support from Kurds resistance against ISIS and as the representative of Kurdish people gave him one of the crafts of Kurdistan of Iraq.

Monday, 29 December 2014 00:30

Nazem Dabbagh in talk with Javan Press answered the different questions about ISIS and other concerns relating to the Region. What you will read is the results of this one-hour talk.

Nazem Dabbagh believes that the peace of Iraq has never been settled since after the occupation of the country by America and his alliance it has witnessed varieties of terrorist operations. Whenever America wants he support a dictator, to topple him and substitute him for another. Nevertheless the formation of ISIS has been the result of wrong policy of the west in support of Takfiri groups in the event of Afghanistan. When Washington saw Mubarak fell and Morsi was substituted it overthrew him and substituted another for him.

In Syria changes Ba’aths took an advantage of the opportunity to shape the Iraq and Syria unification. At this time the countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar decided to topple Assad within 30 days. Maliki’s mistakes also helped ISIS to grow.

About taking revenge of Maliki’s government by let him alone against ISIS Dabbagh rejected and said: Mr. Maliki put aside many Sunnis from governmental positions and this caused they tended toward ISIS. Our silence in Mosul concern was not for to cooperate with ISIS. Furthermore he rejected Kurds taking advantage of ISIS event to be independence and added: the process of the work advanced in a way that Pishmerga forces showed the most resistance against ISIS and thus stayed in the areas under dispute.

Dabbagh added: our forces advanced around Mosul and settled in the east of this town. Dabbagh mentioned that to confront with ISIS we talked with Maliki many times before Mosul fell, but he did not care. Maliki did not tend to cooperate with Pishmerga to confront with ISIS so much. He said probably ISIS policy in attack to Kurdsitan region of Iraq aimed to confront Iraq and to prevent them to be independent. Since ISIS injuries are healed in Turkey and they have even given us a bullet to fight ISIS. Iran has been the first country giving Kurdistan military help.

About the independence of Kurdistan region Dabbagh said they desire independence but presently if this happens it will be harmful to Kurds. He also said: we know ourselves Arian and Iran as our second hometown. He added: the simple presence of Ebadi cannot help to solve the problems, but the thoughts should be changed. He also said: to prevent America from entering Iraq and the Kurdish region, sustainable relations should be shaped among Iran, the Kurdish region and Shia. In addition about Israel cooperation with the Region Dabbagh said: in our foreign policy we follow the central government of Iraq and also are not willing to have a relationship with Israel since it will cause the world Muslims hate us. About the oil cargo which was sold to Israel Dabbagh said: it was done by dealer and then transferred to Israel. Furthermore he continued: Israel supports Kurds’ independence but it will cause that Iraq, Iran and Turkey begin to be our inimical.

About the region’s action to mine and export oil without Central Government’s permission Dabbagh said: although we prefer to take our budget from the central government, since our budget has been cut, we have no idea but to excavate and export oil. Concerning the anti-Ba’ath rule in Iraq Dabbagh said that Nuri Al-Maliki not only has employed Ba’aths in state positions but he also did them in the Army of Iraq. At last he has known the security condition of Iraq good for Iranian companies to return, but the critical financial conditions is an obstacle for them to continue their job.                   







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